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RATS! Campaign Indiegogo

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RATS! is a game about talking rats trying to reclaim the world humanity has stolen from them thousands of years ago. Now, a war against everyone and everything costs quite a lot of money, so we would really appreciate your support. To this end, we've set an indiegogo, which is like kickstarter, only for rats. Come check our videos, art and excerpts.

We promise you that this is not an ambush...

There, follow me! .

I've had the pleasure of seeing this game develop from a feverish, strange obsession in Uri's mind to something that could be a great fun game...maybe as a side game, a break from a regular serious campaign or just a jaded gaming group that's tried everything and wants to really take it somewhere different. I supported this project.

It's still a strange, feverish obsession, but judging by Uri's previous published work and his ability to poke people with pointed sticks, it will be awesome. He has great collaborators, too and the artwork is excellent too.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Lots of cool artwork in there, not to mention the potential to actually behave like dirty, nasty ratz with a good excuse! :D

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