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Ray finally gets someone to DM "Curse of the Crimson Throne"!

Campaign Journals

Dark Archive

Welcome to Korvosa.

The King is dead.
Long live the Queen.
Long live ME!

This morning, when I went out across the Shingles in Old Korvosa to that old shack I wanna turn into my lair, I found a blank Tarot card, addressed to me, telling me I could find Lamm.

Good news.

But made me suspicious.

Lamm is the rat bastard what sabotaged my introduction to the Cerulean Society. Now I can't even find the Rogues.
Plus I found out that he's the one that had Jimmy Carroll, Halfling Mott, and The Hoople all killed.
They were all my friends.
And they died.
We were gonna run Old Korvosa, the four of us.

So that blank Tarot card looks nice.

12 hours before I'm supposed to meet some folks at 3 Lancet St and learn where I can find Lamm. Just enough time to find out about this card.

Turns out, according to a Varisian gypsy here in Old Korvosa, the Fortune Teller that made this card is named Zellara.
Apparently Lamm stole her ancestral Tarot Deck -- something pretty damned important to the Varisians -- and when she sent her son Eran to steal it back -- all that was returned to her was her son's head and hands. Gifts from Lamm. Or a message.

But Zellara knows where Lamm is hiding out.

At Zellara's I meet the other folks Zellara summoned to take out Lamm. It's a good thing, too, cuz frankly I ain't got the resourses to take the rat bastard out by myself.
And these guys look just as hungry for Lamm as I do.

Zarella gave us each a Harrow reading, too -- not sure what that's all about, though.

Invictus .... LG Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae (Mountain Man, CN Harrow Card)

Lynx .... CG Human two-weapon Fighter (The Lost, CE Harrow Card)

Shayella .... LN Elf Sorceress of the Bloodline of a Red Dragon (The Empty Throne, LG Harrow Card)

Carnivean .... LE Fey-Fetchling Inquisitor of Hell / Rogue (The Liar, CE Harrow Card)

Enoch .... CG Aasimar Cleric of Healing & Protection (The Unicorn, CG Harrow Card)

According to Zarella Lamm is hiding out in this old derelict on West Pier 17 in Old Fishery.

And according to the Sorceress, Shayella, Zarella's whole place reeks of magic. Shayella's convinced that Zarella's a ghost coming back to get revenge on Lamm but when I asked the others to go back and confront her about it -- they said, "No" -- no real big deal. I just like to know what's what as much as I can.

Of course, trying to find a contact in the Cerulean Society to tell me a little somethin'-somethin' about West Pier 17 turned out to be a waste of time for our little group, too. Seems Lamm made perfectly sure I wasn't gonna be able to introduce myself to their litle "guild" cuz I ain't coming close to making contact.

But the ghost was right about Lamm.

At West Pier 17 we found and incapacitated Yargin, one of Lamm's top dudes, a spell caster of some kind.
Then we took out that enforcer orc-bastard Giggles -- who didn't wanna go without a fight. Bastard dropped me to unconsciousness, bleeding out on the floor (Thank goodness to all the Asuras, Whore Queens and Devils from Hell for that Healing Cleric, Enoch, for bringing me back from death's door!) -- and then Giggles, not giving up, killed one of those poor orphan kids before we could finish him. At least the other kids got away alright, heh, after bearing down on us for a creepy moment or two not realizing we were gonna kill Lamm and his other rat bastards one way or the other.

All in all I'm just pissed that one of my new buddies killed that poor old dog.

I tell ya, that stinking box with the cloud of flies buzzing over it creeped me out. But I guessed correctly that inside was the head or something of Zellara. AND we found her ancestral Tarot Deck. And when we killed Lamm a few minutes later, I swear we all felt like those venerable gypsy cards sigh in peace.

Mission accomplished.

Lamm is dead.

. . . .

And what do we see when we leave that old boat?

Korvosa's burning!

