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In Pathfinder's "War of the River Kings" you can see the fourth poem of Gorum's Gorumskagat.. (p 69)
Does anyone know where to find the others?
I've been searching, but nothing so far.. Damn my google-fu!

For people wondering:

"The clash of sword on shield is my song,
I am your armor, your blade.
Strike at your foes and I guide your hand.
For I thirst only for batle."

I'm going to post this too in general forum, just to be sure :)

I searched but have not found.

Please post if you find it.


Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I don't think the other parts have been published, but I might be wrong. You could ask James Jacobs in his "Ask me anything" discussion. He might know.


Not sure if this GM invented this part of the Gorumskagat or it is canon, but here it is in any case:

a section of part 4

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Or read some Norse poetry. You'll get the general idea soon enough. Not the Eddas so much, but all the stuff quoted in the _Helmskringla_.

(Or play "March of Cambreadth" till your players are tired.)

> Caleb: Could you point me in the right direction? Can't seem to find it?
> Redcelt: I posted the fourth section in the first post.. But can't find the other 6 :(

I have a cleric of Gorum, and it would be really nice for him to find parts of this ancient text. But I'm not good at making it myself, though editing is not that much of a problem.


Shadow Lodge

Rickmeister wrote:
> Caleb: Could you point me in the right direction? Can't seem to find it?

Here ya go

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