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Ive run several PBP games on other sites, but would like to run a game or two on the Paizo boards as well.

Can any GM's running a pbp game on the Paizo boards please tell me how to set up the tabs at the top of your thread (Campaign info, Gameplay, Discussion, recruitment, players, characters tabs)?

Are these tabs that are set up by a moderator or something?

Is there a FAQ for GM-ing PBP games here, im not having much luck finding anything with the search.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The players, and characters tab are automatically filled when a player posts in the Gamplay tab.

The Campaign tab can only be edited by the GM, click on edit Campaign to do any editing, and remember to save.

The Campaign tab also controls the status of characters in the player and character tabs. It also controls the games status (active or inactive)

When making a PBP game you start with the recruitment tab, and post character creation rules, and other player needed info in it's Opening Post.

The Discussion thread is generally created just before you've selected your PCs and iron out any character issues that got missed in the recruitment thread, when ready make the Game play thread and start playing

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