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PaizoCon 2014!

Behold! My very own BBEG for Rise of the Runelords!

Rise of the Runelords

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Sounds good Elamdri.

I didn't even know you could get something down to -100000, haha. I guess if it can't die, it can't die. It'd just be suffering whilst unconscious from a lot of pain.

I'll find some kind of weakness for him, so they can exploit it and prevent his Regen or Fast Healing. Though, Regen sounds cool thematically because it suggests he's really difficult to kill, which should stay with the players when they look back on this battle. :)

@Malag - 3 at the minute, but they're doing pretty well and actually not too far off of level 4. They're approaching the end of book 1. :)


Couple of suggestions Bandavaar:

- You could cover some of the abilities and effects you are wanting by adding them to one of his swords that is an artifact. You should of course flesh out the artifact, and just like an NPC (which they are sorta) give it motivations, personality, etc. So for instance, fast healing 15 stops when his sword leaves his hand.

- It really sounds like you are trying out Mythic Rules before they exist :) You might consider shelving this guy until the mythic playtest in September and then experiment with him at that time. He sounds like he would be a perfect fit storywise and it would allow you some amazing abilities to add to him. Mythic adventures would of course apply to your characters as well, but it could be fun.

Well, they're not going to be jumping to level 12 or 14 anytime soon, so I can wait. :)

I'll have a look into artifact weapons once I find out what section and book it'll be in, but adding the properties to his weapons sounds really cool.

Whether they'd still work whilst the PC's wield them after is unknown, as I'm thinking they should resonate with Gil and just be used for the Boss Battle, because the weapons are already powerful enough as they are.

I know of standard play and epic play, but is Mythic one step up from Epic or just a new kind of game mechanic?

Also, as for these abilities only working when he drops his weapons, his CMD is so high that I don't see anyone disarming him. His CMD is 41 or 42. Pretty immense!

I guess they should pray to the fumble gods that he fumbles and drops all of his weapons. :p

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

I removed some posts. Don't be jerks.


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Rules for artifacts are the the Core Rulebooks in the Magic Item section. There are also more of them documented in the new Ultimate Equipment, as well as examples of some intelligent items.

At this point, all you really need for Gilgamesh to impress your players is to be 4-5 levels higher and have a few level appropriate magic items.

Mythic is a brand new mechanic introduced at Gen Con... the blog post about it can be found HERE


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Bandavaar the Brave wrote:

@Malag - 3 at the minute, but they're doing pretty well and actually not too far off of level 4. They're approaching the end of book 1. :)

Then forget about CR over 9000 Gilgamesh and create CR 7 Gilgamesh and make him recurring villan. Each time he shows up he gains new abilities. It will make your PCs familiar with him and give you solid ground evaulate his weakness and strength.

Grand Lodge

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I like Malag's idea. Make him recurring, and even possibly have them witness the acquisition of a new sword. Give them a reason to grow a vested interested in him.

Also, I would not optimize the greatsword by removing the keen ability. These weapons were not made specifically for him, so it stands to reason that he got the sword, and happened to have the feat already. He'll still have that ability if they drop an anti-magic field or something.

I also like redcelt's idea of using the mythic rules. You would just have to wait until the playtest comes out to try it.

redcelt32 wrote:

Rules for artifacts are the the Core Rulebooks in the Magic Item section. There are also more of them documented in the new Ultimate Equipment, as well as examples of some intelligent items.

At this point, all you really need for Gilgamesh to impress your players is to be 4-5 levels higher and have a few level appropriate magic items.

Mythic is a brand new mechanic introduced at Gen Con... the blog post about it can be found HERE

Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to check it out in the morning. :D

As for levels, I'm not too sure about bumping him up past level 15 because I don't want him to massively sideline the main plot. I still feel the end boss needs to feel supreme in power, so I'm trying to have Gilly just at the right level, so he doesn't seem more powerful than the end boss.

Saying that though, I feel it's okay for him to be just as badass, because it's nice when there's more than just one stand out boss. :D

@Malag - Sounds good!

Check the paragraphs below for details I've decided upon, after taking your thoughts on board. :)

@Aeshuura - That's a very good point.

I put Keen on there originally because although he has Improved Critical for that weapon type, I wanted some very varied weapons, but after the advice given, stating that there's no need to have it on his weapon as he should only have things that benefit him and not the party, I removed it.

However, I'd like to bring it back because it's the most powerful weapon there, so he wouldn't care if a weapon has a useless ability to him, just so long as the weapon itself is a great addition to his collection.

