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Life on the spike, A Planescape PbP game Recruitment 2 players needed


Im Looking for two Burks to join a planeScape game.
The game group needs a kind of Cleric class and a fighting type class,

Back ground

1:One contact name - who - and what are they

2: One enemy - who and why

3: Some thing you care about, what and why


20 Points

4 Traits (one planescape-ish) (I like em)


Race any (if custom 11p buy) (all must be aproved) (Nobel drow Level-1)

Game Link here Burks :)

Dotting for interest, My Lady.


Shadow Lodge

what level? I have been wanting to play an aasimar cleric/paladin for sometime and that would take care of both needs. If its level 6 he would be 3/3.

Would you allow stuff from Blood of Angels? I would need a justicy type deity for your game.

6th at the mo

Orphax was originally part of the three-person squad of PCs build around defense and shield/spear formations. That game never really got off the ground, but his concept would fit well in this game.

He's a soldier from an inter-planar city who's magic trinket for getting home got Disjunction-ed. Now he's stranded and trying to make it as a sellsword, at least until he manages to figure out a way to make it back home.

He's currently built at 7th level and a little over your budget, but if you approve the concept I'll adjust his crunch tomorrow night.

As for your questions-

1: One contact name - who - and what are they

Cal, a gunslinging catfolk arms merchant who Orphax and his squad had been escorting at the start of this mess. It's basically Cal's fault Orphax is stuck out in the middle of everywhere. Orphax doesn't actually like Cal very much, but the snarky furball is undeniably resourceful and owes Orphax a lot of favors.

2: One enemy - who and why

Kalafas, a rather psychotic Ifrit who feels like Arch, Orphax's home city, is built on top of his House's family territory (or something like that, Orpahx wasn't paying attention in that particular briefing). Since his family was displaced a few thousand years ago, Kalafas has made his home on Sigil and has been hatching schemes against Arch. Orphax doesn't know Kalafas is here, and Kalafas probably doesn't know that a few of the legendary Archon Soldiers have ended up stranded in the City of Doors, but Orphax isn't exactly a subtle guy. It's probably only a matter of time before Kalafas finds out, and then the poor Archers are in for as much trouble as a Djinn can throw at them.

3: Some thing you care about, what and why

Loyalty. Sometimes soldiers, even good ones, have to do some damned distasteful stuff. That stuff is a whole lot easier to deal with, and less likely to come up, if you have a good group of people to watch your back.

Who are you calling a berk, sod! I'm a real cager, I'd even call myself a blood so here's Jarun of the Ivory Plateau herd (male Bariaur cleric of ?)


Jarun comes from the Bariaur herd that resides on the Ivory Plateau on the plane of Ysgard. Already at a young age Jarun wandered off and by accident ended up in Sigil. There he was found by a few like-minded bloods and who taught him how to live safely in Sigil and yet help those who needed helping. Of course Jarun still wandered off once in a while, occassionally ending up on other planes. He always got back though but until recently that was mostly because of luck. Now he's becoming a real planewalker, devoted in spreading freedom across the planes.


Izram the Founder, an old male gitzerai has been Jarun's mentor for a few years now. Izram noticed the good-spirited Jarun take a beating from three Harmonium berks and was impressed by his actions. He decided to help Jarun survive a life as a planewalker. Izram used to be like Jarun, trying to free the captured, unshackle the slaves and even bring freedom to the planes that are inherently unfree. Now he's starting to feel his age and is trying to teach others instead of doing the work himself.


Leewan Mutterbridge is one of the Hardheads that Jarun had a fight with. While the others already forgot about the stubborn bariaur, Leewan hasn't. Leewan and Jarun have crossed paths several times, mostly involving dirty looks but on one occasion Leewan was close to catching Jarun in the act of freeing one of their prisoners. While Leewan heavily suspects Jarun, he has no proof. Yet.

Cares about:

Jarun cares about freedom. The freedom to make one's own decisions in life and to go wherever you want. It doesn't all have to be about total chaos and lawlessness though, to a certain degree laws make sense to him. What hurts him is seeing the enslaved, the ruthless punishment of the innocent and the smirks on the faces of those that hold power over others.

Crunch will come later

1. Any thoughts on available/preferred deities/domains?
2. By Planescape knowledge is rusty, I'm using as a reference but I could have made some campaign errors (factions gone, etc). Let me know!
3. Do you already have Bariaur stats?

edit: Of course I should have looked at your current campaign first before asking questions. I will have a look at the campaign info etc and hopefully find answers there.

edit2 : Ok, I'm confused!

Classes -NO Divine caster classes-

. So... what's your idea on a cleric type of character? I don't mind not having a deity (that works fine for Jarun) but a cleric without divine magic.....

