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Play-by-Post Discussion

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Made this so us Fallen can plan our Army and coordinate our characters.

My character

Campaign Info Tab wrote:

Both the Heroes and the Fallen need to create the following:

- Up to 7 different CR 1/2 basic NPC to serve as the bread and butter of their armies.

- Up to 5 different CR 1 veteran NPCs

- Up to 3 different CR 2 experienced NPCs

- Up to 2 different CR 3 elite NPCs

- Up to 2 different CR 5 leader NPCs

These NPCs will serve as your armies and can be sent to defend locations, attack enemy bases, pillage villages, etc.

My char will be a Juju orical, making lots of undead to feed the army, and juju undead to work things that need intelligence. so we can have a more steady form of supply.

lost story short i make the undead.

Would you have a way to enhance undead? Because we could make our army out of zombies and zombie lords (or skeletons).

I was thinking tactics wise it would be best to hit and run on all their smallest settlements first, and raise as many undead as possible. Then once all the smallest settlements are wiped out move on to the bigger fish.

Someone needs to take Teleport. I can do it from a scroll, or I could switch out one of my spells to take it if no one else can. That way we can send in an army of zombies/lesser undead at one settlement, and then teleport ourselves to another setttlement and crush it while the minions draw off the big guns.

If someone wanted to play a master summoner that would be really useful too.

ya all my undead are have max hp, and will have +2 hp per hit die because of desecrate. I can also make undead that are as skilled as they were in life as they how are in death ahahah. so each of the fallen armys will add to our own. now i feel like the scourge from warcraft. oh we should steal some ideas from that....

Male Human (Fallen) Antipaladin (KotS) 10; 84/84 HP; AC 24, T 12, FF 22, Init +2, Perc +12 (Darkvision 60), F +11 R+9 W+9 (+2 vs. Mind Effect/Death/Poison); Immune Poison, Fortification 50%

Zorek is a Knight of the Sepulcher Antipaladin juggernaut basically. Though I will admit, I'm a tad sad that I don't get the undead traits until 20 now. I miss having 104 HP and ridiculous saves.

Male Human (Fallen) Antipaladin (KotS) 10; 84/84 HP; AC 24, T 12, FF 22, Init +2, Perc +12 (Darkvision 60), F +11 R+9 W+9 (+2 vs. Mind Effect/Death/Poison); Immune Poison, Fortification 50%

For our CR 3 monsters, I would say use both the standard Shadow and Wight if you guys want to go with mass spawning. Even when we're not there we're spawning more guys.

curse legal
Whenever you break your word (either purposefully or unintentionally), you become sickened for 24 hours or until you meet your obligation, whichever comes first. However, once per day, you can make a vow to yourself that grants a +4 morale bonus on any one roll you make while trying to fulfill a promise made to another individual.

At 5th level, you gain a +3 competence bonus on Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks while talking to an individual one-on-one.

At 10th level, you can make a new saving throw each minute to resist mind-affecting effects as your subconscious searches for loopholes.

At 15th level, any creature that violates its freely given word to you takes a penalty to AC, to spell resistance, and on saving throws against your attacks and abilities equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1) for 24 hours.

False Death (Su): Add charm person and dominate person to your spell list. You must select these spells using your allotment of spells known. Any creature under the effect of one of these spells or charm monster appears dead to any examiners. Although affected creatures do not detect as undead, they look pale and death-like while under the effects of your magic. Additionally, an affected creature ordered to lie still gains a +20 circumstance bonus on Disguise skill checks to look like a corpse.

Spirit Vessels (Su): You can channel wendo spirits into lifeless bodies, reanimating them to aid you. Necromancy spells that create undead lose the evil descriptor when you cast them. Mindless undead created by your magic are of neutral alignment, while thinking undead possess your alignment. When using the animate dead spell, you can control 6 HD worth of undead creatures per caster level rather than 4 HD. In addition, any zombies or juju zombies you create using animate dead, create undead, or similar spells possess maximum hit points.

