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The Unseelie Court - a PFS convention at Redcap's Corner in Philadelphia, Oct. 12th to 14th

Local Play

Dark Archive *****

Redcap's Corner is proud to present the Unseelie Court, a weekend-long Pathfinder Society event from October 12th to 14th. We'll be running all the convention specials, a few tables of the Cyphermage Dilemma, a few sanctioned modules, and a variety of recent season three and four scenarios, with GM appearances by five venture-officers! The event is $10 to enter, regardless of how many tables you play, and we're running a single slot Friday night, as well as three slots each day Saturday and Sunday.

Should be fun! You can register, pay, and sign up for tables all through our Warhorn site, which can be found here:

Thanks, guys!

Dark Archive *****

We've had a lot of response so far, and tables are filling up quickly. I expect that to accelerate come Wednesday night after our weekly game. Anyone who wants to get in on Friday night's Year of the Shadow Lodge, I encourage you to sign up soon. We cannot add additional tables to Friday's schedule and the four tables we have are first-come, first-served.

Dark Archive *****

Also, not totally related, but if people want to maximize how awesome this event has the potential to be, they may want to consider contributing to: ural

Dark Archive *****

Just realized there was a freak space in the URL above. Here's the correct address: ural

EDIT: Not sure why it keeps wanting to put that space in the address, but the link works.

Grand Lodge **

Looking forward to a great event! (stealth bump!)


What is the parking like around Redcap's?

Grand Lodge

Parking is pretty great actually. It's street parking, but most of it is free (and freely available) on the weekends and after 4:30 during the week, plus ALL of it is free on Sundays, and even if you find a meter spot on Friday or Saturday you get half an hour for each quarter.

It's not bad at all!

Spots are filling up, and I think we have fewer than five spots left for Friday night's Year of the Shadow Lodge. Those of you who haven't signed up yet, I encourage you to do so soon! If all of our tables in a given slot reach the point where there are four or more people signed up for them, I'll start adding additional tables to those slots (with the exception of Friday night which is hard-capped).

Thanks, guys!


It is a little less than a week before the start of the event. Make sure to head over to the Warhorn site to register if you plan on attending.

Sovereign Court *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Only a couple days to go! If you're in Philly, don't forget that Redcap's Corner has a weekly game every Wednesday at 6, so feel free to stop in if you're available!

--James McTeague

Grand Lodge

This starts tomorrow!! 45 participants and counting!


I just wanted to thank you guys for a great weekend. You did a great job and hope to see another such event in the future. And a big thanks to all the GM's who did amazing jobs all weekend.

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