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[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Product Discussion

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Grand Lodge

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Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all of it.

GM Rednal wrote:

I may be wrong here - I didn't back this project - but I remember hearing something about Way of the Wicked being offered to some backers (as an add-on?) of ToN, and those people not getting that even though it was already done and could easily be distributed.

For those who aren't involved with that, Way of the Wicked is fully available here on places like if you decide you'd like to support Fire Mountain Games.

It definitely wasn't for free that they were going to get Way of the Wicked. Some people paid through the nose to get access to the printed books. Even more if they weren't American because at the time the US dollar was doing way better than it is now, and some of us had to pay an extra 20-40% due to exchange rates. These book, we were originally told, would take a little longer because Gary was first supposed to edit them all. Just the basics: spelling errors, punctuation, incomplete sentence structure, add missing words, etc. Especially to books 2 and 6 since they were the worst. All of this was said to be getting fixed up. Never happened. And not over hard considering back then I had sent him numerous emails, which he'd responded to with thanks, containing each book's required corrections that he'd need to work on.

The idea that was being played around with was, because some of us were pushing for it, was an anthology tome like Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne Anniversary Editions. He said he'd think about it in 10 years time if Fire Mountain Games was still a thing. I was especially looking forward to this because he was supposedly going to add in sidebars with answers to questions he'd been asked on the forums, and was even teasing to add in my Clifford Gates NPC that he praised and even added to his own home game. In the meantime his goal was to complete Throne of Night and then work on his third AP, a direct sequel to Way of the Wicked.

I got side-tracked there (yay for ADHD), but the point I'm making is they already supported Fire Mountain Games back then, and some didn't even receive the pdf codes they were supposed to get. No one's going to spend twice the cash to get them.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

I supported the Kickstarter, and I did the add on for the PDFs for Way of the Wicked. I count myself lucky to have received the PDFs as promised!

Kev, if you are interested in the setting of Fallen London, how would you stat up Mr.Eaten as an evil being? Deity? Genus Loci?

Grand Lodge

MannyGoblin wrote:
Kev, if you are interested in the setting of Fallen London, how would you stat up Mr.Eaten as an evil being? Deity? Genus Loci?

Everything I've looked up is locked for secrecy and not allow any spoilers. I'll be doing the same thing.

Mr Eaten:
I actually didn't know about Fallen London until you asked. Looked the game and Mr. Eaten up, and I think he's someone that shouldn't actually get stats. Definitely a lesser deity. One whose portfolio becomes known to you only after you start searching (ie. candles). For domains, Fire makes sense due to his former name. The Knowledge domain with Memory subdomain could fit. Whether he wants it or not, the Water domain is now a part of him. Given what you go through, Madness domain and Truth subdomain also makes sense. That's it for Paizo stuff. Only 3pp has the Dream domain, which would be a must.

However, if you really wanted to see him stated up, I'd probably go with Azlanti human (+2 to all stats) with the ghost template, Dream Eater template and the divine mythic simple template. You could ignore the CE aspect of the template, but keeping it might explain the madness your character has to go though to find his name. Beyond that, I'd add an ability that would allow him to use magic mouth or ventriloquism using water as a focus. As for a class, I couldn't really say. I know he was a mercenary like the others, so a tactician fighter, slayer, or even a rogue would make sense.

That's about all I could think of.

Thanks for the input

Check out TV tropes? I was thinking deity/Loci since where there is a well, there is Eaten who can speak through it. He does seem to have a kind of Daemon taint since anyone who scars their soul by becoming a Seeker will get their heads stomped by devils. Divine obediences would entail destroying valuable personal possessions and betraying friends.
Further along you start doing things like breaking your teeth and swallowing them.(So you have a mouth in your tummy for double the eating.) Plus whacking your head off in a special ritual to become a candle.

Edit: Now that I think of it, this might be something to transplant into Katapesh. The Pactmasters are excellent replacements for the Masters and having Candles/Eaten wanting to crush them in revenge fits right into a certain inhabitant of the House of Oblivion(sp) There are

Grand Lodge

MannyGoblin wrote:

Thanks for the input

** spoiler omitted **

I agree with your obediences. Maybe add the Destruction domain, and the Hatred subdomain. The tropes link helped. But yeah, as I pointed out my initial response, the lesser deity thing makes more sense. However, players like killing things. If they’re really keen on it, then having an “aspect” they can fight isn’t the worst idea.

