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Proud Moments at the table

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

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Shadow Lodge ****

Playing my Barbarian in... I can't remember. But there was a bookshop, and the owner had some information we needed. We go in, and I browse the books (as one other player joked, looking for one with pictures). After asking the wrong question, we are asked to leave. Being the fine, upstanding sort of people we are, we left without fuss. As we're trying to determine the best way to talk ourselves back inside, I realize I never put down the book I was looking at.

My barbarian walks up to the shop, and knocks on the door. A very hostile looking, armed man opens the door and I realize we're (finally) about to have a fight on our hands. I rage and rear back and throw the book straight at the guy as an improvised ranged weapon, screaming "I'd like to make a return!" Rolled really well on the attack, even with the penalty. May have even been a crit, but it's hard to remember. Wound up doing around 12 nonlethal damage with a hardback Kama Sutra. It was my second favorite experience playing that character.

Liberty's Edge *

Awhile back, I ran my Aasimar Bard/Ninja through Mask of the Living God. Everything went really well right up until we got into the temple of Razmir...

Party Make-up;
Half-Orc Barbarian only interesting in orc rations
Me (Faction = Andoran, worshipper of Cayden Cailean)
a Cleric of Groetus (domains Madness and Destruction)
Bob the Wizard of Sleep
Two Witches (one of whom was our VL, who couldn't stop laughing)

Situation; Cleric is locked in the dungeons, nekkid, and separated from the rest of the party. My bard is locked unconscious in a separate room on the upper floor. The rest of the party is separated from their gear and trapped in a room surrounded by armed and angry Razmirans.

The Cleric, who knew where our gear was thanks to a an earlier Fort save, manages to break himself out of his cell, and sneaks into the storeroom, where he discovers all our gear, plus the casters familiars. Small issue; he now has to don his armor, BEFORE the angry heathens beat down the door...and he's wearing full-plate...

GM; Bob, you are getting some very interesting emotional sensations from your companion. He seems very excited.

Bob; I look through his eyes!

(Our GM being nice, she allowed him to determine that the scorpion was seeing our missing party member)

Bob; I cast Swift Girding through my companion! (This was one of the only spells he had available, since his spellbook got taken away two days ago, so he couldn't refresh anything.)

End Result; Cleric opens door wide, and does a stunning Tony Stark impression as his armor magically fastens on. He then proceeds to fight his way through nearly every enemy in the temple, rescue the damsel in distress, and get through to the other party members, all while carrying 3 familiars and everyone's gear.

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Risen from the sands.

Most of my characters carry a bow and 'trick arrows'. I'd ran Risen, and let the GM know. We get to the steam roller of death and I think, "crap," I'd forgotten that part, and, knowing that it was a tomb, didn't think undead hunting gear was metagamy, but nothing for Steamroller of death. My slayer is a meele build, but level 2 and we have other melee types of levels 3 and 4.

We roll initiative and I roll a 7 (+5 mod). I'm thinking I'm going to lose the character, especially since everyone who rolled higher than me is running away. We get to me.

"Matt, are you running?"

"I'm shooting, then moving back 30'. Does a 16 touch hit?"

"Touch? Yeah, what are you shooting... Oh no."

"Yup, DC 10 reflex save."

"An 8, it's glued to the floor, isn't it?" *sigh* "Anyone but you, I'd accuse of Metagaming that, but you entangle EVERYTHING."

"Yup." Saved the party I did. Took three arrows, but best 60 GP I've spent.

More recent scenario, Ifrits Galore. Also we'd been talking GotG.

Dealing with a Sorcerer Wishcaster.

"She's using Heart's Desire on Shankar (my male slut melee archeologist). Make a will save or share your heart's desire."

*make the will save* "You, me bumping between the sheets, both enjoying our fire resistance."

Later I grapple her and she makes the concentration check to drop a fireball point blank. "Ok, you made your save, so you just take 15 points of damage, minus your fire resistance-"

I sing "Ahhhhhhhhh! Hooked on Evasion! High on savin' made my reflex save!"

Archeologists, peeing in the Rogue's Wheeties since 2012.

Sovereign Court **** RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

3 people marked this as a favorite.

From Glass River Rescue

Wizard player "I'm going to take the stable boy aside and talk to him."

Me: "Joey, have you ever been in the cockpit of an airplane?"

Another player: "Joey, have you ever seen a man naked?"

Me: "Joey, do you like gladiator movies?"

GM is just shaking his head.

Sovereign Court ****

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I ran Paths We Choose for a party that was all 7th levels, with one 3rd level Magus who was an (ex) Scarnzi.

The poor 3rd level magus was thrust into the Exchange's faction quest geared to challenge the 7th levels. Not only did he survive, he shone.

Being the only player who's character was in that faction(s), the other players took the opportunity to zone out and let him struggle through the puzzle to find Gueril.

Once they did locate the ambush, he won initiative and was the first to escape the rowboat and get aboard the shipwreck to join Gueril's side. The devilfish went next, and stymied the rest of the party from immediately joining him.

Thanks to the programmed tactics, the NPCs ignored the level 3 and focused on Gueril, eventually dropping him. But by then the rest of the team began to get aboard, and proved much more dangerous than the magus and drew attention.

