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Kallev AC - Drakthar's Way

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Is the AC listed for Kallev wrong?

I'm converting NPCs and BBEGs to Pathfinder using HeroLab, and I'm noticing that the AC isn't matching up for Kallev. The stat block in the back of the AP is listing her AC as 16 (12 T; 14 FF).

However, I'm thinking it should be 17: Dex +2, Dodge +1, Armor +4 (+1 Studded Leather). HeroLab also came out with 17, so I was going to just go with that.

Before I did, however, I wanted to try to validate the 16 in the book. I'm a first time GM, so building creature stats is new to me. I wasn't sure if there was something I wasn't taking into account, or if the designers just downgraded her AC to balance it with the DR/Resist she gets with her tiefling traits? I looked in the Bestiary, and didn't notice anything in the tiefling build to indicate a -1 to AC. Could this just be an oversight, not adding in the +1 from the enchantment or Dodge bonus?

It's one of the small errors you find in the stat blocks. I redid all of the stat blocks by hand (so I had them for each encounter and didn't have to use the appendix), and I found the same thing. It's okay with either AC, but 17, to what I recall, is the correct AC.

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