The King is dead.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, PFS RPG Subscriber

Dotting for interest! sounds like a great time was had by all. How is the inquisitor and pally gonna get along?

Grand Lodge

Our Alignment will either be a point of fun for me and the other Player to roleplay our differences (my LE PC and his LG PC), or just some background Fluff that doesn't really affect the game. Way too early to tell.

Carnivean should be a fun PC for me to play.
Named for the Judeo-Christian demon who gave the word "Carnival" (and all its side-show, freak-show, shameless obscenity connotation) a place in the dictionary, I'm starting to really like this Faerie-Shade. (He's a Half-First-World Fey Fetchling instead of a half-human Fetchling.)

Pasty-white skin color during the day, with a short mop of charcoal dreadlock curls -- to charcoal skin at nighttime, with white dreadlock curls, Carnivean would never define himself as Lawful Evil. He's LG.

His values are quite disturbing, though -- slavery, racism, diabolism, torture of the guilty -- dwarves, for example, have not the same rights as real people. They are an inferior species, like rats, ogres or goblins. Only worthy of slave-life. Asmodeus has the right of it, the way the universe should work.

Carnivean holds Iomedae and other truly LG people in high esteem -- Iomedae is just a little misguided, that's all.

Carnivean HATES Chaotic Evil. And doesn't much care for Chaotic anything.

Hey guys, before we rush into the burning, rioting city to join a bucket-brigade -- WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH Yargin, our prisoner?!?

Hiya! The name's Lynx. I grew up on the streets of Korvosa. Pops was a successful burglar known as Black Cat, and ma was a dancing girl at some dive until pops took her as his old lady.

Life was pretty swell 'til pops crossed that rat Lamm. That was when I was, oh, 10, I think. They slipped pops a mickey, then Lamm and his goons piled on him and punched his card.

I guess that wasn't vengeance enough for Lamm. He got ma hooked on his poison, and whored her out. She kicked the bucket when I was around 14.

So I had a score to settle with Lamm, see? That's why I took the bait when I woke up under a table at the Greasy Goblin (where I was bouncin' the bums out if they got too froggy) with a harrow card stuck to my forehead.

Turns out it was a good thing, 'cause now that sap Lamm is pushin' up daisies! Heh heh!

Met some real hard-boiled cats at the address written on the card, and we mopped the floor with Lamm and his goons. As we was congratulatin' ourselves and leavin' Lamm's rickety lair, we see that the city is burnin'! And the town crier's hollerin' about the king bein' dead! Somethin' ain't on the level about this, I'd wager all the loot we took from Lamm on it.

The other fellas (and dame) that helped me pull the curtains on Lamm seem keen to investigate, and I got nothin' better to do, now that I finally gave Lamm what was comin' to him, so I guess I'll go with.

Carnivean Judd wrote:
Hey guys, before we rush into the burning, rioting city to join a bucket-brigade -- WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH Yargin, our prisoner?!?

Hand him over to the coppers? Or send him to Hell, where he probably belongs?

the "coppers" are going to be too busy today or tomorrow, or the next day. He willingly attacked us, aided and abetted the exploitation and rape of innocence, and when showed mercy LIED to us. you be the judge, ill be the executioner. but my vote will be cast as death. let pharasma sort his soul, for we have more pressing matters at hand.


Some would call me a Sorceress. I consider myself more of an Opportunist, though. I'm Shayella Senocard, the last of my bloodline. The bloodline of Dragons. Because of this, I haven't lived a particularly "social" life, although I regret nothing. I wasn't really excited when I got pushed into this whole deal with Lamm with a bunch of random strangers.

My agitation of working with others was sated for a time; the thought of that bastard's blood spilled on the ground was just too appealing to me, considering the bastard tried to pin a murder on me not a month ago. Slimy sonofa--

That Zellara lady sure was interesting, however. I think we'd probably get along really well. Maybe she'll even teach me a thing or two about Illusions. Those tarot cards sure are beautiful.

