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Extra Hero Handbooks?

Beginner Box

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If I wanted to get multiple copies of the Hero's Handbook so each of my players could have one, is there a way to do that without having to print the pdf's myself or buy multiple beginner boxes?

Probably not but you don't have to print the whole handbook for them either. Just print the sections they each need. The person playing the rogue probably won't need to worry about the cleric spells.

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Auggies were selling individual components of the Beginner Box when it came out, though they seem to be out of stock now - not sure if they are planning on buying and opening another batch, but it might be worth keeping an eye out there, since I know they had them at one point.

I could appreciate not wanting to make all components available individually, but this book might make a decent exception. It would be useful to be able to have multiple copies at the table.

Maybe a "basic" player's guide, that's 64 pages (or less) could be a new Pathfinder product? Something that's cheaper than the core rulebook or the beginner box set, but gives a player what they need to make a character and play?

Why not just copy/paste what you want your players to have from the online SRD?

Sign me up for wanting to be able to buy the Hero's Handbook as a separate item!

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