Undead Servitude (Su): You gain Command Undead as a bonus feat. You can channel negative energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier, but only to use Command Undead.

feats race endurance, 1Spell Focus (necromancy), 3 craft wonders item, 5 Undead Master, 7 reach spell, 9 extend spell

traits resilient +1 fort, Hedge magician -5% cost to make magic items,

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Oracles are proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields (except

tower shields)

hp 8 +9d8+10

bab 7/2

saves total base stat mis1 mis2 mis 3
fort 7 3 2 1 1
ref 6 3 2 1
will 8 7 0 1

str 7
dex 13 + 1 lvl
con 12
int 12
wis 10
cha 20 +1 lvl + 4 item

favored class 10 spells known

Bluff(cha), 5 3 7= 15
Diplomacy (Cha), 5 3 7= 15
Craft (Int),
Heal (Wis), 1 3 = 10
Knowledge (history) (Int) 1 3 1= 5
Knowledge (planes) (Int), 1 3 1 = 5
Knowledge (religion) (Int), 1 3 1 = 5
Knowledge (nature), 1 3 1 =5
Intimidate(cha), 10 3 7 2 = 22
Profession (Wis),
Sense Motive (Wis), 1 3 0 = 4
Spellcraft (Int) 10 3 1 = 14
Stealth (dex) 3 2 = 5
Survival (wis) 1 3 = 4
Use magic device 10 7 = 17

spells per day
0 -
1 8
2 8
3 8
4 6
5 4

spells known + Juju spells
0 12 create water, detect magic, detect poison, guidance, light, mending, purify food and drink, read magic, resistance, spark, stabilize, virtue
1 7 Speak with animals, bless, endure elements, shield of faith, obscuring mist, entropic shield, ant haul. inflict light

2 6 hideous laughter, shield other, desecrate, dread bolt, defending bone, aid, enthrall, inflict moderate wounds
3 5 fear, animate dead, blindness deafness, magic vestment, stone shape, resist energy communal inflict serous wounds
4 4 Charm monster, unholy blight, magic weapon greater, imbue with spell ability, air walk inflict critical wounds
5 1 Create undead juju only, scry inflict light wounds mass.

now need to spend moneys.

ok here is my juju guy, dont have money spent yet, but i know i will be creative there, i always am.

Male Human (unsure) Commoner 2/ Philosopher 1/ Gamer 2/ Writer 2

Still in the process of completing my guy, but he's a Tactician Fighter. So basically, I suppose he'd be good in combat, especially with troops around him... Although the character concept in RP wouldn't necessarily be getting himself into combat all the time. I guess he'll focus on defending the Gravelands, and perhaps building an army.

I think we can win this pretty easily.

Step 1, we send Pavaan and all the undead to attack one of their smaller settlements.

Step 2, once Pavaan is attacking with 'the Scourge' we teleport all the other PCs except for me to a different settlement and they start attacking.

Step 3, I use divination magic (through a consumable item) or someone who has it casts a spell to determine the location of their Cleric(s)/Oracle(s) and I teleport there, taking them out.

After they have no divine magic this will be easy. Their non-PC forces are going to be widely distributed, unable to effectively respond to attacks in different locations. Our forces will grow with each victory. The pincer of the undead horde and the PCs can then close itself by traveling to meet each other in the middle using conventional means. I'll go wherever needed.

Of course the GM might intervene somehow with wandering monsters or whatever to make it a more even fight. There's always an unknown element.

I have 700 GP left and a +17 UMD. Scrolls of Teleport cost 1,125 gp, but like I said if no one else takes it I can change one of my spells known to that. Scrolls of Scrying are only 700, but we need some information about them before we can use it.

Anyone else have any strategic ideas?

Male Human Student Gamer/10

So let me know if you think I should rethink my character. I set up a gunslinger that only has one attack a round (stupid early firearms) but the damage dealt is equal to making a full attack (4d12 plus modifiers). I can wail on them from just about anywhere (including the sky).

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster

I was thinking of playing a Witch, probably taking the Elements patron, and just wreck havoc with AoE spells as much as I can.

It would be a really good idea to have a Cavalier to boost our army, if they can affect undead or Bard.

Also, a Ranger would be good to take advantage of all the wilderness.

If I go Witch, I'll prolly take a few feats to increase my spells potency like Widen and Enlarge.

i have scry myself. just so you guys know, and more then likely get myself a ring of invisibility.

Good, scrying is covered then.

Do you have a link to your character EntropyRules? You should be able to squeeze more than one attack a round out pretty easily, perhaps we could give some pointers?

