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Heirloom Weapon +1st level retrain

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion


I have a feeling this might not work but it never hurts to confirm something before you make an idiot of yourself

Heirloom weapon states you can gain a proficiency with a specific simple or martial weapon (my example a scimitar because hey! Dervish dance Rogue/ninja is what i have in mind!)it also states you pay the "standard" cost which hasn't been clearly defined to me
New rules state you may rewrite your character as long as you dont play the next scenario before/after leveling to 2nd and it also says i keep my treasure and whatnot.

What i'm dying to know is...can i rewrite my character and use the supposed "extra gold" to make the Heirloom weapon masterwork or out of any other special material making it masterwork or not? (i.e Silversheen) or does this not meet the definition of the "standard" cost

Cheliax ***

You cant do so as it requires an item your PC could have started with (which means 150 gp or less), however you can have a casting of masterwork transformation that carries across from session to session as per the rules in the guide 4.2, (it costs the masterworking price plus a very small amount for the spellcasting service and will make your heirloom weapon masterwork).

Go with the spellcasting service as it was put in specifically to make heirloom weapons masterwork allowing progression through to +1 and beyond

Silver Crusade

Last time i checked. ( few seconds ago, love PDF). its a non-masterwork weapon. i would assume it cannot be masterwork. but whatever Caderyn advised on the transformation may be the ticket.


Thanks for the input guys.

Andoran *

how much masterwork transformation cost in PFS? is it 60 like lesser restoration

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Washington—Eastern Washington aka WalterGM

Masterwork Transformation still costs 300 gp. And you may have only one casting of it carry over between scenarios at a time, as per the rules on permanent spells.

Silver Crusade ** Venture-Captain, Spain—Barcelona aka Haco

Heirloom weapon has an errata trait, revise the Aditional resources and the official errata from the book from the trait comes, i don't remember what is now, but revise aditional resources.
Now only gives to you proficiency, +1 to AdO with the weapon or +1 with a one combat maneouver.


+2 to one manuever

Shadow Lodge *

neferphras wrote:

how much masterwork transformation cost in PFS? is it 60 like lesser restoration

It costs 60gp to get it cast, plus material component costs; for a weapon, that would be 300gp, for a total of 360gp.

Shadow Lodge **

neferphras wrote:

how much masterwork transformation cost in PFS? is it 60 like lesser restoration

300 gp in components +[ 3 (Caster level) × spell level (2) × 10 gp3]=360 . 1 PP would be 150, so you'd need to spend 2, but you'd be far better off spending cash.

** RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

But since it's a cleric spell, any time you adventure with a cleric of high enough level, they could just cast it for you the day after you finish the mission (although I'm sure they'd want you to foot the bill for the material component).

Andoran *

thanks all well worth it.

Shadow Lodge *

RainyDayNinja wrote:
(although I'm sure they'd want you to foot the bill for the material component).

Actually, if you want it to carry over between scenarios, you HAVE to pay for it yourself, just like buying gear.

So you can have said cleric cast the spell to save yourself the 60gp, but YOU have to pay for the material components used to Masterwork Transform(ation) your own gear.

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