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Shadow Lodge **

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm thinking on building an inquisitor of abadar from Galt with an eye on going gray gardener when i get the chance and was trying to figure out a good faction to go with. To give you some background he loves his country but is wishing for a way to help it become a more stable region (at least his home town within it) and make it at the very least safer for people to walk down the streets without fear of being killed by an angry mob. To that end he's joined the pathfinders to acquire funds he can use to better his home town and hopefully country as a whole. Now I'm looking for a faction that can help him accomplish those ends either through moral backing or more likely monetary aid.

Currently I'm thinking Taldor is the most logical choice as though they lack the moral standing that might actually help Galt and his people they carry the coffers that he would need to finance his work, have rewards that would cater to his specific skill set, and I believe have the history and close proximity to Galt that it makes them a logical choice. The other options I could think of are Andoran or Sczarni with andoran having aims to help on moral grounds and sczarni having a lot of ways to acquire and move money quickly without many questions and could be interesting for roleplaying.

Now those are just the few ideas I can think of off hand anyone else care to chime in?


Gray Gardener is not a legal prestige class. I also do not reccomend it frm a pure RP perspective. Kind of hard to get around the no evil stipulation :)

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond

Yeah, this sure is a toughy. Great character mind you as I *love* Galt (we need an adventure there I can run on Bastille day :P ) but tough one to put into the faction system. After thinking about it a bit I'd narrow it down to two.

*Silver Crusade: If you're looking for the moral high horse, here's your best bet. Nothing for morality like a bunch of goodie goodie paladins. Might not be the best fit for a prospective Grey Gardner but I think your overall goal (establishing order, protecting the weak, all that jazz) would be a decent fit.

*Grand Lodge: The generic "if you don't fit anywhere else" faction. I doubt the Ten would want to get involved in your personal quest but at the same time they also probably won't get in the way.

As I was typing I did think of a dark horse candidate. Cheliax. I've seen a fair number of Chelaxian characters that are extreme Lawful which might fit your concept. Not sure what Zarta would thing about the other stuff but... :P


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have a character from Galt and I went the route of the Taldan loyalist who believes the Northern March of Galt should be reannexed and this whole revolution has been an affront against God (Aroden).

I could also see an Andoren character trying to put the revolution on the right path.

Silver Crusade ***

I'm thinking the whole Andoran "for the people" routine kinda fits. Or as stated above, Silver Crusade is good for moral high ground. Or Grand Lodge for the "I want to stay out of faction politics and just make my money as a Pathfinder" route.

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Taldor works, sure. You're doing favors for the Old Empire, in return for minor assistance in achieving your goals for Galt.

An agent of Taldor works. But I'm scratching my head, wondering why such a PC would waster time as a Pathfinder agent.

Shadow Lodge **

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Chris Mortika wrote:

Taldor works, sure. You're doing favors for the Old Empire, in return for minor assistance in achieving your goals for Galt.

An agent of Taldor works. But I'm scratching my head, wondering why such a PC would waster time as a Pathfinder agent.

My working assumption is that he's looking for ways to make money for his hometown located within the borders of galt that doesn't involve all the inherent risk associated with trying to accumulate money within the nation and has come to the realization that the society is one of the fastest and relatively safest ways to not only accrue large sums of money safely but also inject life into the economy that doesn't involve gutting and killing others from his nation. It would also allow him the freedom to hunt down those who have used the chaos of galt's current situation to pillage it of it's treasures and history and put them to justice.

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