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The totally awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea thread *spoilers*

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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Grand Lodge

Another +10 danger? Are all the cities on Akiton above ground civilized dungeons or is it just that if you happen to have an encounter they are 10% better than most Golarion spaces. N'wah, if you can, dig into your reasoning on the settlement stat blocks, I'd like to see your thought process when building cities to better help me flesh these out if I ever build my own or use them.

Dark Archive

Because every large city and metropolis starts with a Danger mod of +10. There's no settlement qualities, as written, that lower that figure. I think the basic idea was that you're a lot more likely to get jumped by thugs in a dark alley if the community is large enough to support having thugs and dark alleys. Or succubi and rakshasas, apparently.

For the most part, I just ignore the Danger entry, since I don't do random encounter rolls in a city. I plan if the PCs are gonna run into a group of street toughs or cultists or whatever based off the adventure itself.

If you look at the Urban (Dangerous City) Encounter Table entry from the Bestiary, which I assume is the generic table you'd roll on if you wanted to have some random city encounters, the +10% to your roll doesn't affect too much, CR-wise, and of course you and your players determine if that encounter results in combat if it involves, say, a group of thugs who may or may not be susceptible to bribes or intimidation.

Though I did just pull up a random dice roller and got rakshasa twice (99 +10, and 91 + 10). I did also get 3d6 dire rats (27 +10), 2d6 tieflings (49 +10), and a rat swarm (4 +10). If I DID roll this for some encounters in Maro, for example, I would replace the tieflings with Ysoki or half as many lizardfolk, and the rakshasa I'd replace entirely with, I dunno, a clay golem guarding a noble's warehouse, maybe?

And if you think +10 is bad, well, just wait for Hivemarket with its Danger mod of +20 at least (it'll have the Notorious quality). If Hivemarket ever falls into pure Anarchy, its mod goes to +40.

Dark Archive

Alternatively, you can just replace the Urban (Dangerous City) Encounter Table with the Prostitute table from the old DMG. Watch out for Sly Pimps!

Dark Archive

*In cases of aquatic critters in the Edaio Rift, replace the creature's Swim speed with a Climb or Burrow speed.

^To simulate the alien nature of animals and vermin represented on Akiton, feel free to add one or two pairs of extra legs, and swap parts with other critters (so the gorehorn/rhinoceros has a large bony frill running across the middle of the top of its head, a crocodilian face, six legs, and a furry mane running down its spine).

#Robot rules are in Dungeons of Golarion. Each size category represents the size of the base animated object.

Ediao Rift Encounters
1-8: --- 1d4 giant centipedes^- CR 1
9-12: -- 1 giant spider^- CR 1
13-18: - 1d4 mongrelmen- CR 2
19-30: - 2d4 Ysoki- CR 2
31-36: - 1d4 sand squid*^- CR 3
37-40: - 1 grick- CR 3
41-46: - 1 land crab swarm*^- CR 4
47-50: - 1 kamadan- CR 4
51-54: - 1 basilisk- CR 5
55-58: - 1d6 morlocks- CR 5
59-62: - 1d4 giant scorpions^- CR 5
63-64: - 1 death worm- CR 6
65-68: - 2d6 lizardfolk- CR 6
69-70: - 1 gorehorn (use rhinoceros stats)^- CR 6
71: ---- 1d4 basidronds- CR 7
72: ---- 1 remorhaz- CR 7
73-74: - 1d6 Medium robots#- CR 7
75-76: - 1 behir- CR 8
78-79: - 1d4 girallons- CR 8
80-81: - 1d6 Large robots#- CR 8
82-90: - 1d6 witchwyrds- CR 9
91-92: - 1d4 Huge robots- CR 9
93: ---- 1 giant flytrap- CR 10
94-97: - 2d4 mi-go- CR 10
98: ---- 1 Colossal robot#- CR 11
99-100: Shobhad war party- CR 12

The shobhad war party is an as-yet statted-out gang of shobhads, some with class levels, and some mounted up on big lizards. I'll get on it soon enough, I promise.