Let’s not go too far from the original topic of the thread. The posts might get deleted.

Grand Lodge

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Why would it? WotW is fully released.

I understand it's fully released, it's more the fact that in the eyes of so many the adventure path has been greatly soured because everything that has gone on with the Throne of Night. It might be a little difficult for me to find a campaign to join as a player... especially after so much time has passed since it was released.

Duiker wrote:
Check out AAW's Rise of the Drow AP. It's less AP than enormous world book set in the Underdark (or Darklands, whatever). And it has an enormous hugely populated Dwarven city with a lot of interesting culture and detail.

I tried to like Rise of the Drow, back when ToN went dark. It really didn't do much for me. Maps were vague, with the city map being labelled colored blobs. It also felt really railroady. Some of the artwork was amazing though, including the main city pic.

Years ago I had layered the ToN map under Kingmaker, but ended up abandoning that idea.

Well well well......what have we here? I´d never have thought I´d see this thread necro-ed ever.

I also never thought I´d at this moment in time meet people who still think/hope that come May Gary McFraud will rise from the ashes like the phoenix of old to deliver Part 3 of ToN. I´m not sure whether I should ridicule you for your naivete (no offense intended) or turn green with envy for the strength of your faith in all that is good. Lol. I guess I´ll go with the latter.....

Imo, yes, something will be released come April or so but not Part 3 but some halb-baked, stitched together piece of crap encompassing parts 3-6 (pdf only mark you) in a thinly veiled attempt to ward of possible law suits. Just my two cents and yes, I´d be happy for you guys if I were dead wrong.
Personally I don´t care as 1. I don´t do Pathfinder anymore (the now byzantine ruleset made me stop) and 2. even if I did I couldn´t touch ToN (or WotW) without the bile rising in me. Though I´ll admit if I did get what I payed for (ToN AND the WotW physical books) I might at least be able to sell them off and get some of my money back. Still.....I don´t really think that will happen.

That said I´d like to throw in with the thanks to Kevin who did his utmost best to keep this alive as long as possible. Great job dude.

As Rise of the Drow isn´t for me (going with Guang here) I can only hope someone might someday publish a great sandbox Underdark campaign. Again......not too likely I guess. I liked some of the Underworld stuff in Out of the Abyss but not the demon lords driven theme. Ah well......

Grand Lodge

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I’ll admit that I wish I knew other systems like 5e and lived somewhere that I could sit down and play. Unfortunately, it’s still pretty old school here. There’s a rabid 4e fan base that considers it the superior of all gaming systems in existence, advertised posts for 3.5 groups, and the local PFS lodge. At least I have Critical Role and Acq Inc.

I hadn’t thought of a compiled release of all the books left. That’s an interesting premise. One I hope doesn’t come about because that’ll just throw gas on the still burning fire. I wouldn’t consider it naivety, but practical sense. You can’t get blood from a stone, but people will definitely try come next May, if something doesn’t give way first.

Again, appreciate the thanks. It’s a rare experience for me so it feels rather nice to know my work and effort wasn’t wasted.

I personally can’t think of the last time I enjoyed a good underground adventure. Every one I’ve played or been exposed to has left a terriblely bitter taste in my mouth. I’m sure a large part of it has to do with the GM/DM running it. Maybe someday I’ll experience something good enough to make me give it an honest chance again.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I've pretty much given up hope at this point. I sent him a couple of KS messages and offered (politely) to pay the shipping for the WotW books.....but no responses. That what is the worst thing about this, since it's just DTRPG fulfillment for those and would be an easy "win" for him in terms of PR.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Manager

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Speculation and gossip is not helpful or welcome here.

Grand Lodge

Looks like I missed an interesting conversation.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Off topic, but I wanted to share my first reviewed adventure with you guys. It was Part 6 of 6 of an AP. I don’t have Hero Lab so the one encounter’s AC is definitely on me.

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