My companions, on the other hand, are more on the cautious side. I was standing there for what felt like 3 hours, just fantasizing about Lamm's face as my claws impale him in the stomach. Meanwhile my companions were busy jumping into bushes and standing alongside janky buildings, looking suspicious as hell. I couldn't help but laugh.

We finally found Lamm, after ripping up the floor and falling through, which turned out to be a fantastic move, but not for me. Somehow I didn't see the huge crocodile in the water to the right of me, and before I could react it was too late, and I was in a death roll. Luckily through by some sort of miracle, I escaped... Only to nearly drown in 2 1/2 feet of water?! Boy, times are great, aren't they?

When we went outside, we saw and heard explosions and fireworks going off in what seemed to be the middle of Korvosa, and it was really pretty. I could've watched for a while, but my companions so desperately wanted to go and "help". Like anyone is going to pay us for putting out some fires. We're adventurers, not firefighters. If I wanted to rescue cats from trees, I would. I just want to see Zellara.

**As for the issue of our prisoner, I say slit his throat. He's working for LAMM. He's a scumbag. He is of absolutely zero use to us.**

@Shayella: Heh heh! You're a tough broad, eh, Dollface!

@Invictus: Looks like the poor sap's sleepin' with the fishes tonight, eh, Prettyboy!

@Carnivean: Well, that on the level with you, Chief? We got three votes for sendin' Lamm's goon off to the Abyss. Seems Prettyboy's all sweaty to do it, so I says we lets him.

*slits Yargin's throat while everyone else is watching the city burn

What was that, Lynx?

Oh yeah, I think Yargin's sleeping with the fishes.

So,.... are we gonna enter the burning city and try to find out what's goin' on about the King being dead?

Or y'all wanna wait out here where it's safer and find out what we can find out after-the-fact?

My vote is to enter now -- and be careful. And though I'm not a fan of looting (such chaotic behavior disgusts me), maybe we can find some looters who are taking advantage of the fire and do the Korvosan Guard a favor by killing them?! (And taking their stuff)

We MUST help those people in danger. protect the innocent from looters AND other dangers including the burning buildings.

can any of the spellcasters create magical water in order to fight the fires? doing so will greatly increase our chances of saving those trapped in buildings.

i believe "getting to the bottom of this" should be dealt with after the immediate danger is taken care of. there are too many lives at stake.

Grand Lodge

Sounds good enough to me, Invictus.
Meanwhile, *Carnivean looks up in the sky over Korvosa....

1) Do I see any of the Sable Company helping Korvosa in this time of emergency? I'd be interested to see if any of Korvosa's "marine forces" -- the Hippogriff-riding Sable Company Rangers -- are doing anything,... If they're just protecting Castle Korvosa or if they're doing everything they can or if we don't see any in the sky at all.

2) How much is the city burning? Are we talking the 1906 Great Chicago and 64 Great Rome Fires -- or are we talking a couple large-but-easily-controlled fires as long as they're contained quickly? And how near is it (are they) to Castle Korvosa?

3) Carnivean also looks to find the person we heard shout "The King is dead." I want to take a mental picture of that person and see if he or she is in a uniform of some kind, or wears the clothes of a Noble or Soothsayer, or whatever.(I'll roll my Perception when we next meet.)

4) We saw some Hellknights, yes, helping the city,... Please elaborate.

Sounds good enough to me, Invictus.
Meanwhile, *Carnivean looks up in the sky over Korvosa....

1) Do I see any of the Sable Company helping Korvosa in this time of emergency? I'd be interested to see if any of Korvosa's "marine forces" -- the Hippogriff-riding Sable Company Rangers -- are doing anything,... If they're just protecting Castle Korvosa or if they're doing everything they can or if we don't see any in the sky at all.