Dark Archive

Shobhad War Party
This is an example of a shobhad tribe's initial skirmishing war party: a war-chief and his or her behir mount, along with five standard shobhads and their pet girallon. The behir most likely has been defeated in combat by the tribe, but spared to serve as the war-chief's fearsome steed, and has come to appreciate the lesser shobhad's respect, admiration, and frequent gifts of shiny (but useless) treasure. Larger tribes often subdue girallons as signs of the tribe's strength, adopting them as fearsome mascots and proof of the superiority of the multi-armed form.

A shobhad war party is a CR 12 encounter and will kick in the teeth of low-level adventurers very handily, so use sparingly. Like, maybe only when the group's high enough to stand a chance. Unless you're one of those GMs. Then do what you like. :P

NOTE: I've "fudged" the Shobhad war-chief's mount ability to allow him/her their full Ride bonus, even though the behir is not really the shobhad's mount since it's not on the druid list and all that jazz. The net effect of a -5 penalty to Ride seems like small potatoes in this encounter.

Shobhad War-Chief- CR 9
XP 6,400
Shobhad cavalier 5 (Distant Worlds)
N Large monstrous humanoid
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +12
AC 25, touch 11, flat-footed 23 (+10 armor, +2 Dex, +4 natural, -1 size)
hp 119 (10d10+60)
Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +4
Defensive Ability ferocity; Resist cold 5
Speed 30 ft. (40 ft. base)
Melee Elysian bronze lance +17 (2d6+10) or masterwork longsword +13/+8 (2d6+7/19-20) and 3 masterwork longswords +13 (2d6+3/19-20)
Ranged masterwork shobhad longrifle +12 (2d6/x4)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft. (15 ft. with lance)
Special Attacks cavalier's charge, challenge 2/day (+5 damage/+7 damage if the war-chief is the only one threatening the target)
Str 25, Dex 14, Con 22, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 16
Base Atk +10; CMB +18; CMD 30
FeatsCombat Reflexes, Dazzling DisplayB, Improved Initiative, Mounted Combat, Multiweapon FightingB, Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge, Weapon Focus (shobhad longrifle)
Skills Intimidate +15, Perception +12, Ride +12, Stealth +1, Survival +7 (+12 tracking)
Languages Shobhad
SQ banner, expert trainer, mount, order (Order of the Cockatrice), order ability (braggart), tactician
Combat Gear 9 +1 humanoid (human) bane bullets; Other Gear +1 full plate, Elysian bronze lance, 4 masterwork longswords, masterwork Shobhad longrifle, lenses of detection

Behir- CR 8
XP 4,800
hp 105 each (Bestiary)

5 Shobhads- CR 4
XP 1,200 Each
hp 47 each (Distant Worlds)

Girallon- CR 6
XP 2,400
hp 73 each (Bestiary)

Dark Archive

Alternatively, two Shobhad hunters (from page 3 of this thread, IIRC) and their mounts, plus 8 off-the-rack shobhads, would make a fine CR 12 hunting party instead.

Dark Archive






Crappy Maro, Thorp of the Ditch
LC thorp
Corruption -2, Crime -5, Economy -4, Law -1, Lore -3, Society -7
Qualities Rumormongering Citizens
Danger -10 (+50 regarding Shobhad Gargamel)
Government Benevolent Tyranny (Council of Steve Steve and six doll advisors)
Population 14 (13 Akitonian humans; 1 Kaiju halfling)
Notable NPCs
Steve Steve, totes runs this joint (LG old male human adept 4)
Fred Steve, haberdasher (N male human expert 1)
Ladygirl Steve, Smurfette of Clan Steve (NG female cardboard cutout commoner 2)
Crushmar the Smashglorious, (N Kaiju halfling barbarian 20)
Base Value 50 gp; Purchase Limit 500 gp; Spellcasting 1st
Minor Items 1d4

Crappy Maro is located exactly 1,000 miles from everywhere, making it a crucial hub for traffic from local nowheres to other, different nowheres. Run with genial wisdom and firm-handed paternal duty by Steve Steve, patriarch of the Clan Steve and First Steve Among Steves, community of Crappy Maro spans the entire northern and southern side of the Ediao Ditch, a six-inch-deep drainage ditch of unknown origin, and is home to the celebrated Everbone, a massive foot-long thighbone crossing the Edaio Ditch's deepest crack.

