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Letter to Lady Gloriana Morilla


Sovereign Court *

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(Sent following the faction mission from Rise of the Goblin Guild)

My most Esteemed and Gracious Lady,

As your loyal and eager servant I am ever willing to serve the Empire and her Grace to the best of my ability.
My many social talents are ever at your disposal as well as my considerable knack for the alchemyc and I hope I've proven to be both a capable and worthy subject.

I must question this latest assignment just brought to me by courier. As I am sure her lordship is aware, the Mushfens, aside from their obvious assortment of deadly flora and fauna, are deep fens with sucking mires and lethal swamps.
As her lordship is no doubt also aware of, I, your loyal servant, am 3 ft. tall and am unable to swim.

I cannot help but suspect an error, surely not on your part my Lady, for any such mission is certainly a death sentence for someone of my stature. And while my reputation is, certainly, larger than life I can assure you that it does little to alleviate drowning in a swamp.

I humbly request a mission better fit for my skill at intrigue of one perhaps more suited to my alchemical talents.

Your humble and loyal servant,
Osborn Gurble Esq.

Paizo Employee **

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If you are unable to assist us in our aims, perhaps our resources would be better spent on other agents. I am nothing if not pragmatic, after all.

Sovereign Court **

Dear Lady Glorianna Morilla,
While I shall serve the interests of Taldor no matter whom is our representative within the Society, I still struggle to come to grips with the departure of my esteemed Baron Jacquo Dalsine. I wish to bear the colors of house Dalsine on a band below the shoulder, in memory of his service. Is this an acceptable course of action, or is there a greater way to honor my Baron that you could suggest? Please understand that I do not desire to show you any disrespect; I will follow your orders as faithfully as I followed Jacquo's. I merely wish to honor my previous patron.

Submitted for your approval,
Ulfenguard Jenna Levaski

Sovereign Court *

My Lady,
I apologize profusely if my letter to you came off as flippant. I admit I had just had the misfortune of watching the attempts at diplomacy by our Osirion and Andoran colleagues, no doubt fulfilling some misguided aim of their faction.

Upon reading your message I simply felt that my talents were being underused. I admit my fascination with fungi and their applications, though I am no expert at ethnomycology.
I do profess a longing for the intrigue and society of Absalom and my prolonged stay at sea and here in Magnimar may indeed be getting the better of me.

Do not see my request in a negative light, my most gracious Lady. Please consider my humble request for reassignment to a more civilized field.

Your humble and loyal servant,
Osborn Gurble Esq.

Sovereign Court ***

It's called a canoe.

Sovereign Court *

Perhaps you missed the part where I explained how I cannot swim?

A canoe ride, while relaxing when done by a professional boatman in urban canals, is transformed into a harrowing and wobbly deathtrap when done in a wild and untamed place like the Mushfens.

Seeing as we have more Taldoran agents chiming in, please share your experience as well!
So far I've been commissioned to re-appropriate things and deliver letters. I forget when I last engaged in intrigue or socialized on the behalf of our beloved Empire.

Sovereign Court ***

I find your lack of trust in the Crown's complex machinations a little disheartening. I know firsthand that we are often handed a task that is... off-beat for one of a particular profession. This has taught me to learn at least the minimum adequacy of everything. Should a lock need to be opened silently, I am at least able to try. Should a Qadiran merchant need fooled, I have many items to aid in such endeavors. Should a magical incantation need to be identified, I at least will know what who is a real spellcaster, and who is a falsehood. Better yet, I have allies who are more skilled in these things. They, in turn, often need assistance in the social or noble quarter. I am willing to oblige, knowing that they will return the favour. They know how the Abadarian faith works.

But I digress.

Surely the Lady and my Baron have a plan. More likely, they have many plans. Our objectives are simply cogs in the clockwork machination that is Taldor. When we are missing pieces, regardless of the size, the machine might not function at its fullest capacity. We must try to prevent as many slip-ups as possible, even if it means besetting ourselves to give a speech about slavery or assisting discussions of mercantile nature on behalf of other who do not serve the Crown directly. Through the system of fairness, however, they WILL serve the Crown in some way, at some time. Such is how the "Cooperate" tenet is often seen.

Incidentally, you mention the magics. I am aware that magicians in that perform in the alchemical sector are often capable of making something akin to potions. Is there not such a magic for performing an aquatic mission? I know I have spent a great deal of money in Opparan magics, performing the tasks that were set before me during my active days. Mayhaps you simply need to prepare in less of a focused manner and think more on your feet and in the field.

Please do not take this commentary as demeaning or offensive. I simply wish to repair your faith that even the oddest of tasks surely puts the Crown one step closer to future glories and aid you with the knowledge of one who has dome many of these "re-appropriation" missions. They are fully important to the bigger picture; I'm sure of it.

~Baronet Hernando Ruiz, Taldan Knight of the Shield

Sovereign Court *****

"I've had to deny Gloriana's requests on occasion. Once she asked me to steal from a manor that a Venture Captain had just made me swear to not loot. An Ulfen's honor is everything. Would she have me break a vow? I think her distance from the field sometimes makes her forget that we're more than pawns in her little game of thrones."

"Give me one night with her and I'd have Miss Morilla. She'd probably be walking funny for a spell but at least she'd be thinking straight again!"

Sovereign Court *****

Ursus the Breaker wrote:
"Give me one night with her and I'd have Miss Morilla fixed. She'd probably be walking funny for a spell but at least she'd be thinking straight again!"

Liberty's Edge

Ursus the Breaker wrote:
Ursus the Breaker wrote:
"Give me one night with her and I'd have Miss Morilla fixed. She'd probably be walking funny for a spell but at least she'd be thinking straight again!"

Ursus "the Breaker",

I find your tone rather crude and humorless. It is as if you are attempting to bring down the wrath of our beloved Lady down on you. Would that I ever reach her high ranks, I certainly would put your head on a spike for such talk. Or at least place your "manhood" (if you could call it that) in a bottle.

Ásgeir Hjaltalín,

Being an agent of our beloved empire does come with its merits and flaws. Just last week, I was sent into the distant town of Nesting Swallow in the lands of Tian Xia where I was forced to travel through hostile territory, deadly Ravenmen and giant Yetis in hopes to reactivate some relic which happened to be a braid of human hair.

Dare I say that was the most worthless waste of time I have ever been apart of. But by aiding these "slanty-eyed" people, we got a foot hold in a far away land. By my actions, the people of Tian Xia look up at Taldor with a sense of hope; knowing that if they are ever in need, we will be there to support them.

That is quite the "favor" they owe us. And I won't say that the entire 3 month mission wasn't all bad. The landscape was breathtaking, the alcohol was quite amazing and in the end I got a well trained and loyal Axe Beak out of the deal.

If I have any advice to give, it is this. Always look for the positive in every situation. Or, failing that, you could always take up the bottle?

Eli'Andros Felinthrope

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