Going by Malag's suggestion, although a lot more work will be involved, I will actually give making him a recurring villain a go.

He's level 15 and his Companion is level 10 right now, so if I were to level him down, I could do as follows:

1st Encounter: Gil 7, Enk 4 - CR7
2nd Encounter: Gil 11, Enk 7 - CR11
3rd (Final) Encounter: Gil 15, Enk 10 - CR15

One thing I would like to know is how can I ensure his survival to the later encounters?

The plan is to run away, but how can I prevent them from killing either Gil or his Companion before the final showdown?

I already know his motives.

The PC's will witness the death of a great fighter, after seeing Gil drop him like a fly before claiming his opponents weapon as his own.

A conversation will break out, with the PC's no doubt wanting to fight him for killing someone over an item. This is when Gil will say that they do not understand how great it is to collect your fallen foes weapons as trophies, then go on to give them a speech about how honour is a great thing.

If the PC's engage with him in combat, I'll have him deal non lethal damage if his damage output is still very high, with his Companion hiding, flying or sitting behind him. Enkidu won't fight this battle.

Once the PC's have been dropped unconscious or have been frightened enough to back down (maybe I should give him a free intimidate check towards the end of the battle?), I'll have him state something along the lines of "Hahahahahaha! You fight the mighty Gilgamesh! Unfortunately, it is not your time to dance with death just yet. We will cross paths once more when I feel you are worthy to face me....AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BETTER WEAPONS NEXT TIME!*mumble*Your current weapons are WEAK. Weak and uninteresting. They're so useless that I'm surprised you even consider them to be offensive melee weapons. ARE THEY OFFENSIVE MELEE WEAPONS?! No, they're surely just sticks of metal?? Well, I suppose you could use them as craft supplies.... A Castle made entirely out of Swords would be an exquisite piece of art....something that I could claim from these mortals even. Yes.*mumble*

Farewell for now, you puny, inexperienced, insignificant beings. We'll meet again! Hahahahahahaha!"


Grand Lodge

Rather than a free Intimidate, make sure he has Dazzling Display, where he can make a single Intimidate check and affect the whole party.

I personally think that the first encounter should not involve combat at all... with the Intimidate in the very beginning. So they have the sense of foreboding first...

Second encounter, you can have the first actual combat... where it really pricks the egos of the PCs. If he has Stage Combatant, or a Merciful weapon, that would free up the extra attack bonus that would normally be used for dealing nonlethal damage, to use Power Attack for extra damage, finishing the PCs quickly.

Then the third encounter can be the true test.

Just a thought.

Good luck buddy!

EDIT: Also, if you can find a way for him to have Fast Healing, or DR, that would help ensure some survivability to that last encounter. Favored Defense is a really good feat to have...

Yea, I have favoured Defense for a PC I made and was hoping to play in someone elses future campaign, but the thing about the Archetype I chose for Gil is that it gets rid of favoured terrain, which is needed for that feat, unless I just give it to him and call it something else?

I could always name it something else, grab it and then grab Stalwart so he gets the equivalent DR from his Dodge Bonus? He'd have a lot tbh, as I gave him Defensive Flurry, which also adds to his Dodge Bonus and if I gave him Dodge on top of that, it'd help. :p

Also, yea, I'll have him kill the random NPC, pick up his weapon and use Dazzling Display as he's testing out the weapon with a few slashes, collecting his 5th weapon. Then, I'll have him walk through the middle of the party (afraid or not), ignoring them due to (in his mind) their insignificance.

As he's walking past, if there's a particularly cool looking weapon on one or any of the PC's, he'll eye it up but do nothing about it (knowing his are better). As it stands, Tristan, the party Magus/Rogue type has a pretty cool looking boss weapon, but it's too small for Gil to wield.

If they strike him, he can then turn around and insta-knockout whoever did it with his Stage Combatant feat (may take two attacks, but gotta be careful not to do enough damage to convert it to lethal) and then walk off.

Later on they see him collect his 6th and final weapon and they initiate the fight.

He wins, says what I stated in the post above and then waits at his favoured location for the grand battle to take place.

Thanks Aesh! :)

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Actually, Favored Defense is based on Favored Enemy.

But other than that, looks good. Just be wary, sometimes Players will drop something unexpected on you. If they beat him earlier than expected, figure out how to turn it into a story point. You don't want to rob them of a victory... (having been on the receiving end of a few GM fiats, it certainly doesn't feel good as a Player and can damage the Players' trust in the GM.)