Crappy Maro is a house divided: half the community really wants to bone Ladygirl Steve, while the other half REALLY wants to bone her. Only Steve Steve and his champion, Crushmar the Smashglorious, a Colossal-sized Kaiju halfling barbarian, can keep the assorted villager's lust at bay. Unbeknownst to all but Ladygirl herself, she ditched town six months ago to become a successful adventurer in the real Maro, leaving behind her 1st-level cardboard double. So far, no one's noticed.

The biggest threat to Maro is Shobhad Gargamel, a mentally-defective Shobhad adept of advanced age, and his six-legged dire tabby. Despite Crappy Maro's superior numbers and immense halfling guardian, the two dire enemies are in a perpetual stalemate.

Crappy Maro's main export is bored, sexually frustrated sons, which no one really buys, but hey, each one that leaves is one less mouth to feed. Good riddance. Also, they've got corn. Space corn.

Magic Items Available:
javelin of darkening (as a javelin of lightning, but darker)
potion of sanctuary (50% chance of actually being Gummy Berry Juice)
scroll of fog cloud (free with purchase of the 3-bean casserole)
scroll of hold portal (actually a doorstop)
Warbringer (currently used to hold up the town's welcome sign; too expensive to actually buy since 61,375 gp would blow up the local economy)

Dark Archive

Alright, Freedom Quantity wants a dungeon or one of the poles. I think I'll do a dungeon. And to make Brian Darnell happy, too, I'll do one in the Edaio Rift. Gimme a bit to throw something together.

Dark Archive

Jumping to more god stuff while I mull over the caverns below Thousand Lights. It's a bad place down there.

So we'll take it upstairs with some divine fun-times! Here's two for now. I'll do 2-3 each update 'til the list is done.

The Eternal Strife
CN God of war, revolution, savagery, and storms
Patron of the warlike Shobhads, Anchok (Ahn-CHAWK), demands constant conflict in return for constant glory. It is only in conflict that we are truly tested, his worshipers feel, and they seek to test themselves at every opportunity. Strength should be respected, but also challenged, and a despotic master should be challenged frequently that his right to rule be legitimate. If not, he should be deposed and eliminated. In this regard, he is also the god of revolutions, for a weak leader or one who wastes his people's skill is one who should have never led in the first place. Anchok is said to resemble a massive Shobhad with a kukri in each of his four hands, his battle harness dripping with fetishes and war trophies. his herald and steed is a mighty scaled beast with two heads, called Unfettered.
Anchok's favored weapon is the kukri, his cleric domains are Chaos, Liberation, Strength, War, and Weather, and his subdomains are Blood, Ferocity, Protean, Revolution and Storms.

The Unobtainable
LN Goddess of trade, obsession, magic, and perfection
Patron of the proto-Shobhad offshoot known now as witchwyrds, Banshura (Bahn-SHU-rah) is a goddess of trade and magic for all races on Akiton. Her nickname, The Unobtainable, stems from her ability to find things thought long lost or otherwise irretrievable, and for the elusive goal of perfection that all mortals seek, and for her constant refusals of her divine suitor, Anchok. It is said that Anchok and Banshura will reunite only when the Shobhads and the witchwyrds reconcile their differences and become a single people once again. Bansura is also goddess of obsession, whether for the perfect self, item, spell, or anything one might hope to obtain; having achieved perfection in all things herself, she hopes to guide those who seek perfection to achieve their goals. Banshura appears as a perfectly-formed witchwryd with ebony skin and a delicate porcelain mask carved with a beatific expression, and mystic runes and trade contracts float about her, and her herald is her trade-ship, The Offering.
Banshura's favored weapon is the dagger, her cleric domains are Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune, and Travel, and her subdomains are Arcane, Inevitable, Language, and Thought.

