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TrialbyFire's RotRL Campaign

Rise of the Runelords

Hey all, I'm relatively new to pathfinder and this is my first post on these boards! I thought it would be helpful to start this journal, both to keep a record for myself and to get some tips from the masters both on the campaign in particular and on Pathfinder in general.

A bit about myself first. I've been DMing for about 10 years now, mostly 3 and 3.5, but also some assorted Dark Heresy, WoD, and cyberpunk games. Our group has about two dozen rotating players, and very few accomplished DMs (woe is me).

Now, on to the players! I have a nice mix of new and old players for this game, and we're preparing for our first game tonight. the party will consist of:

Wren Mvashti - Female Varisian CG Lore-Oracle 1. (One of my new players, with only some small RP experience in a WoD innocents game. She made the character, and it fit so well with the NPC that I decided she just must be her great-grandmother).

Jatenjra Mvashti - Male Varisian CG Gypsy Warrior 1. (An old player, but we call him 'inspector clouseau', and that's about how he plays. The class template is, and will play the same. Just some small changes to weapon proficiences, and major changes to Theme and presentation. Ki magic is more ancestor spirit stuff, with all very silly overtones).

(Name) - Male Half-orc LG Cavalier(Order of the Shield) 1. (Another new player, limited dark heresy experience. Sandpoint orphan, well liked in town, and has been training for years at the (name) knightly order headquarters at Windsong Abbey).

(Name) - Male Shoanti NG Druid 1. (Old player, never played a druid. 18 years old, his druid master and party were killed a few days out of sandpoint in a goblin raid, after visiting with Madame Mvashti. Seriously injured, he made his way back to town, and she has been caring for him. Druidic powers newly discovered).

(Name) - Human Chelaxin (sp?) NG Necromancer 1. (One of my original players, he'll be a great help fortifying the party once he gets rolling. 'A gentleman necromancer of fine taste' was all the description I received).

So there you have it, hopefully they don't all die too soon. I'm very excited, as this campaign looks to be great fun. Any advice, whether it be about specific classes or thorny issues early in the chapter are more than appreciated. Hopefully I can give you our opening story tonight or tomorrow!

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Awesome! Dot!

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Any game-time yet?

Dotted just to get a glimpse of the "...gentleman necromancer of fine taste".

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