Monkeygod, any chance of convincing you to play a Master Summoner? You could field a whole army by yourself. If you do go Witch, I'd use your feats to focus on hexes or spell focus. You can buy rods of metamagic for widen and enlarge. We have a lot of gold.

Male Human Student Gamer/10

The early two handed firearms take a full-round action to reload, or a standard action if you have rapid reload. I have a class bonus to move that down to a move action, but until I get advanced guns I cant do more. However, I did take some feats so that although I only have 1 attack, I deal damage as if I had taken a full attack (so 2d12 becomes 4d12, at lvl 11 it will be 6d12 etc.) Also, I have a range increment of 120ft and can go against touch AC at any range. I just put it up as an alias a few minutes ago. If you do have some ideas to make it more effective though I'd be glad to hear them.
Go to Charater.

Even though we're on emerging firearms, you can still buy advanced guns right? They just cost a lot. Even with a musket, you can use alchemical cartridges, go Musket Master archetype, rapid reload and I'm pretty sure you can treat reloading as a free action. It's really late for me, so I'll check it out for sure in the morning. But you should ask the DM about being able to buy an advanced firearm. By tenth level you could easily have crafted one for yourself, and if not you have plenty of gold to buy one.

Male Human Student Gamer/10

another fun thought, for Monkeygod, If you go Beast-bonded, you can ditch your body and share the body of your familiar, then take over one of their characters as if with magic jar (you keep Int, Cha, and Wis and take thier Str, Dex, Con (note: there is not a jar involved so when you take over, their soul is auto slain).

Male Human Student Gamer/10
DM Jelani wrote:
Even though we're on emerging firearms, you can still buy advanced guns right? They just cost a lot. Even with a musket, you can use alchemical cartridges, go Musket Master archetype, rapid reload and I'm pretty sure you can treat reloading as a free action. It's really late for me, so I'll check it out for sure in the morning. But you should ask the DM about being able to buy an advanced firearm. By tenth level you could easily have crafted one for yourself, and if not you have plenty of gold to buy one.

Yeah, I've been going back and forth with him trying to get stuff worked out. I would love to use advanced fire arms because, like you said, you can use a free action to load and thus have all your attacks. But, GM wants to keep it on simple firearms atleast for right now.

My initial plan was to get the Cats eye crown to enhance my darkvision by 60 ft (thereby making me have 180 ft darkvision) and spending the nights snipeing encampments and the like. It would be great because it would be almost impossible to detect me. Yeah the would get a +20 on their Perception checks, but they get a -18 from distance, I have silence oil so no sound, and because I am in the dark farther than anyone can see I am effectivly invisible (another +20 on the check). Thus I get to make touch attacks against them while denying them their Dex.

Male Half elf fallen Juju Oracle

this is pavaan ok my Oracle is done now. mostly centered around not being seen and or getting away.

i can control 84 hd of undead i make myself,
10 via command undead feat,

make 20 hd of undead in one go.

ah i will love this. i will only need to get mats now to start the undead uprising.

Male Human (Fallen) Antipaladin (KotS) 10; 84/84 HP; AC 24, T 12, FF 22, Init +2, Perc +12 (Darkvision 60), F +11 R+9 W+9 (+2 vs. Mind Effect/Death/Poison); Immune Poison, Fortification 50%

Yeah, I can't wait until we can kill off a dragon and then I can animate it and ride it into battle. Just need to get either the +2 int Ioun stone or get +2 int on my character's headband.

Male Human Student Gamer/10
Zorek wrote:
Yeah, I can't wait until we can kill off a dragon and then I can animate it and ride it into battle. Just need to get either the +2 int Ioun stone or get +2 int on my character's headband.

Lolz, if you tank I'll shoot. All I have to do is not roll a 1 and I hit for 4d12+17

Unbuffed I'm rockin a 35 AC, and effectively 185 HP. Saves +12/+12/+14 with evasion and can give myself SR or immunity to energy types with a spell. 15' reach with 3 AOOs/round and Grab with a +29 Grapple. I'll be putting out about 60 damage a round on a full attack.

The Evolution surge chain of spells give me access to a wide array of other stuff too if I have time to buff. I'm looking forward to tearing some people to shreds.