Dark Archive

The Mother of Invention
N Goddess of machines, craft, and technology
Brigh is similar on Akiton as she is on Golarion: a patron of advanced machinery. However, what constitutes "advanced" on Akiton differs wildly from Golarion's standards. She is also Akiton's patron of crafts, from humble basket-weaving to elaborate skships. Brigh appears as a woman made entirely of Verces-like mechanical augmentation, with an ivory-colored mask of the viewer's race and glowing green eyes.
Brigh's favored weapon is the light hammer, her cleric domains are Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, and Rune, and her subdomains are Construct, Memory, Metal, Smoke, and Wards.

The Song of the Spheres
CG Goddess of stars, travelers, and luck
Really, by now, you oughtta know what Desna's all about. Aside from being often represented in Akitoni red, there's not much different with her here.

The Fallen
NE Goddess of hubris, failure, and death
Fueha-Re (Few-HAH-ray) is said to have once been the goddess of all Akiton, until her patronage of Vesk Armillas as her chosen divine emissary against the world of Castrovel led to her falling from grace. It is said that Calistria herself enacted vengeance against the goddess, leading to her demise and return as an undead mockery of her former glory. Fueha-Re, for her part, seems content with ruling over her empire of the dead, but her faithful whisper at a greater campaign of retribution against the Green Planet, and are often at the forefront of any hostile interactions with Castrovel. Fueha-Re appears as a once-mighty Akiton priestess or empress in full regalia, now diminished and thin, her once-mighty body shrunken by her recent (by divine standards) failure. Her herald was once Vesk Armillas, but is now an enslaved bone sage named Nogn.
Fueha-Re's favored weapon is the short sword, her cleric domains are Air, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, and Magic, and her subdomains are Catastrophe, Daemon, Divine, Memory, and Wind.

Dark Archive

K, I'm taking a brief celebration break because my Indiegogo is $70 from its first Stretch Goal!

Dark Archive

The Joybringer
CN God of drugs, poison, and excess
Fat, jovial Haradahm (Hah-RAD-uhm) brings pleasure and pain wherever he goes. As the god of drugs, he welcomes newcomers into his hazy fold; as the god of poison, he harms those who offend him; and as the god of excess, he celebrates his follower's vices and eases their pains as their indulgences wear off. Haradahm is described by members of other faiths as an obese man with bloodshot eyes and a maniacal grin on his face, but because of his worshiper's dutiful adherence to drugs and excess, their versions of him can differ from similar imagery to anything their addled minds can produce. His herald is The Vision, an amorphous image made of pure illusion.
Haradahm's favored weapon is the war razor, his cleric domains are Charm, Chaos, Healing, Madness, and Trickery, and his subdomains are Deception, Lust, Nightmare, Protean, and Restoration.

He Who Owns
LE God of ownership, slavery, and wealth
Said to be a bastard child of Asmodeus, Huowan (Hoo-owe-HAHN) is Akiton's god of slavery and acquisition. Everything in the church of Huowan is about ownership, and his clerics treat their inferiors as slaves at best, while licking the boots of their superiors. The faithful seek to increase their own wealth an possessions, thereby increasing that of the church and Huowan himself. In religious art, Huowan is displayed as a multi-armed Akitoni or behir, with various implements of rule and subjugation in each of his hands, sitting atop a pile of coins and jewels. His herald is a golden behir named Xghuaron the Acquirer.
Huowan's favored weapon is the club, his cleric domains are Evil, Law, Nobility, Protection, and Trickery, and his subdomains are Defense, Devil, Leadership, Martyr, and Thievery.

Dark Archive

Hey. Art. Blorph.

Grand Lodge

N'wah wrote:
Hey. Art. Blorph.