2) How much is the city burning? Are we talking the 1906 Great Chicago and 64 Great Rome Fires -- or are we talking a couple large-but-easily-controlled fires as long as they're contained quickly? And how near is it (are they) to Castle Korvosa?

3) Carnivean also looks to find the person we heard shout "The King is dead." I want to take a mental picture of that person and see if he or she is in a uniform of some kind, or wears the clothes of a Noble or Soothsayer, or whatever.(I'll roll my Perception when we next meet.)

4) We saw some Hellknights, yes, helping the city,... Please elaborate.

1) yes you do see Sable Company in full force trying to help the guards and HellKnights that you mentioned with the riots in the town. However you do notice one get shot down by the ensuing riots happening throughout the town.

2) The fires are spread throughout the town as rioting is happening throughout it however they are not fires that are as intense as the 1906 Great Chicago fire. If you do a knowledge local check you might be able to remember some info about how able and quick the fire brigade is and if oyu think they will suffice or not in this task

3)you don't see who said "The King is dead" exactly and you hear it come from more than one place so you would be unable to try and pick them out of a line-up let alone a crowd of people.

4)The HellKnights having heard of the riots seem to have come from one of their facilities in the area again a knowledge local might give you some more info on that you can however assume they have come to help though since as HellKnights they hate all forms of chaos.


*Shayella grunts disapprovingly at Invictus' proposal to create water*

It seems we have two pressing issues at hand.

1) Zellara awaits our return from Lamm, and

2) The obvious chaos consuming Korvosa.

Which is more urgent, though?

In my opinion Zellara will be of more use to us now than "getting to the bottom of this", as the new claimers to the Throne will be there to stay... For now that is.

Zellara, being not completely of this world, may possibly have some useful information regarding the secret doings of Korvosa. It's worth checking out first instead of rushing headlong into something much bigger than we realize. Also, we have to show her her head! That's pretty creepy if you ask me.

Also: Reward.

As a side note: I'm not opposed to helping the people, but I'm not going to exert myself, those who survive survive and those who didn't weren't strong enough.

I vote we head to Zellara's.

I like the idea of tying up any loose ends (getting lots more info especially) at Zellara's -- but,... Did I just have the hiccups or didn't we all feel that once we killed Lamm, Zellara's "spirit" was at rest? We felt that through her ancestral cards, yes?

How 'bout this,... we try to kill two birds with one stone: We enter Korvosa with the intention of helping but we head toward Zellara's. If we run into anything on the way that we don't think is over our heads we can pause and lend a hand. But we still make our way to 3 Lancet St.

I ain't keen on goin' to spooky houses, but I'm even less keen on keepin' a spooky harrow deck. We'd better give 'em back to the ghost-dame.

And speakin' of lendin' a hand, there are a few broads at a few cat-houses I wouldn't mind checkin' on ... maybe we can earn some free kicks by savin' 'em!

Uh, guys....

A few moments ago when I said "Let's maybe kill two birds w/ 1 stone by heading to Zellara's"....

Well, when I said Head to Zellara's, the deck of cards, Zellara's ancestral deck, got all tickly in my breast pocket. I think the deck of cards wants to go to Zellara's place on 3 Lancet St.

. . . . Uh, yup. As soon as I said that just now Zellara's deck got all tickly in my breast pocket again. I think it wants to go home.

You guys remember when we found out about how Lamm stole her deck and I mentioned I had done some investigating before we met at 3 Lancet St,... And how I mentioned that a Varisian Gypsy said that an ancestral deck like Zellara's is waaay important to them?... My guess is that Zellara's spirit can't really rest until something else happens with the deck and that that can take place only at 3 Lancet St.

I think we should go there.

The question remains, should we go there immediately, risking ourselves in the chaos of the city?
Or should we wait 'till tomorrow when the city "cools down"?
Or should we maybe go now but slowly, cautiously, "lend a hand" when we see that we can lend a hand to stop any Chaos?
....My vote is for the 3rd option.

Three works for me, now let's scram!