I like both PCs, at the moment there is a big dinner by the King of this plane, you where both travelers in his capital city when the attacks started, now your in the desert with no way back to Sigil your home.
Now the kings child a girl has been saved by group who look to be form Sigil. A bard Ironbeard seems to be telling a story of how they got here and what they did. Feel free to head to game play.
(read the last set of posts to get an idea of whats going off)
Jarun of the Ivory Plateau herd (no gods or god like beings, the lady dos not like that, but Ideas yes, you can have faith in a concept such as Good, law, Nature etc.)

Current level for players is 8th sorry.
Just added one to all players.

Would we join as newcomers?

edit: nevermind, just read your post in the gameplay thread

I've tried to build a Bariaur according to what I found on Bariaurs on and what the PRD says on race building.


• +2 Strength, -2 Charisma: Bariaur are stronger than average humans, but their carefree nature often makes them poor leaders.
• Medium-size monstrous humanoid.
• Bariaur base speed is 40 feet.
• Spell resistance 11 + class level.
• +2 racial bonus to Will saves against spells and spell-like abilities.
• Quadruped: As quadrupeds, bariaurs gain a +4 bonus on checks to resist bull rush and trip attacks. They have a carrying capacity 1 ½ times greater than normal for their Strength. They must wear barding instead of normal armor and cannot wear boots designed for humanoids.
• Powerful Charge (Ex): A bariaur often begins a battle by charging at an opponent, lowering its head to smash its rams’ horns against a foe. In addition to the normal benefits and hazards of a charge, this allows the bariaur to make a single bludgeoning attack that deals 2d6 + 1 ½ times the bariaur’s Strength modifier.
• Darkvision up to 60 feet.
• +2 racial bonus to Spot and Listen checks.
• Automatic Languages: Bariaur, Celestial, Planar Trade, home region. Bonus Languages: Elven, Giant, Sylvan.
• Plane of Origin: Often Arborea or Ysgard.
• Favored Class: Ranger.
• Level Adjustment +1.

Bariaur Racial Abilities:

Monstrous Humanoid (3 RP)
Monstrous humanoids are similar to humanoids, but have monstrous or animalistic features. They often have magical abilities as well. A monstrous humanoid race has the following features.
Monstrous humanoids have the darkvision 60 feet racial trait.
Monstrous humanoids breathe, eat, and sleep.
Medium (0 RP): Medium races have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. A Medium creature has a space of 5 feet by 5 feet and a reach of 5 feet.
Normal Speed (0 RP): The race has a base speed of 30 feet.
Ability scores:
Tough one, the suggested combination isn't there. I'll use
Weakness (–1 RP): Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to one physical ability score, a +2 bonus to one mental ability score, and a –4 penalty to any other ability score.

and even up the -4 with a +2 to get: +2 STR, -2 CHA

Standard (0 RP): Members of this race start with Common plus their racial language (if any). Furthermore, choose up to seven languages (except for Druidic or other secret languages). Members of this race with high Intelligence scores can choose from any of these additional languages.

Racial Traits:

Fast (1 RP): Prerequisite: Normal speed; Benefit: Members of this race gain a +10 foot bonus to their base speed. Special: This trait can be taken more than once, but each time it is, the cost increases by 1 RP. Its effects stack.
Spell Resistance, Greater (3 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this race gain spell resistance equal to 11 + their character level.
Powerful Charge (2 RP): Prerequisite: Natural attack trait; Benefit: Select one of the race's natural attacks. Whenever a member of this race charges, it deals twice the number of damage dice with the selected natural attack plus 1-1/2 times its Strength bonus.
Skills etc:
Skill Bonus (2 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefits: Pick a single skill. Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on skill checks made with this skill.
Other Racial Traits:
Quadruped (2 RP): Prerequisites: Any type except humanoid, Large size, normal speed; Benefit: Members of this race possess four legs and two arms, granting them a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts and a +10 foot bonus to their base speed. In addition, members of this race use weapons and armor as if they were Medium (instead of Large).

Race Point Summary
Type Monstrous Humanoid (3 RP)
Size Medium (0 RP)
Normal Speed (0 RP)
Ability Weakness (–1 RP) (or 0 RP??)
Language Standard (0 RP)
Movement Fast (1 RP)
Spell Resistance, Greater (3 RP)
Powerful Charge (2 RP)
Skill Bonus (2 RP)
Quadruped (2 RP)
Total: 12 or 13 RP

So what do you think? Any suggestions to bring it to 11 RP?

I'll take Powerful Charge from the equation since it requires a natural attack which I didn't add. That would bring it to either 10 or 11 RPs.

edit: and I discovered another error, quadraped requires size to be large. Can I keep the Quadraped but remove the speed bonus? I've already paid for Fast Movement so that would keep speed at 40ft (as per Planewalker guide).

I didn't know duplicating a race would be that much hassle. Should have gone human ;)

Lady, it looks you have your two. With your permission, I'll stat an existing character concept to your guidelines, and await an opening?

Krnvr one more is find but after that should it be oked then that will be all the payers added for now. Please post your PC and ill have a look.