Freakin awesome!

Hello N'wah! Long time no talk! Adventuring into Blackmoor does that! I'm curious to ask how do robots do on Aktion? Do they wander like they do in Numeria or are they standing guard in their dominions? Is there a difference between old and new robots?

Dark Archive

Freedom Quantity, I'll be jumping back into Akiton shortly. And I like your line of inquiry, so I'll take a break from deities to talk about robots soon!

Wonderful! Robots are amazing and robot deities are even better! Bring in the machine priest boys your new shiny metal god is here!

Dark Archive

Ooh, that's a good point.

I will add minor deities some time, and the God Machine will be among them. It's VERY minor, of course, since few outside of Arl know about it. But it has hit a point that prayers (in the form of mathematical equations, of course) are received and answered to in divine magic form. That said, the faith is young, and I'd say few of its followers are over 5th level.

Its existence is also causing some serious and upsetting concerns about the notions of the divine among scholars, of course.

Dark Archive

Robots of Akiton
Between the machinations of the tech-priests, the sold (or stolen) inventions of Verces' Augmented, and even older, stranger innovations, Akiton is a world with a sparse yet developed construct population.

The average "random encounter" with a robot on Akiton is probably that of a robot or robots whose owner has died, and, lacking new commands, the machine has gone wandering. They have no master, yet they also recognize no one else as their master, and many of them go "rogue" from the experience, wandering Akiton's vast cold deserts and mesas assaulting humanoids, monsters, and even other robots until either time or violence claim them.

Others may be on esoteric missions for their masters, servants whose presence will not be missed should their mission go awry. While important missions often include a flesh-and-bone servant who can send regular status updates, some masters communicate with their mechanical minions via magic or technology, either because of an abundance of technological servants, or a desire to keep their fleshed underlings away from danger for a myriad of reasons.

Still rarer are those robots who have gained independence and seek to keep it. The more martially-inclined machines are common in this category, both because they can hold their independence with violence better than others, and because they are more inclined to understand the death of their master as a liberation, having seen and dealt death in their own existence. That said, hyper-intelligent machines capable of understanding their own freedom and collecting like-minded machines are not unheard of, and frequently build enclaves devoted to their own goals, of which there are many variants.

This begs the question: do robots ever seek acceptance in society? The simple answer is yes. A rare few seek out non-mechanical fellows, but of those few, fewer still find true acceptance. The average Akitoni sees a robot as a tool at best, or an abomination at worst. Due to their rarity and frequently low social skills, most robots find it hard to convince others that they are anything but.

This write-up inspires a couple Tech Tree thoughts. Shall we develop further along the lines of:

Robot PCS (I can make a "race" for 'em)
The Nanite Storm (what's that silver dust cloud? Oh, nemmind, I'm dead at the molecular level)
The Cold Stone Initiative
Independent Robots of Note (and their lairs!)

Interesting look at things N'wah, I think a robot 'race' would be interesting to say the least and Independent Robots and their Lars sounds promising. Maybe one automaton has taken it upon himself to build a complex to make more in its image and advance their collective knowledge. Sort of the machine-priest have no true power over them since these machines are sentient in a singular or hive-mind sense. The nanite storms might mutate or deconstruct those caught in it, it depends on how the storm rolls along and how healthy the host is. Good work all the same!

Dark Archive

Behind the Scenes:
K, a few thoughts:
First off, the "tech" difference, RE: stats, between robots should prolly be nonexistent. You can play up differences if you like by reducing an old design's Hardness/DR, or upping the same for cutting-edge/prototype designs. Here's how I'd break it down:

Hardness 5- Plastics, crude/ancient designs, thin armor plating, or intricate/artistic plating (ivory, soft metals, etc)
Hardness 7-9- Thicker soft metal plating (bronze, brass, tin, gold, silver, etc.)
Hardness 10- Standard for combat-approved designs (steel)
Hardness 15- Mithral or other advanced plating
Hardness 20- Adamantine or other superior plating
Hardness 30- Vercite "weapon of war" kinda plating (with suitably arcane naming like Vulcanium, Star-Forged, Neutronium, etc.): save this for high-level encounters