OOC: If Will and everyone else likes the idea, we could make this campaign partly PBP (play-by-post) for things we can do that require minimal rolling betwen tabletop sessions.

For instance, we could give Will our Perception, Diplomacy, Knowledge, or whatever bonus, and he can roll to see if we spot, persuade, know, or whatever as we make our way through the streets to 3 Lancet.

Of course, if its about to come to combat or other complicated, dice-rolly, or tactical situations, we can go no further via posts, and must wait on the edges of our seats until the next live session.

This way, we can get alot of the investigation and decision-making done between sessions, in addition to some RPing, shopping, or what-have-you.

The down-side is relinquishing some of the die-rolling for non-combat skills to Will, which doesn't bother me in the least, as I trust Will's math and impartiality . . . .

Grand Lodge

I'm heavily in favor of doing as much as we can -- stuff that doesn't take away from at-the-table roleplay -- on the Boards. (See many of Carnivean's posts.)

The potential weakness is in some Players not making it to the Boards very often and thus missing out on some of our discussions and choices.

But I'm all for it anyway -- we can get a TON accomplished on the Boards that drains away time gaming at-the-table (such as treasure spending, asking questions, reviewing what we've learned, discussing options for the future, etc.) PLUS, it keeps the game fresh in our minds so we have fewer excuses when we forget 90% of what we did last time.

But again, it works best when everyone is involved at least once or twice a week and that may not be as feasible for some of us.

I'm definitely up for that if we can get everyone on board and can do it consistently. And as far as the rolls go I'll want you all to tell me what your bonuses are but I trust you all enough you can just tell me what your total is now if someone is obviously cheating than I'll do something different but like I said I don't think you all will do that if Phil and Rob are up for it than we can start with one or two things now.

OOC: Shayella's skills are:

Appraise: +5
Bluff +9
Fly +7
Intimidate +7
Knowledge(Arcana) +7
Perception +7
Spellcraft +10

Lynx's skills: Acrobatics +3, Perception -2.

In case he needs to make an ability check:
Str 19 (+4) Dex 17 (+3) Con 16 (+3) Int 7 (-2) Wis 7 (-2) Cha 7 (-2)

Grand Lodge

Kudos on another good session.

Two things that I loved,
First, Carnivean got his first chance to show he is absolutely LE when he, in an attempt to save Lynx from the pit of Reefclaws, went straight for a tied-up prisoner to throw down there to get the Reefclaws on him instead of our friend. Very Lawful Evil. ... And all the better, it was our LG Paladin, Invictus, who suggested Carnivean just grab the dead pig and throw it down the pit instead of a live human being.

Second, when Carnivean said that the Curse was broken since King Arabesti died of natural causes the guard, without missing a beat, said sternly, "What Curse!?!" That was perfectly done by the DM and made the Pathfinder world really come alive for me.

Now if we can finish volume 1 next weekend....

So, I don't have Zallara's Deck anymore. That sucks.
So, what's next guys. After taking out the deserter and his men who were really up to no good, spreading vile Chaos through Korvosa with their murder-for-hire business -- Korvosa's Field Marshal Cressida Kroft seems to respect us enough to get some info on this Chelaxian Ambassador.

But an Ambassador to Cheliax seems over our heads.

Any ideas on how we're gonna get what intel we need to implicate the Chelaxian Ambassador?

Whew! I ain't yellow or nothin', but I think I might need a change of boxers after those lobster-snake monsters clamped their slimy mits on me! Gee, fellas, thanks for savin' my hide back there! Pretty swell idea, throwin' some other kinda meat down there for those things to chew on.

As for this ambassador, maybe we can get the scoop on him by hangin' around the royal court, maybe pretend to be guards an' servants an' what-not, and see if this chump has any vices we could exploit? Maybe he likes gettin' ossified, or has a weakness for loose dames? Get 'im tanked to loosen his yapper a bit?