@Brass, yep happy with you to be Mid size and have speed 40 if your a Quadraped. As you spend is over 11 which is around the right mark I would have to add a miner hindrance of some kind, once the PC is done all pop one in if 13 it will be two etc. So the PC is not to over stacked for the rest of the party.

Ok thanks for the answer, I'll start building him and see what I end up with.

So I need to raise him by one level and reduce his gear costs a bit?

hitpoints: half+1 after level 1?
I'm far from done but I picked 4 traits without paying much attention to prerequirements. Copy/paste from d20pfsrd to my profile and changed some names. Is that ok or should I be more strict?

yep or roll its up to you on HP
really you just need to make shore its logical to the background and you can say, well my PC got this because etc.
as long as its logical and the power level is the same as the other pcs I am fine with that. As a GM i can make ways to push any pc to braking point so its down to me to make the game a Challenger etc.

Orphax here.

So I had another idea for a meatshield along a similar vein but perhaps more suited to a Planescape game.

I wanted to play an outcast Troll sellsword specializing in bodyguard work.

Here's the basic mechanics. His schtick is going to be using a reach weapon to take advantage of attacks of opportunity, and using the Bodyguard feats to take damage meant for other people.

I wanted to get your ok before I spent a bunch of time fleshing out a character that you were going to deny.

What do you think?

To play that PC I would have the Princess order you to look after Metalbeard a player ingame. Its the only way I can see you having a Bodyguard roll.

That would be fine by me. His backstory is pretty straightforward. He was left for dead as a child because of his small stature but was lucky to be adopted by a martially inclined githzerai temple and was raised with values very different from his instincts. When the temple was raided by the githyanki, he was left homeless and alone, eventually making his was to sigil. For a troll he's practically a genius and surprisingly social. He hates his heritage and his own mental limitations, desperately wanting to be smarter.

I am pretty busy this weekend, but I'll finish the crunch and backstory on Monday night.

asking for a headband of vast intelligence are we?

I'd imagine something like that would go to a spellcaster. Just because he wants to be smarter doesn't mean he's going to get it.

Spend wise all new PCs also get 7th level gold + 10k
as all Pc should be 7th now.

Items any thing that's on is ok with me.

one every one is ready we will move on to act two and back to Sigil

Brass I am going to have your PC woking for the King, He will ask you to go with the group I will PM you more info if you think this is ok for your PC

The only thing I know I'm getting for sure is an Agile weapon of some kind.

Are there any Finessable reach weapons other than the Whip?

I let Net and Chain Blade/dagger be Finessable reach weapons as well.
Magic nets are good

Looking through even the Eastern weapons it doesn't look like anything exists.

Magic nets are good. I planned on carrying one.

Chain dagger sounds perfect for what I want though. Very much in keeping with the "raised by esoteric space monks" thing I had in mind.

What are the stats on that?

its called sorry "rope dart" dart

Got it, thanks!

Runt the Troll and Brass Pigeon can you take your PCs over to game play please.

To all others Recruitment is now closed for the time being.
Thank you for your time.

The Lady of Pain wrote:

Spend wise all new PCs also get 7th level gold + 10k

as all Pc should be 7th now.

Items any thing that's on is ok with me.

one every one is ready we will move on to act two and back to Sigil

oh wait I'm confused now! Which level character should I have ready?

Level: what level character should I have? 7 or 8?
Gold: how much gold should I spend? 7 + 10k or 8 + 10k?

7th is the level all PCs should be at

yeah I just figured that out by looking at the current players (should have done that before!). Ok well I'll scale Jarun back to level 7. Thanks for the quick reply (where do you live btw? not the US I guess with you posting at this hour, Europe like me?)

Next to yellow sea north China at the moment :) But I get around a but

I see, how's China then?

Are you ok with Jarun having Scribe Scroll and thus having some scrolls on him that he scribed himself?

edit: Also, I'm pretty much done (I'll write his discription now) so if you've got some time left could you give him a look?
I left some spells slots open, I just read somewhere about it and it seems like a good idea. It takes 15 minutes to prepare spells (up to a quarter of your spelllist) on a later moment during the day. Adds versatility and roleplay opportunity.


Hi I built this character for another recruitment but didn't quite make it. But will it fit? I will do up the background to for your questions later.

dotting. i have a LN melee cleric of Zon-Kuthon that ends up using his negative energy to heal


Here is Nareth, LN cleric of Zon-Kuthon (i get along better with good aligned than you'd think). With a subdomain, he can use his negative channeling to heal his allies


updated background, think it's the longest one i've ever written

The Lady of Pain wrote:

Runt the Troll and Brass Pigeon can you take your PCs over to game play please.

To all others Recruitment is now closed for the time being.
Thank you for your time.

^ From a few posts up.


whups, didn't read every post, my bad

Yep Doom is right Im sorry to say we have 6 players so its closed for the time being, if I we lose any then I will open again, and PM you Nareth.
Thanks for showing interest.

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