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Orlando, FL - Hurricon 2012 - September 27-30th

Pathfinder Society Grand Lodge


Hurricon blows back into Orlando the end of September with a full slate of Pathfinder events including brand new Season 4 scenarios, introductory scenarios for new players and old favorites. You can read more about Hurricon at the HGMS South website.

Pre-registration closes at the end of August! Be sure to get your badge purchased at the HGMS site, then forward your registration confirmation to Dom to get access to the Warhorn Hurricon 2012 page to sign up for games.

Hurricon also features a wide assortment of historical and other miniature wargaming as well as a board game room, door-prizes, etc.! See ya all there. :-)

Lantern Lodge ***

Already got my ticket!


Just a reminder that I believe pre-reg closes in just two days or so for Hurricon 2012. *bump*

Taldor ***** Venture-Captain, Florida—Clearwater aka Magical_Beast

Yes, join us at Hurricon!

Taldor ***** Venture-Captain, Florida—Clearwater aka Magical_Beast


If you are anywhere NEAR central FL, try to come out and join us for at least a day. Post questions here or pm me directly.

Paizo Employee ***

Okey Dokey, but remember you asked for it.

Taldor ***** Venture-Captain, Florida—Clearwater aka Magical_Beast

Oh noes! I might feel another case of the halfling flu coming on...


Its a little-known fact that the older wargamers of HMGS at Hurricon sometimes fall asleep at the gaming table standing up... "grognard tipping", while unfashionable *is* technically legal at Hurricon. See you all there!

Lantern Lodge ***

-cracks knuckles- Let the games begin. While Master Xanatos is no longer a 'master' and is significantly lower level than before, he is still capable of handling anything thrown at him.

Taldor ***** Venture-Captain, Florida—Clearwater aka Magical_Beast

One week!

Cheliax ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Florida—Tampa aka Dominick

See you all there, the schedule is still open for another day or two!

Cheliax ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Florida—Tampa aka Dominick

Thanks everyone for attending, special thanks for all the judges!

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