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Guild Towns / forts

Pathfinder Online

I have a proposition for the construction of towns, build the towns for guilds by guilds... one guild starts construction where a specific rank at the guild is able to create buildings using an architectural planing system for the game... the system would be simaler to something like sims or what not but only in creating blueprints, after the prints are made, they're handed to the guild leaders and they choose where to build the homes... players can invest money to hire npc workers to build the homes, walls and whatever else they plan on.... each town would be allowed to be edited by the leaders only and each town would be used as a fort... but the towns can be taken over and destroyed by opposing factions...

Goblin Squad Member

There are some cool ideas here... but I'm having a hard time picking them out.

Maybe it's just me, but would you mind spacing things out and organizing your thoughts a bit? (Of course, I'm one to talk...)

Let's see:
A character in the company, of a certain rank, can create a blueprint for a building; in creating that blueprint, they design the building: Layout, significant features, etc.

Then, that finished blueprint can be copied and/or given to the company leader who can then place the building construction site, which can then be built into that building with some resources/time.

Towns can be used as forts, but towns can also be conquered and/or destroyed by opposing factions.

Is that basically what you said? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

But let me work at it anyway:
Buildings will have to be sited, but I think, at least early on in PFO, all buildings of one type will have the same basic blueprint. Even placing furniture inside is not going to be a feature in PFO on launch day; Goblinworks is planning on putting it in at some point, though.

As for who can make the blueprints/place the building sites, we're not sure yet, though I think it can be more than just the company leader. However, some kind of Architecture skill will probably be involved, requiring character training. (You don't want your unschooled brute-force characters trying to site and design the building, right?)

Towns can be used as forts? Other way around: Forts will be upgraded into towns. So yes, so far, it seems like some kind of keep/bailey/fort will be part of a town automatically: Some kind of extra-strong building.

As for conquering/destroying towns, we're not sure, though it will be in the game. Conquering? Oh yes; though nobody's sure how it's going to work. Destroying? Again, building destruction might not be the first thing in the game, but will definitely be coded/patched in at some point.

Goblin Squad Member

I like the idea of a Sims-like system, at least in a later point, after launch. That would give the player a lot of freedom to really customize their homes. But not too much freedom as they're is a person overseeing the whole process. I like that.

Smerf ok now to the way i wont to see it happin is like in this game ware you get 100gp to make the bilding and you get this 3d map to make the bilding you make/draw lines in the form of a 3D piller.

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