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Starting a Monthly BB Game

Beginner Box

I'm starting a monthly-ish BB game for which we're doing character creation right now. To start us off, I'm going to run the basic BB adventures - the one in the GM's book, the GM's PDF, and some of the Bash's - first, tying them together in some way using the character's backgrounds.

I'm thinking I'm going to run the mine adventure from the GM's PDF first; these are all experienced players and if I throw a dragon at them - even a small one like that in the GM's book adventure - I'm going to get dice hucked at me. :)

So I figured I'd run the mine adventure, then a couple of Bash's, then the Black Fang adventure once they've got some XP and play-time underneath them.

Anyone see any issues with that approach?

Seems reasonable, though I would definitely foreshadow the dragon every step of the way. At the mine perhaps they find some dragon foot prints going into the mine and then, newer ones, coming back out. The dwarves can say they followed the dragon here because they figured it would know where gold would be found.

Then just build up from there. Old instincts should kick in and set a certain apprehension in your players.

Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. There's also the seed for that Ruins of Raven's Watch adventure in the GM's book which is tied to Black Fang. I'm going to flesh that out, although I'm not sure if I'm going to run it before or after the actual Black Fang adventure. It could be a great lead-up to it, the characters find the evil priest and his plans which lead them to the dragon.

But yeah, definitely lots of dragon foreshadowing. :)

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