That said, Akiton's a harsh place, and also kinda stuck in a sort of arrested development. Guns have been around for centuries, if not millennia, yet no one's toting an automatic weapon. I assume most other non-high-tech stuff is the same. Sure, they've mastered sci-fi-level hover tech, but they're all still wielding single-shot rifles and revolvers. A lot of the Uber-tech I see as lone scientists working hard independently in one field or another, or stuff from Verces.

So old designs have, on average, been destroyed. But that's not to say that a few aren't floating around in some dank lab somewhere, still running on simple instructions from their long-dead creators. I'd dump these primitive design's Int to 5, keep the Wis and Cha at 1, and have them just stumbling around doing whatever they were last told to do.

Dark Archive

I will jump on some of this on the morrow, Freedom Quantity. Right now, I think it's sleep time.

Dark Archive

I also need to remember to clean up the Random Encounter list up above.

Indeed and interesting take so far, I'm tempted to run a ancient automaton surviving only by cannibalizing others of it kind attempting to 'evolve' to a higher form.

I have been running a Distant Worlds campaign for the past ten weeks or so.

It's a fun setting. Very open ended. Lots of fun potential.

N'wah - I looked at your Indiegogo site, but I couldn't really find what it was producing in terms of samples. The gallery only has the one image thrice. Is there a link somewhere to your paper minis product?

BTW - this is a fantastic thread, if only someone had time to collate all the awesomeness here, including the art. Very well done all who contribute...

Grand Lodge

This is coming up in my Runelords campaign soon! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Dark Archive

Thank YOU, Brian!

And I think I might post some more stuff in here before I move and am temporarily internet-less. I'd really like to write more up on the gods I made, particularly Vesk Armillas, who I designed as the Mars/Aries of Akiton.

Also, we have stats for androids now, so those will totes need to be added in. I still may do a full-on, 20+ RP robot race, though, since we ALL need robots.

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I want to play this stuff!

Dark Archive

Sorry, Oceanshieldwolf, I missed your comment in all the time/foofah of life.

If you want art samples, my DeviantART page is a good place to see that. If you want to see what finalized minis look like, well, I can link to those too. The photos are old, but I'll post up some of some fan favorites and commissions as soon as I can.

That would be great, thanks N'wah.

BTW your link for some reason just sends back to the Paizo messageboards?!?!

Dark Archive

Here, copy/type in . Try that.

Dark Archive

I've been condensing the Akiton notes and expanding on a few things in my down-time. I'll post up a PDF or three once I get a bit more goodies put in.

Dark Archive

Map of Arl to fulfill gaming tum-tums

...And Maro

Both are works in progress, of course.

Dark Archive

Also... behir.

Grand Lodge

Awesome, can't wait for the PDF. Behir looks great! I love the color!

Dark Archive

I'm working on each chapter as a separate PDF, so I can just shove out chapters as I finish 'em. The Gazetteer section, also known as Chapter 2, is maybe 50% done. It'll probably be first out. It's got a brief timeline, a page write-up each on Arl, Hivemarket, and Maro, plus a couple paragraphs on the Dune Seas, The Halls of Reason, the Vercite Holdings, the Winterlands, and a few other spots, including a brief bit on Akiton's Darklands, known as The Under.

The chapter layout's based off of the Inner Sea World Guide. Other chapters, off the top of my head, are:

Chapter 1- People (info on the Akitoni humanoid ethnicity, similar to those in ISWG, plus small write-ups on lizardfolk, Ysoki, Contemplatives, Shobhads, and Vercites)
Chapter 3- Religion (all the major religions, a few minor ones, some philosophies, and religious outlook in general)
Chapter 4- Life (how the calendar works, what folks eat, all that other jazz)
Chapter 5- Factions (Tech Priests, groups within the city-states, etc.)
Chapter 6- Adventuring (equipment and stuff, maybe an archetype or two)
Chapter 7- Encounters (pre-gen stat blocks for some NPCs and monsters, some random encounter tables)

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32, 2012 Top 4

This is great stuff, N'wah. I plan on plundering a lot of this when my Skull and Shackles campaign makes a detour to the friendly red planet for a few game sessions.