Good luck! I hope you can get it to play out perfectly!

Ah, I guess I can't always go by memory then. :p

In that case, I can add Favoured Defense, mix it with Defensive Flurry or Combat Expertise and grab the Stalwart stuff.

I guess Fight 1 will be level 10 Gil and level 7 Enk, where as fight 2 will be level 15 Gil and level 10 Enk if they fail fight 1.

If they do kill him and I don't get the chance to run away, I may have some NPC's turn up to collect their gear once they find out Gil has been defeated.

This would prevent the WBL from breaking and give their characters incredibly good rep and possibly open up future sidequests....unless they decided to keep it all.

Still, I'm not sure Fast Healing and Damage Reduction should be there, because would it not make the fight incredibly difficult to overcome?

I want it to be hard, but not Epic as per the Easy, Normal, Hard and Epic encounter table. Like, I see Epic as impossible but Hard as being tough but accomplishable, which is what I'm aiming for.

Also, it'll be harder for them because unless I bring my NPC to the fight (which I really don't know if I want to, because I'd be controlling Gil, Enk and my Cleric, Brik), there will be no Cleric and without the ability to heal in such a challenging fight, I fear making it harder will destroy the party, not even giving them a chance.

Current party:

Tristan - Magus/Rogue - Focuses in Shocking Grasp and can deal 7d6 + 2d8 + 6 (+2 Str, +1 Weapon) damage with Spell Combat and Spell Strike, thanks to Intensify Spell. This character was a Rogue at 1st level and is the only character who's survived from the start. Nearly got infected by a Vargouille last session, saving on the exact DC needed to save!
Aron - Shoanti Barbarian with an Earthbreaker Hammer and +4 Strength.

Coming in next session:

Tony Stark (Ironman) - Air Domain, Blaster Wizard 15, Magus 1, Fighter 1
Currently unnamed Gnome Sorcerer


You could also have him bring along an NPC with the feat Cry of Mercy which makes all damage dealt be non-lethal for the extent of the combat. This would allow you to let Gilgamesh off the chain fully on your group, and still let them live to be humiliated and upset by it.

The NPC high Priestess in our Kingmaker game has this feat and has used it several times to keep assasins during assaults on the queen. No matter how much excess force the guards use, they are still alive for later interrogation.

Ah, he's just meant to be wandering around with his Animal Companion, so that wouldn't fit with the theme I'm going for. Nice idea though!

It's a nice ability!

The only thing I'm now concerned about is Anti-Magic Field.

Any +1 weapon is considered a magic weapon and of course a Ring of Protection, +1 armour and the like are also Magical items, so if he threw one of these up, would he in fact not be a complete pushover and end up screwing himself over, just to prevent the party from casting magic on him?

The way I'm taking it in is tha if he has an Anti-Magic Field around him, he'd only have weapons with the MAsterwork property and his Armour would be Masterwork Padded Leather and on top of this, his Ring of Protection and Amulet of Natural Armour would be negated, so his AC would drop severely, with his attacks being far less powerful than they currently are.

Other than that, I'll have to use Globe of Invulnerability.

I've nearly finished finalising the level 15 version of Gil, but because he won't be proficient with all weapons, I'm going to check everything up and just see what he's not proficient with.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Bastard Sword. He won't have Exotic Weapon Proficiency being a Ranger and I'm unsure as to whether or not I should keep Defensive Flurry from the Two-Weapon Fighter Class.

Apart from that though, all seems good. :)

Once that's done, it's time to level him down a few times for multiple encounters. Once or twice should do it, but I'm thinking if I level him down one set of five levels, that'd be good, but if I did it two sets, Enk would more than likely die in the first encounter that's just meant to be as a warning.

So, level 10 Gil is what I'll drop it to for encounter 2 (fight 1) and then I'll keep him at level 15 (his current build) for the final fight, unless people think I should give him more than three meetings with the PC's?

I just figured it'd be a nice optional Boss aside from the end boss and main villains. I've also played about with his Paling and Anti-Magic Field, making it so his Magic Items aren't effected, but he can't be the target of magic for a certain amount of rounds equal to his level (which he can only use in increments of three and his own spells are also negated while this is up) with a recharge time afterwards.

I'm still going to be looking at Mythic and Artifact rules before I finalise him, but I'm nearly there.

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