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All knowledge skills as class skills? Bardic Knowledge?



I am curious about all the legal ways to get "all knowledge skills as class skills" in Pathfinder.

I want to play some kind of knowledge guru, but I dont want to be a Bard. I therefore became about the various methods of acquiring all knowledge skills as class skills. I also would love it if there are ways to get the mechanical equivalent of Bardic Knowledge in some way. Whatever I find, I want to stack it with Breadth of Experience.

Anyway, the ways I know to get all knowledge skills as class skills would be:

1) Bard (listing for completeness)
2) Wizard
3) Cleric with Knowlege Domain
4) Urban Druid with Knowledge Domain
5) Inquisitor with Knowledge Domain
6) Oracle with the Lore mystery
7) Oracle with the Ancestors Mystery
8) Lore Warden (gets all Int skills as class skills!)
9) Loremaster prestige class

Thats everything I could think of.

If you can add to this list, or think of ways to achieve the equivalent of Bardic Knowledge (add half of level to knowledge checks) then I would be grateful. Any traits or feats that pertain to knowledge checks (as a whole) would be appreciated as well.


Dark Archive

Breadth of Experience is an excellent choice to help at least emulate something in this manner, and only restricts to Dwarf, Elf, or Gnome of 100+ years old.

The pathfinder chronicler prestige class grants the bardic knowledge ability and technically isn't a bard.

Multiclass around a bit and use traits and pick up any leftovers with cosmopolitan.

Let's build a martial since those multiclass better.

Fighter gets Dungeoneering and Engineering. 2 or 3 levels make a good dip.

Paladin adds Nobility and Religion. 2 levels are a good dip if you have the charisma or one level and don't sweat falling just for the knowledges and will save.

Order of the Shield or Lion Cavalier adds Local. Make it a Gendarme and it's not a bad 1 level dip.

Ranger adds Nature and Geography and has the most skill points of a martial class to keep them up, but a two level dip is also an option.

That's 7/10 knowledges. Take one of Arcana, Planes, and History from a trait and the other two from Cosmopolitan and you have all knowledges without being any of the listed classes or archetypes.

Because of the paladin and ranger levels your will and reflex saves aren't behind a fighter, barbarian, or cavalier's even with the multiclassing.

Thanks for the replies. I was already planning on Breadth,of Experience. I will check out the Pathfinder Chronicler. As for multiclassing, I want to avoid it. I want to shoot for 20 levels if possible in whatever I do. I prefer spellcasting classes.

I guess I should be an elf bard with breadth of experience, but I dont like bards, in terms of fluff, style, mechanics, role, etc. So I am looking at other options.


If you can play a Vanara, you can take an alternate race trait that lets you lose the climb speed for all knowledge being class skills, I believe.

Wizards are a great catch all class. A middle aged or old character with breadth of experience will be able to succeed at most knowledge checks from second level since you should be able to get a rank into all of them.

I did a gnome archivist bard with this set-up that was a ton of fun, but it could easily apply to any class. He could identify anything we encountered creaturewise from first level.

Animation wrote:
I guess I should be an elf bard with breadth of experience, but I dont like bards, in terms of fluff, style, mechanics, role, etc. So I am looking at other options.

Some of the archetypes make a Bard feel a LOT LESS like a traditional Bard.

An Archivist has ALL SKILLS as Class Skills at Level 11. He's also far less the street performer pretty much all the way around.

A Detective can be built to serve a party as a pretty competent Rogue, with some spells.

Savage Skald is more like a Norse bard, someone who was deep in melee with his fellows, serving as library and memory for the group.

Archaeologist is a REALLY GOOD rogue substitute version of Bard, whose song is replaced by a personal bonus . . ..

In short, don't let the base class keep you form considering the variations of the class. They can change the flavor SIGNIFICANTLY.

An Alchemist Mindchemist can get double his intelligence bonus on any knowledge skill, which if you have a high intelligence is better than having them all as class skills. Add Breadth of experience and Cognatogen and you get really really good knowledge checks by level 2.

Also, Pathfinder Chroniclers can be pretty awesome, but mostly at later levels. I have a guide if you are interested.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Aristocrat also gets all Knowledge skills.

The prestige class Master Spy also receives all Knowledge skills as class skills. In Seekers of Secrets, the Pathfinder Delver, the Pathfinder Savant, and the Student of War also do.


Cool, thanks for the additional replies!

Dotted for future. Sorry!

Yeah, Mindchemist is arguably the best loremaster even without all knowledge skills as class skills. Getting Int twice to knowledge is like a more front-loaded version of bardic knowledge - and as long as you focus on Int you will end up being ahead of the bonus bardic knowledge would give at any given level. Gets even more ridiculous when you're pumped up on Cognatogen.

You could even do wizard with a 2 level dip in Mindchemist - probably not worth it from a power perspective (although Cognatogen would boost your spell dcs nicely), but you would excel as far as knowledge is concerned

(though the most optimized knowledge skills would be an Int-based Bard 18/Mindchemist 2 - but that's woefully unoptimized in most other areas, and fall short of your "no bards" rule).

Liberty's Edge

The Summoner also gets all Knowledge as class skills. But the summoner gets only 2 skill ranks per level. I agree that Breadth of Experience is a really good feat for your character idea.

Shadow Lodge

We had a Mindchemist in our last campaign. His knowledge checks got absolutely insane by mid-levels. If your Knowledge skills are your first priority, that is the class and archetype to play.

Just play an expert with knowledge skills as your class skills, you can be a sage...LOL

Oracle with the archetype Enlightend Philosopher also works.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber


messy wrote:

so much thread necromancy

Racial Template (Monster if allowed) Haunted Ones, for a +1 Cr: True Lore (Su): once a day +20 on knowledge you have skills in, and Knowledge skills are always class skills for a haunted one.

Downside: Potential Con damage

For more help fo future people looking at this thread. Inner sea gods Deific Obedience serve irori +4 sacred bonus to all knowledges

Read something new and practice martial arts every day for a hour.

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