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Seeking Evil-pc campaign!


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If you step up, I'd be willing to play in another of your games.


I'm a bit sad to hear I won't have a friend in pain to play with, but perhaps I can manage something akin to that. Perhaps I should truly do the most dreaded form of evil...

...the kind that watches his grand plot unfold before him, as his words echo into the screams of the victims of his maddening performance!

..But. Maybe if there's another, we can pair up there, Joy, and work on bringing forth all the dark emotions to our prey. I'm never against having partners in crime, or justice, or however you spell it. I'll be watching from my crystal ball.

I was thinking partners in Pain, rather than crime or justice... :)

I had even decided it would be more adorable if I were a halfling.


lemme crunch some stuff and I'll probably have something tonight

I also will try and put a character together. I'm assuming you ARE allowing psionics, as you didn't say you weren't?

Joy wrote:
I had even decided it would be more adorable if I were a halfling

So basically, you're wanting to play Belkar Bitterleaf?

I'm coming up with a character now. In terms of traits, any limitations? I was thinking Rich Parents and Charming

No, not like Belkar. He's sadistic. I'm masochistic. :)


Joy wrote:

I was thinking partners in Pain, rather than crime or justice... :)

I had even decided it would be more adorable if I were a halfling.

Oh, truly, truly! I see the torture in it already. Too many ideas, and too little time. I'll just have to think of something less... amazing than if I had a partner.

As for this game, though, I'll roll up a bard who focuses on debuffs and buffs. Seems just a good place for a demented fool!

Now you're going to seriously make me pout that I didn't get in that one. :)

But if you wanna make a bard for the other one, I could come up with a Cad or rogue.

Cheliax RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

I hope everyone understands that it's nothing personal. With so many people looking for a spot, I had to go with a selection method that seemed fair to all parties. I would run two of these games if I could, but I'm certain I don't have quite that much free time on my hands. :)

I for one fully understand, FS, mostly because I hadn't put up a character before you closed.

Leave the forums for a day and a night... :/

Cheliax RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

For my players (and interested lurkers), the discussion thread is up and running.

Well I guess I'll have to work on my campaign then! Oh well. It's called Tides of Solaria, it starts at 1st level with quick progression to 8th, after which it becomes totally open world. Think of levels 1-7 as like a prologue. I have some of the basic work done already, I just need to flush out the world a bit more, figure out some of the conflicting factions, and the rest will pretty much be on the fly. After the prologue there will be a chance to rebuild characters should you guys want to. It should be ready next weekend, and I'll open up recruitment then. Keep in mind I am new to pbp, and I haven't dm'd too very much, but I do have a firm grasp on story progression and the rules.

-Takes place on a life-sustaining moon named Solaria, orbiting a large green gas giant.
-Two suns in the system, 4 other planets, 2 other moons around Solaria and one other around the gas giant
-The terrain is to be very interesting in formation
-General peace in nations, some minor territorial squabbles
-Start in the nation of Vennengael, at the city of Mardurar.
-Uses map of Loerem from Well of Darkness book =D (I love this map, it's huge, and I suck at making my own maps.

So who's interested?


Is it Sci-Fi-y? Or more like the PF Fantasy? It sounds incredibly interesting, and I'd like to be signed up to play.

It's PF fantasy and I may throw in some interesting sci-fi elements. Also, no race is inherently tied to one alignment, nor is any class. Except for cases where it is needed (like divine casters) I'll most likely waive any alignment restrictions.


Is it Evil only? I'm kinda set in on this idea of a duelist...

I'm really liking this idea. I just have to write up a backstory that isn't too short.

It won't be evil only or good only. I'll easily support any mixture that the party comes up with, I just have a feeling more people will choose evil. I value rp far above combat efficiency, though there will be some interesting combat situations.


My characters are always combat efficient, and this is a melee class. I just need to talk to my French friend to see how you type words with the accent, and come up with a thrilling backstory. Create the Recruitment sometime soon, so I can start posting. I can't wait!

I need to work on the adventure a bit more first, expect the recruitment thread to begin this weekend. Does anyone know any good free map tools for encounters?


There's Silver Edition, great for images.

There's Maptool, great for all of us if you plan to Skype it or something

There's also Roll20 that is great for the same reason.

I'll support you for as long as possible. I can even give you a few extra players, if you're interested.

yeah i like maptool a lot as well, but hard sometimes to coordinate a timeslot for everyone to be on

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Elondor, free-form or set story? Or is it set for the first 7 levels then free-form?

The prologue is linear to get the players integrated, let them figure out how they interact with eachother and pc's, and to figure out how you guys play. Once you hit 8th level, the whole world opens up and you'll have some powerful characters, as well as a few new ones should someone decide to remake. I'm thinking we'll need at least 3 players and at most 6.

By open up I mean the entire thing is free-form, which is why the prologue will help my gauge what I can expect from you guys first. I literally have no clue where and what you guys will want to do, but it'll be awesome no matter what. (I hope)

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Elonder -- point buy or role? starting level? starting location background. Thanks for taking this on bud!

I'm looking at 20 or 25 point buy, start level 1 with fast progression to 8th. (fast as in I tell you when to level, not fast on the chart) Starting location is a smallish town in a huge mountain range that sprung up around a mining operation. The mountain range all but bisects the continent, and the taller mountains in the range far exceed everest in height.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Like it, I guess a dwarf or half giant then for me :)

Well the continent is huge, and you won't be spending overmuch time in the mountain area

I'm interested Elondor, have an interest in a neutral drow sorceress with tendencies towards evil and the pursuit of an undead future... ie vampire or lich... but who knows :) I'm working on the character sheet and will put it up when finished

Are either of the 2 games in this thread still open for application?


Alright, Elondor. Get that thread started so that we may post in it.

Baha well I'll start the thread on Sunday, I've been very busy the past week so I haven't done much writing. I'll probably sit down for a few hours and pound it out asap, and I expect the recruitment thread to be open for one to two weeks depending on the interest level. Don't bother posting characters or concepts here, as I'll be making a new thread. Feel free to ask questions of me here though, and I'll do my best to answer without giving too much away.

ill check out the thread when you make it

Thread will be up sometime during the week actually, I have had a busy few days.


Take your time.

Sorry for the delay, working on moving in two weeks.


No problems here, man.

Put my hat in the ring Elondor, I'd like in when you're ready.

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