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I've been running a near-monthly Swords & Wizardry game for the last year or so, but the players are all Pathfinder-heads. While they enjoyed S&W, it just didn't have enough "game" for them, so they convinced me to convert to Pathfinder.

I've been a D&D DM for a long time, but I was discouraged with 3.5 came out and started running older editions. I never got into Pathfinder, D&D 4.0 or any other new games until I got the BeginnerBox to help re-acquaint me with the 3.5-esque system.

Paizo, you've hit a winner with the BeginnerBox. It's... really good. The rules are good, the presentation is good, the playability is good... it actually makes me want to run, which is something I haven't felt since I picked up Swords & Wizardry a couple of years back.

So, kudos. Good job. Right on. And all those other congratulatory quips. :)

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Woohoo! Welcome to the fold.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

The Beginner Box is stellar in so many ways!

Grand Lodge

Yeah, it's awesome, but be careful that's just a gateway drug man... I got my Beginner box about 4 months ago and I've already thrown about 800 dollars at this addiction LOL!

Though to be fair you probably have willpower unlike me so that's always good =]!

Yeah, I'm already selling a bunch of old games so I can get the full rulebook... and the bestiary... and a whole bunch of other PF stuff. Heh.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Modules Subscriber

Lol same thing happened to me. Got BB then before you know it I'm like "Oooo look at that, must have it!" I must say though its Paizo that really makes this game shine. Great people and customer service. You can just tell they are making something they love.

Welcome Tim! Like you, I'm a old-school guy and run RC D&D. I picked up the BB for my 13yo daughter to run with her friends who play 4e mostly, and myself as a player too. It's simplified enough that she was able to dive right in, yet I can give her advice from a more OSR point of view. We've been very happy with it. I've held off on core books, thankfully, though I'll likely end up getting her a few things if she want them. I did look at the Bestiary Box at GenCon - more of those awesome tokens - but was able to resist so far.

Enjoy the game!

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