Male Half elf fallen Juju Oracle

oh if we kill off a dragon let me animate it. it will have max hp per hd and +2 hp per hd as well. after that it is all yours.

my guy kind of sucks for combat ac of 12, but not what he will be doing. which is mostly being a ghost more or less. with near constant invisibility and levitate, and silence metamagic rod lesser. i can even make undead without anyone knowing i am there.

oh ya i will need to make you guys some skeletal horses, after all they can run forever.

does anyone know what happens with our extra undead that go uncontrolled?

Male Human (Fallen) Antipaladin (KotS) 10; 84/84 HP; AC 24, T 12, FF 22, Init +2, Perc +12 (Darkvision 60), F +11 R+9 W+9 (+2 vs. Mind Effect/Death/Poison); Immune Poison, Fortification 50%

They end up with their own free will (i.e. controlled by the DM), so it can go a few different ways here. One, they just sort of run off. Two, they attack their enslaver. Three, they see a whole bunch more 'free' undead following us and decide to join up with free will.

As for combat wise, I'm not fully tanky like Jelani is, though I can wreck a good-aligned character's day, even moreso if it's a paladin and I get the jump on him. +18/+10 (15-20/x2) for 2d4+2d6+19 damage (+22/+14 2d4+2d6+29 if smiting, 39 if it has a good aura). On a full attack I do 62 damage average on a full attack. More if I'm smiting. On Standard Actions I'm looking at +18 4d4+2d6+23 damage. Once again, more if smiting.

The Mithral Full Plate of Speed will help as well.

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster

I'll need the weekend to do my character fully, but I plan on plenty of battlefield control spells and lots of AoEs.

Going with Elements as my Patron, my gal will be all about destruction, disease and decay where n when possible. Fog/cloud spells, the Blight Hex, etc. I'll obviously know some less destructive utility spells, including the above asked for Teleport, so no worries there.

The DM said that mindless/uncontrolled undead won't attack Fallen, as they see us as undead also. I guess maybe an intelligent undead might find reason to attack us anyway, but we won't have to worry about the little guys.

Male Half elf fallen Juju Oracle

so what should we do for our defense in our starting zone, something else we should find out, is if there are other fallen other then the players, another idea is to have the dm join in this thread to give us some build up on what we can do. I can stone shape if needed for our defenses.

hmm would the grave lands be an almost unending supply of body's for us to use. so many things i want to do, but cant be everywhere at once.

looking at the max size of the Hamlet and village, i think my going to them and killing everyone there with reach spell metamagic + ring of invis, would be easy to do, it might take a day and all my spells, but there would be no threat to me from the long distance i am doing it and the fact that i am sniping. but that is just one thought

although funny thought with that, then we would have two snipers, one killing people in there homes the other killing soilders at night.

oh ya side note, i have craft woundus items, if that matters. when we start the game up.

I say we leave the gravelands largely undefended. Let them take it, if they want to waste the bodies. The goal is total control, and as a smaller force up against a larger one that's going to require guerrilla tactics and surgical strikes. We have no reason to waste resources defending the Gravelands unless the DM gives us a good reason to.

For example if the settlements are arranged roughly in a circle (like a clock face) Faltae and his horde could start with the smallest settlements say at 9 o'clock (or wherever). Zorek, Monkeygod and Entropy can start at a larger settlment maybe at 6 o'clock. They can hit hard and fast, then move on, working their way together at 7 o'clock. From there they can teleport over to 3 o'clock or whatever.

I plan on having monkeygod teleport me straight to their divine casters where I can go improved invisible, buff myself into virtual godhood and then crush them. Everyone we kill is a possible convert to our side, so the first stages will just be indiscriminate slaughter of their support base. Until a few of their PCs are dead we shouldn't try to hold onto any territory. Just be like ghosts in the wind, killing wherever we appear.

If we could somehow come up with Amulets of Proof Against Detection and Location for everyone that would prevent them from using Scry n Die tactics on us right back. Expensive though.

Well I can offer an dwarf zen archer monk for ranged support and movement
The other idea would have been an aldori swordlord, but with a antipaladin, a tactical fighter and our summoner master thats not that important anymore.
I am not a fan of bards, but heck what would you like to have?