Mayhap we could get close enough to this ambassador for Invictus to sense whether there be evil in his heart? That would tell us much . . .

I like the idea of getting close to him; I'm not sure if learning that evil is in his heart will give us the kind of proof that we need for Field Marshal Kroft, but it's a good start. We can try to do some spying and some bribing -- barkeeps and whores are good candidates for that.

But I think it'd be really cool if we could find a way to get to know him personally to be accepted in his inner circle -- maybe accept a job of his the way we did for the Field Marshal. Then we could get the intel we need, money from him, and can even betray him when the time is right! It's a win - win. Further, if we decide, after we learn about him, that we think he's good for Korvosa and the Queen is bad, we can switch allegiances and become his spies.


Well, I had the right idea of asking the guy at Eel's End about the Chelaxian Ambassador with gold while not using the Field Marshal's name -- I just didn't have enough personal gold. Didn't remember we were given 1,000 gp for this bribe.

But we got what we needed even without my hope of getting close to the Chelaxian.

. . . .

Now, regarding this Shoanti skull-&-bones guy...

Seriously guys, even if you don't, for whatever reason, see that he's different from us, a sub-species if you will, we all heard him threaten to bring his other savage barbarians to Korvosa, again, to attack the city -- bringing more bloodshed, destruction and chaos. (And really, you don't see him as a "sub-species," with his bone & skull fetishes and bad breath?!?)

Nonetheless, I'm certainly agreed that we are right to go take out this Necromancer and if the Field Marshal wants to do something with the dead Shoanti's body to smooth over relations with the savages then I'm with you.

Especially if it means we can kill some Derro. (Chaotic, insane dwarf-things)
...almost as bad as Shoanti

As I previously stated, Shoanti are no more diffident than you and I, Carnivean. However I do agree with you on your point about the Shoanti threatening the town. if they were truly after peace there leader would have handled things a little more diplomatically. For that reason i say we should stay wary of there motives.

This undead Abolitionist NEEDS to be dealt with. I feel we need to question him about his motives with the corpses of the Shoanti and why he targeted them. it could be as simple as blatant racism, But there can always be a hidden motive, so we must be vigilant. I say we take him alive for questioning and vanquish all of his abominations. If that's not enough motive for some of my more materialistically minded companions remember he is a cunning spellshaper and will likely have a stash of HIDDEN treasure somewhere that we may not find without the villains help...

lol i forgot to post Invictus's intro so here's a brief synopsis.

Invictus was found at the doorsteps of the head iomedaen bishops house. knowing almost instantly the responsibility iomedea had placed on his shoulders, for he had been praying for more warriors of light to aid in the battle against evil. What a better gift than a Golden eyed aasimar child. and thus Invictus was raised to be just that, a paladin of the highest repute. Upholding the values of Iomedae. As he grew the attention showered over him due to his race and lifelong responsibility made him withdraw into himself. Although he is an impeccable orator, Invictus comes off as the strong silent type, knowing actions will always speak better than words.

(Wow, Invictus is cool, afterall -- I had no idea he had a cool backstory.)

I could be misremembering but I thought that the Necromancer we're hunting steals any random corpse and that it's coincidental that one of the recent ones he got during the riots was that Shoanti kid. I think he's doing something with dead bodies in general, not specifically Shoanti.

I like the idea of interrogating him -- maybe when we kick in the door he's hiding behind we can subdue him someway, but,... we get to kill him, later, right? The amount of Chaos this idiot can spread in the city as a bodysnatcher is troubling.
(it's not his bodysnatching, necessarily, but that he can cause more chaos amongst the living)

You think Shoanti are just like me and you?

I sure don't look Shoanti.

And you're a Celestial.
You have the Soul of Angels. Shoanti can't spell "Angel."

I'm a Shade, a Fetchling -- from a First World Fey, no less!

I'm about as similar to one of those savage, chaotic Shoanti barbarians as I am to a goblin or a dog or an orc.

