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PaizoCon 2014!

Indianapolis, IN - Forgotten Realms Pathfinder Game

Gamer Connection

Looking for new players for a monthly game.

Copy of the flyer posted at the Greenwood Game Preserve: Link removed

Paizo Employee Digital Products Assistant

Removed the link above. Please revisit the Community Use Policy to determine proper usage of Pathfinder logos and artwork.

Thanks for the heads up Chris. Alright so basic gist is this;

Enjoy a campaign of high fantasy, selfless heroism, camaraderie and wide screen adventure! The Realms have experienced strife beyond the imaginations of even the direst soothsayers. The gods meddle in the affairs of men and wizards threaten to unearth secrets best kept buried. A Spider Queen sets her sights on the world above as the nations of man wage endless war. Will you hide when evil comes for what you love or are you one of the brave few with the mettle to make a difference?

• Monthly weekend games!

• 20 point character buy

• All Pathfinder supplements supported

• No powerful races

• Set in 1372 DR (3.5 Era)

• Players with previous experience prefered

• 15 years of experience running the realms

• Conveniently located in Greenwood

This game is intended for those who prefer the truly heroic and great company. This is NOT for those who prefer the brooding, tortured anti-hero (Hey, I enjoy a Clint Eastwood movie myself but this ain’t it.) All of the history of the Forgotten Realms that you remember and the Pathfinder roleplaying game that you love! We want you! Make a memorable story with great friends. Don’t hesitate, slots will fill up fast!

Looking for players in the greater Indianapolis, IN area.

Two slots left

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