Officially salivating...

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32, 2012 Top 4

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Officially salivating...

... which is an excellent name for a rock band.

I would read that so hard N'wah! Good to see you back in the thread!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Dot. Mainly because I'm about to RotRL soon and will use this for a side trip.

Dark Archive

Back, then out, then back again. Kinda. My art stuff is on hold until I replace my stylus, so looks like I don't have too much to do until then.

BE ADVISED! I'm taking some severe liberties and diversions from the original inspiration, i.e. all that Burroughs stuff. If you want more John Carter in your Akiton, check out this on-again, off-again thread full of weird proper nouns and people of a rainbow series of colors.

I may just release small regional gazeteers instead of a whole-world PDF. So obviously a fully-codified Arl article would be first. Being stylus-less, the art will be on hold, alas. But if I do release it this way, it'll be Arl, then Maro, then Hivemarket, then something else. There's a lot of ground to color.

Dark Archive

Arl + Maro = Arlo.

Dark Archive

Nine pages of Arl info. 9,000 or so words. 51,000 or so characters. Get it.

Let me buy you a Boom-Boom. You order a fancy Boom. You like Boom and I like Boom. Enough small Boom let's Boom-Boom.

Very nice work Ashton. I loved the failing God Machine.

Dark Archive

God Machine's a favorite of mine, too. Probably why it got almost a whole page to itself. :P

I realized after I posted this PDF up that I left out area 12 on the map. I should have some time this week to do a write-up on that and a bit about what it looks like walking around Maro. I bet the feeling of walking down a road as wide as a football field is a weird one. :P

Dark Archive

Hivemarket article will be sadly without art for the time being. Art computer is having technical difficulties, so it'll be a bit before any new prettiness comes from there.

Dark Archive

The Arl document has been updated with an extra page of content. It now has a typo, but who cares? It's free! In fact, some things that seem free are actually surprisingly costly, like hobos or autoerotic asphyxiation, meaning this is freer than free. So hop to it, kids!

The PDF, not the autoerotic asphyxiation. There is no 100% safe breath-play.

Dark Archive

Hivemarket preview: city stat block. Just whipped up around now-ish.


The Hivemarket
CN metropolis
Corruption +6, Crime +4, Economy +9, Law -3, Lore +6, Society +4
Qualities Academic, Magically Attuned, Notorious, Prosperous, Strategic Location, Tourist Attraction; Disadvantages Cursed
Danger +20
Government Syndicate (loose alliance of mercantile firms and criminal guilds)
Population 97,000 (63,100 Akitoni; 19,400 Ysoki; 5,400 lizardfolk; 3,100 Golarion humanoids; 2,000 shobhads; 4,000 other)
Notable NPCs
Elerastimous Gon, Senior Tech-Priest (N male Akitoni human wizard 17)
Galena Alverix, Guildmaster of the Machinist's Guild (N female Akitoni human expert 5/gunslinger 6)
Latennia Braughti, Queen of Festivals (CN female Akitoni human bard 12)
Soldier 94 Legion 7, Lord of Undercity Market (N robot Medium animated object fighter 2/rogue 7)
Totchkona, Guildmaster of the Blacktails (NE male Ysoki rogue 14)
Base Value 33,600 gp; Purchase Limit 220,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items all; Medium Items 4d4; Major Items 3d4
Cursed Less a curse than a unique property, the ghost-like khulan serve as an excellent deterrant to theft and violence in the Hivemarket's marketplaces and tunnels. Even outside of the areas frequented by the khulan, natives and outsiders alike fear incurring the wrath of these powerful incorporeal creatures.

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