Would you consider a Master Summoner? They bring a lot to the table. You could probably get your Charisma up to around 30, which would give you 15 Babau's a day summoned as standard actions. They have greater teleport at will. Just summon one each hour and tell it to spend 1/3 of it's summoned time in three different settlements killing everything it sees, then teleport to the next one. That doesn't even mention all the spells the summoner can cast as well.

Sure! More mayhem, more fun!

But then we have 2 people who are not really able to defend themselves very well. Means if the good guys jump us, we have 2 can and will go down very very fast!

You have plenty of money to defend yourself. If you get cornered cast improved invisibility, dimension door away and start summoning demons.

Play a race with +dex/+cha and spend your money on defensive items. You can cast a 10 hour mage armor, and shield for situational bonuses. You can also take teleport as an escape spell. Your AC could easily be like 26 (+4 dex, +4 armor (mage armor), +2 deflection (ring of prot), +2 NA (amulet of natural), +4 shield(shield spell)) or more. Grab a cloak of resistance for your saves.

I mean, master summoner is one of the more complex character options out there. If it's not your speed, play whatever you want man. Fun comes first. I just think a constant barrage of demons on all their settlements would be sweet.

Faltae sounds like he's going to be really hard to detect most of the time, so I wouldn't worry about him too much.

Edit:My earlier estimate of 30 charisma is probably high if you focus on defense, but you could still manage mid-high twenties methinks.

Check out Mitleid

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster

I wouldn't worry too much about how you build your character, right at first.

Post here initially and let us take a look to see if we can tweak it. Then once done, you can submit it officially. Especially true if you've never played you class before. I plan on doin it with my Witch, as that's a new class for me.

Female Tiefling (Oni-spawn) Inquisitor 1

Well First edition Master summoner named Mitleid

Male Dwarf Inquisitor 4

Or Zen archer monk

Mitleid is a 100% support character with the only option to flee if pressed but the option of Loads of Summoned monsters
Unbeugsam is a well rounded char with plenty of options, hard to reach with spells!

What would be more fun for you? I like that your names are German words.

Male Half elf fallen Juju Oracle

we should leave some forces to defend at least one area while the rest of us go and kill. not to mention we will need some way to gather resources, mostly onyx gems to fuel our army's.

for our 2 cr 5 leaders, here is a small list of undead, unmodified, Wraith, Crypt Thing, Ghul, mummy, Skeletal Mage

would need to modify Ghost, (it says it is a 7th lvl aristocrat so might be able to get that changed to go down to cr 5 with dm approval)
any zombie, skeleton, or juju zombie would also be up to the dm as to how many hd it would have.

also i would like to have Zombie, Apocalypse, in our army some how. if only for the flavor of having a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse to happen.

Male Human (unsure) Commoner 2/ Philosopher 1/ Gamer 2/ Writer 2

I'm loving all the ideas rolling around. Don't have any that haven't already been mentioned, myself. Mostly I'm wondering what Tristan will bring to the table...

Can't the vampire template be applied to something with 5 HD? So we could have a human warrior 5 vampire and it would be CR 5 right (1/2 HD for NPC levels+2 for vampire)? Out of the ones you listed I think Wraith is the most powerful.

The onyx gems might be hard. I can give myself a burrow speed temporarily, if we could find a vein of onyx we could set up a mine with zombie lord miners. Or we could ask if our initial settlement could be an Onyx mine, then we'd actually have a reason to defend it.

I told the DM about this thread, so he will probably chime in on stuff eventually.

Male Half elf fallen Juju Oracle

My method of invisibility is easy for anyone to do, it is just getting a ring of invisibility, and not care about ac. in fact it would be safer for a summoner style build. after all you summoning is not an attack. i will be attacking, from a long range, going invisible and move, if anyone might see me while i am invisible, i just move higher up and wait them out. nice thing about magic items that let you use them on command.

oh another note, i feel that this campaign will be over fairly quickly, because we can just kill loot and leave, and we know the location of the towns, so it would just be a question of avoiding any pc's and killing off the normal people.

Hmm i might need to change a few things on my sheet, nothing major but just more fitting to this evolving char.

I think, you underestimate that problem! If the light forces overrun our province its over, too.
Second, any small city has a few low level clerics too, and I am utterly convinced they are very well equipped to deal with undead! So we DO need a strong defence, and maybe work with plague, with fear, blackmail and more.

