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Varisia, Birthplace of Lengends: No Rules For Hippogriff Mount / Companion?

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There are many reasons I've been eagerly anticipating Varisia, Birthplace of Legends. For one, I love reading the new companions, and the updated organization and new traits and feats seemed like a real treat. I was especially excited in this case because I believed that Sable Company Marines would finally get a text publication that explained their hippogriff mounts, so we didn't have to rely on a blog post that is getting progressively more difficult to find. Yet, to my great disappointment, that did not happen, and the Sable Company Marine role entry causally mentions you favor hippogriffs as your mount without offering any rules as to how to get one (especially given that both suggested classes have a Mount/Companion feature). This is upsetting because hippogriff mounts are part of the identity of the Sable Company and to leave rules for hippogriff mounts out of official publication is a great oversight.

Aren't there rules in the bestiary for getting a trained hippogrif colt?

Also, maybe there will be more info the the Paths to Prestige book about them specificly.

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Yeah, seems like a missed opportunity, especially with this post from James Jacobs further down, answering:

Todd Morgan wrote:

I'm a bit confused, if rangers get their 1st favored terrain at 3rd level and hunter's bond at 4th level, then do you lose that favored terrain when you get your companion at 4th?

James Jacobs wrote:
Good question... but yeah. You get your hippogriff ability at 4th level. We'll make that more clear if we keep the semi-experimental "Give up 2 class abilities for one that's a bit better than normal" mechanic and graduate it in to print form.

Emphasis mine. But as there is that blog post and most GMs will be cool with it, I guess they put other really cool stuff in that book (don't own a copy) and it would be also fitting for the Prestige book (which I don't own either).


EDIT: Ninja'ed.

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Just my opinion, but I think there are two reasons why it wasn't included: it is very particular to Korvosa, and it is primarily meant to be a GM-based decision.

Elorebaen, you are correct, it is very specific to Korvosa. However, they have the Sable Company Marine Role in the book, which is meant to be an aggregation of rules from across the Pathfinder material in order to satisfy a particular character build. It's pretty much a starter kit. The role calls for the Animal Companion or Mount class feature, suggesting that the hippogriff is meant to be including using that ability. Furthermore, the role description says the following:

Varisia, Birthplace of Legends wrote:
Sable Company marines are renowned far and wide for their skill in riding their favored mounts, expertly trained hippogriffs, and they practice extensively to fight both in the air and on land with these magical beasts.

All evidence points to the hippogriff's exclusion as a gross oversight here. It is very upsetting.

Also, Kryzbyn: There are rules for raising hippogriff chicks in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 as mounts, however there are no rules for making a hippogriff your animal companion or bonded mount, which is what the Sable Company Marine seems to suggest it can.

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