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[San Francisco, CA] - Looking For Group. Preferably Pathfinder.

Gamer Connection

Liberty's Edge

Always a DM, never a player.

As much as I love running my dedicated group of PC's through my latest dastardly narrative, lately I have been itching to sit on the other side of the table.

My preference would be a Pathfinder group, but I have experience in (and books to share!) many other tabletop RPGs.

Also, while I'm only interested in being a player I don't at all mind "backup DMing" and helping with the boring stuff (running numbers, checking rules, keeping track of initiative, etc.). I did that for the DM of a group I played in a couple years ago and it really helped move things along.

ALSO: Groups in the East Bay are a possibility as well, as long as you are near-ish BART access.

Hope to hear from some of you Bay Area dice-chuckers!

(Seriously guys, I'm drowning under something like thirty character ideas and only coming up with more. Help!)

Dark Archive

I thought of opening a new thread for me, but this gives a bump to this thread, so... Giving Orannis preference, I'm also LFG in San Francisco.

I'd love to volunteer to be a DM, but my english is often not within an acceptable level of fluidity to have a game running with a half-decent pace, so to avoid frustrations... As a player, too.

We have a PF game down in San Jose on Fridays. Also a 4th ED game out in Tracy on some Saturdays, we carpool from San Jose.

Dark Archive

DrDeth wrote:
We have a PF game down in San Jose on Fridays. Also a 4th ED game out in Tracy on some Saturdays, we carpool from San Jose.

As a newcomer to.the country, I don't know if I will be able to, but thanks! I'll have to check just how feasible it is for me transportation-wise (in downtown sf), taking into account that I work mon-sat.

Where are you from?

You can PM me, too.

I'm looking for players, to fill out my group, we lost some guys and need to build up the party again. We play in San Mateo though.

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