If the first day or two all we do is send Babau and undead out at them, along with an invisible Faltae and Entropy's long range sniper guy I think they will be thrown into confusion and overwhelmed (with the babau's teleporting and hitting different places throughout the day and the undead generating new troops with every commoner they fell).

At the same time Faltae can spy and scry find out the location of their divine casters. Then Monkeygod and I can teleport out, kill them, then teleport back. That would leave Zorek, Loup, Mitleid defending full time, and Monkeygod and I there to defend most of the time.


They're probably thinking along similar lines and planning an all out teleport assault on us right at the beginning. But we only lose if they take the Gravelands before we take a different Settlement. As long as we control at least one, it's just attrition. We don't need to sleep (or do we? at least our troops don't), their soldiers do. Ours don't need to eat, theirs do.

Edit:Keep in mind that See Invisible is easily available at this level Faltae, as is flight and powerful dispelling magic.

Male Half elf fallen Juju Oracle

true see invisibility is available, that is why my plan is to be a good 200 feet away from anyone i am targeting, making a dc 20 base to see me, then add in stealth, on average roll makes it a 20, so dc 40 to see me, and more then likely the crazy powerful attacks wont have the range to effect me. that part is just theory though.

also i am in no way going after players, this is just attacking npc's, heck i could even go after livestock too, i did not think of that part hmm. after all how likely is it for some one to have see invisibility around the livestock. oh ya and those things can be made undead too. killer zombie chickens coming to take revenge for there fallen, that have filled the belly's of the living. oh oh oh because zombies keep there movement speeds, having a lot of small hd zombie flyers attack a settlement could be another idea. cheap to make somewhat hard to kill, will make a nice distraction while our group does what ever it wants while the hero's are dealing with it, or more then likely the npc's

so list of things we need to take out to speed up victory, food supply's be it living, growing, or stored. making it uneatable would not be enough they can just have a number of 1st lvl clerics cast purify food and drink all day long. while it would take them away from healing or fighting, it would not slow down the hero side.

craftsmen, if they have people to constantly make them gear for both the hero's themselves and the army it will be harder to kill them. but without anyone to make them gear they are stuck with what they started with.

supply lines. we kill off those then any army that is not in a town is going to be much weaker to our forces. true the hero's might start traveling with the supply's but that will weaken other areas.

housing, if we find a way to take out or destroy much of the housing then it will be easier for us to attack anyone we want. for the most part we should be able to set things on fire but that will only work till we reach a city sized. then it might work on a few buildings but a fair number of them have a chance of being made of stone so a plan for that might be needed. (hmm interesting thought setting a important building on fire, wait till a fair amount of people are around it eather trying to put it out or watching. and aoe spell them. really saves on the spells per day)

and as always it is easier in this game to kill things then it is to protect, tossing out random fireballs in a city might not effect the players but it will effect the people around them.

also from what i got out of the dm's posts, there will be more to the game then just us vs them. i am thinking about something like monsters going around, or dungeons leading to some loot or gold.

another plan idea, is for a prepared caster to grab symbol of sleep. put it on as small an object as is legal to still work, teleport to a area with it, drop it off, people start falling asleep around it. then we would just coup de grace them. while a will save would stop it, not many npc's will be able to save, and it would save a lot of trouble when the army fights come, a good 60 foot radius of sleeping guys, it would completely break up the rank.

ok that was enough planing and thoughts for one day. more to come latter

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster

One spell I plan on having is Cloudkill. Whoever plans on coming with me to strike at their settlements should have a Necklace of Adaptation or be otherwise immune to poisons.

I also get Flame Strike and Fireball from my patron. These will help with overall destruction.

Male Human (unsure) Commoner 2/ Philosopher 1/ Gamer 2/ Writer 2

Just letting everyone know that I have my character mostly finished! He's here. Mostly combat-based, he also ended up having some knowledge skills going on, although they're not a focus. I figure he'll be a good defender and keeper of the castle. Ain't nobody gettin' in while he's there.

He looks cool. Like a vampire with a giant hammer.

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster

You all saw that the army we've got is apparently for our entire faction, right? Or did I read that wrong?

Male Human (unsure) Commoner 2/ Philosopher 1/ Gamer 2/ Writer 2

Yeah, I saw that. So let's make sure and get a good mix, hm? Anyone care to put up a recap of the ideas we already have and their CRs?

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