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In Kingmaker is cavalier fit?


First sorry about my language; english isn't my native language.

I'll create a character for Kingmaker adventure path.
I want it to be cavalier but i have some concerns.
İn my mind my character is
My character picture.
like in the picture.(Yeah i know he is sailor but don't think about it)
So he will be human and use big creature to mount. I worry about what will i do in dungeons because i can't ride in there and my mount feats will not work.
I tought to be halfling but i decided halfling isn't fit leadership role(In my mind for this ap)
So what are you suggest?

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Cavalier is perfectly fine in Kingmaker; if anything, Kingmaker is the best AP to play a Cavalier in because there is so much that's outside in open areas. Yes there are dungeons, but you can still use your Tactician ability to great effect and you're still a Heavy Armor-wearing, full BAB melee combatant so even without the mount you'll have no trouble contributing to your party.

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I used a Cavalier and actually he ended up the King, I chose the Tactician Archetype and I believe Order of the Dragon, worked out quite well since so much of the AP was outdoors.

Thank you so much for your support.
Have a good day.

I GM Kingmaker, & can tell you from experience that Cavalier would fit.
A huge amount of encounters are out of doors, yes, sometimes on a game trail
in a forest, or somewhere else with limited manoevering space, but a
Cavalier would rock these encounters...

The game I am running currently has a battle herald as baron (the kingdom is too small for him to call himself something more then that, yet). He has the bodyguard feat and order of the dragon and bardsong, so he makes a nice centerpoint for the front lines. He's working towards crane style, leadership and horselord. Doubles as the party face. It's a good mix.

Terrible melee.. his horse does the fighting for him. Also, amusingly low sense motive, though. Oh the plans I have for him...

It was built for cavaliers and those who like to travel and quest

Shadow Lodge

A Cavalier is absolutely PERFECT for the Kingmaker Adventure Path... The outdoor nature of the scenerios plus the overlay of a kingdom-building series of adventures lends itself well to everything about a Cavalier, and you will have lots of fun building a kingdom with your own design of a Cavalier's Code of Honour...

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