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It is valid to make two weapon attack?

Beginner Box


So one PC took a sword from a dead goblin, he ask me if he can use it to make two attacks since the sword is one-handed and so the shortsword he uses is. I can not find anything on the heroes handbook... I need ideas on how to manage this.

Shadow Lodge

Yup, he can do it. Plus, there are rules for it. Here you go!

Two Weapon Combat Rules

Enjoy! :)

Thank you, that is very usefull. Is this considered a standard action or a full round action?

Shadow Lodge

For a standard action, the character only gets one attack. If the character wants more than one attack (either for two weapons, or for a BAB high enough to grant multiple attacks), it needs to be a full attack (meaning no movement, except a 5 ft step).

Here are the rules for a full attack.


thank you so much

Just for clarification, the Beginner Box doesn't have that rule/feat as far as I know. The link provided was to the full version of PF's SRD.

That said, I often pull rules/feats/etc. from the SRD. Just keep in mind, that like what happens to me, some people play the, "Well you allowed so and so rule, I want to use such and such rule from the SRD."



The Beginner Box rules don't allow a PC to make two attacks per round. If you take a look at the free Beginner Box Player Pack PDF download, on page 12 it mentions that the Core Rulebook has rules for PCs making attacks with two weapons in the same round. bookrat's link is to the online version of the Core Rulebook. Feel free to experiment with adding Core Rulebook rules to your Beginner Box game. :)

I think this is the kind of rule that's fine to use in your BB campaign - the player has requested it, the rule is well balanced and does not add a great deal of complexity.

A handy Core rule I do use in my PBB campaign is Readied actions, for instance. Rules to be wary of (IMO) are those that do add significant complexity, such as Concentration checks, Combat Maneuvers, and Attacks of Opportunity.

FYI this has been a popular request at my middle-school Pathfinder club. This, along with animal companions ("having pets"), and being evil lol.

Just some suggestions, SKR, as to what might be included in the "transition to CRB" PDF. Some simplified versions of what is in the CRB would be awesome, too (i.e., a short list of relatively-simple animal companions and mention of the Handle Animal skill). And I understand that being evil opens a whole can of worms -- no need to include that one ;)

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