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(I'll try to keep this less spoiler-y by not mentioning the scenario)
Raltz has no magic items, with the exception of his black elven scimitar, and is now sporting a good-sized bite scar around his neck.
Fellow members of the Shadow Lodge, I must thank you for the recent retrieval of my body, and subsequent Resurrection. I write this missive to thank the members of the retrieval team which rescued what was left of my body from that horrid tomb. It deeply saddens me that the two companions who were also left in the tomb were left behind, even though there was not much left of them.
My faith in my martial skills has been quite shaken by my recent death, and I have decided, at least temporarily, to focus my magical skills on assisting my team. I would also like to apologize in advance to any future Pathfinders I should work with for my mediocre selection of spells that are helpful.

-Raltz Nighvanus

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