It still took the magus' player to coordinate the team (focus on the $%^& damn caster, people!) to turn the tide, all while he kept reviving Guaril and subsequently peeling assassins back to re-knock the scarnzi faction head below zero HP.. and staying close enough to prevent cheapshot coup-de-grace's (or rolling him overboard into the water to drown)

The magus even kill-stole the doomspeaker with a chintzy ranged hit (after the 2 zen-archer monks did the heavy lifting) and then bravely provoked an AoO from the last assassin in a futile attempt to grapple him and prevent an apparently coming suicide CDG. But eating the AoO allowed Guaril (who was delaying at that point, prone, weaponless, and staggered at 0 HP) to snatch back up his dagger and do an attack from the ground while benefitting from flank from the magus' position after surviving his brave grapple attempt.

TL;DR: Level 3 magus not only survived the high tier Exchange encounter in Paths We Choose, he was an MVP. And I wasn't even pulling punches on him, either.

Grand Lodge ***

A friend of mine has a gnomish barbarian who goes by the name of Thighbite. Exploring a room in

Rebel's Ransom
the cleric of Desna grabbed the item we were looking for, prompting two sea hags to burst out of hiding and attack us.

Thighbite happened to be the focus of attack, and somehow failed one of the Fort saves against Evil Eye, leaving him staggered.

Someone took out one hag before retreating; the cleric dimension door'd out of the room while the rest of us (figuring that we had what we needed) retreated back through the door--shouting to Thighbite to (OOC) to use his one action to move and follow us so that we could trap the hag in the room.

Without a word, Thighbite activated rage as a free action and rolled his dice, crit the hag for some 60-odd damage, killing it instantly and ending the combat.

Despite what we were all telling him to do, Thighbite made the *right* choice.

Grand Lodge ** RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32


Ran a table of Night March of Kalkamedes yesterday, for a table of three different father-son pairs (though one father got shuffled to a different table, so I had 2 fathers and 3 sons).

I was very impressed at their humanity when they encountered the agitated mama bear with her two cubs: they immediately, without consulting with each other, unanimously decided that they should try to get it to go away because there was no need to kill a mama bear who's just protecting her cubs.

So after a failed Wild Empathy check, they managed a successful Intimidate check, followed by cause fear, to make the bear run away (and of course the little cubs followed).

Props to my table for having hearts!

Lantern Lodge ****

Proud moments?

There were 6 humans, no other races, at the table I played at on Saturday.

Does that count?

Liberty's Edge *

Playing a home game of Shattered Star; my ninja, a cleric, skald, magus/monk, sorc, and arcanist. We get to the tower for the first time, and me and the skald are the only two who make the Will saves to see the concealed windows. I climb up to investigate while the skald attempts to convince the rest of the group of the windows' existence.

I look through the window in the center and see two dire rats and a wererat, then climb back down to report. At this point, the skald has everyone convinced except the cleric and the sorcerer, who kept rolling 10 or less on their saves. I get fed up with the argument.

Me; "I am about this close to just throwing a rock through that glass to prove a point!"

Skald; "If you don't, I will."

Me: "Ok! I pick up a rock and throw it through the window!"

GM; *epicfacepalm* took the sorcerer two rounds of getting shot to make the save, and we kinda triggered the final boss before we even got into the tower proper. A good night's work.

Liberty's Edge *****

Where I killed Kyle B's character!

**wakes up from dream**




Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The other night my cleric of Desna, Sarabel Hieronymus, had cause to cast remove fear from a scroll on a elephant and the table erupted into spontaneous applause. That was kind of cool.

Scarab Sages ****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Some of you may remember "The Flesh Puppets premier aka how to seduce the BBEG".

I just wanted to add that the leading Flesh Puppet is still very much active and during a game of The Harrowing recently immortalized the event in that most epic forms of art, the power ballad.

Grand Lodge

Jayson MF Kip wrote:

Proud moments?

There were 6 humans, no other races, at the table I played at on Saturday.

Does that count?

Emerald Spire:
For extra fun, I played in a party of entirely humans who made it through the first floor of Emerald Spire - you know, the one where light doesn't work right, so absolutely no one in the party could see more than 5 feet. We were also entirely fresh level 1s and had no healing. We survived... barely.

Hock wrote:
Jayson MF Kip wrote:

Proud moments?

There were 6 humans, no other races, at the table I played at on Saturday.

Does that count?

** spoiler omitted **

Ran the same scenario with Ezren, Seoni, Lini, and a dwarf cleric for Core Campaign. They played it backwards and Ezren killed both of the major encounters with Hand of the Apprentice. They then mopped up the remainder of the encounters.

Ezren was being played by a 12 year old. It was his first game of Pathfinder.

Grulk was 30' out the window and the cane was the only way to get him before he was out of range. Skizzertz was running out of the tower, being chased by Ezren and Seoni (also played by a 12 year old), when Ezren thwapped him. I was as amazed as the cleric, who had played the module before, that the boys insisted on going up the stairs to Grulk as the first encounter.

Silver Crusade **

Last night was really fun. Over time, I've learned how to make a cheesy character if I wanted, but I also recently think I know why to.

We went through the golemworks incident, with the following:

Pregen rogue 7
Pregen ninja 7
witch 7
cleric 6
druid 6 (me)
The pregens were newbys, and I found the most fun in keeping them in the having fun column.I dud what I could to keep them having fun, saw lots of sneak attack dice, so for my time, it was a success.

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