Shoanti are so far removed from True Humans -- Azlanti -- that they really are a subspecies ("sub" -- a pejorative) of human. Just look at them. Hell, can't you smell the difference?

Grand Lodge


I remembered to mention this once in passing but I'm not sure if Will remembers; something else always seems to jump in the way and then I forget,...

When we get up from the bowels under this graveyard, after taking out this Necromancer, Carnivean is going to try to make contact with a Hell-Knight "recruiter" here in Korvosa.

Again, I mentioned he was going to do that already during one of the segued days but I don't know if anything came of it. But when Carnivean meets a recruiter or whatever, and gets some info, he'll become interested in pursuing the Hell-Knight Order of the Gate. (At this time he doesn't likely know anything about any of the Orders but he can learn.)

Now, since the Order of the Gate does not operate anywhere in Varisia he may not get very far, but I would like Carnivean to meet with someone about it.

Well how do ya like that? We searched the whole stinky dungeon under the graveyard, killed every last stinking derro in the joint, and even put the Shoanti kid back together again, but Rolth the Necrophiliac-or-whatever was nowheres to be found!

At least we helped to smooth things out with Thousand-Bones, but now we opened a whole new can of worms by doing business with an ill-favored lord, taking sides with Black Whats-his-face when he saved Trina from the executioner, and Dollface getting arrested by the guards by getting too nosey about some ship they dumped in the drink with their trebuchet. Dumb broad! We managed to get her off the hook, though.

So, you guys really think that Lord So-and-so and Black Who's-it are the same fella? Makes sense to me, I suppose. Black Whaddyacallit snagged Trina, and she winds up at Lord Whatcha-call-'im's castle? Smells kind of fishy.

Anyhoo, I'm with Chief, we ought to give this Rolth a Korvosan grin and feed his wormy guts to the fishes!

By the grace of no particular god, and with but a small portion of the treasure looted on our recent adventures, I was able to save that precious young girl by buying a cure for her disease at the temple of Abadar. Truly, providing succor to the poor and helpless creatures of the world shall be our path to Elysium, good friends!

But first, we must bring this vile necromancer to justice. Fear not his undead abominations, for as long as I draw breath, they shall wither before the glory of no particular god!

Okay, Rolf the Necromancer is still at large and yous guys want to help some poor sick lady get better; that's cool.

And smuggling Trina out of Korvosa because Blackjack and Vincarlo say she's probably innocent -- it's a good thing at least one character in our group has the foresight to conduct our own "trial / interview" (thank you, thank you).

Why do I get the feeling that when we start walking out the gates of Korvosa we're gonna see a half dozen HellKnights giving us the hairy eye and we, sweating, are gonna try to keep our distance without looking like we're keeping our distance -- you know, flying casually. I have a bad feeling about this.

Okay, so...

A) I had mentioned that we would tell guards we are going to the town of Ilsurian but frankly, that's something that Carnivean (and others) should probably roll Knowledge: Geography on to see what options we are aware of (Player vs Character knowledge and all that). And, of course, I just said Ilsurian, if other folks have other suggestions that's cool. We could also choose a village or town that has more published info than Ilsurian, or just another town.

B) Regarding what our letter to Field Marshal Cressida Kroft should contain: I don't like the idea of lying to her; I said in-game to let's tell her we're leaving town without saying where. Let's send the letter as we leave so we'll be a couple miles (in theory) out of town by the time she gets it.

C) We did not say that the town we say to the guards we're going to is going to actually be the town we go to. I actually had a question regarding that: where does Trina say she wants to go and WHY does she want to go there?

D) I think we should cross the bridge of "how long will we be gone" when we get to it. Depending on what Trina says she wants to do and depending on what we find when we get there -- AND depending on how easily we get out of Korvosa and what we have to tell gate-guards, we'll be able to discuss how we want to get back to Korvosa later.

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