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So I had this idea for a character...


After playing PFS this last weekend (no, didn't make it to GenCon, sorry), I had an idea for a new character. Basically, he's a trip-master... paladin.

Who is a pimp. And a member of the Cheliax organization.

After all, prostitution is not illegal in Absalom; the religious order of the Goddess of Lust is allowed there. And as a pimp, the character provides people (both males and females, he is not a sexist pimp) with a roof over their heads (brothel), three meals a day (six if they're a halfling), clothes on their backs, warmth for their bodies, and even well-respected professions. He isn't exploiting them, by any stretch of the imagination.

And the possibilities for a paladin to be a lawful pimp are incredible. Just think of the use of mercies alone. Eliminating fatigue with a touch ("Yes, m'dear, I can go all night long."), and later eliminating disease (healthiest House in the red light district!)... and of course, immunity to disease for the paladin himself.

The only question I have is, can a paladin worship a non-good deity? The core rulebook doesn't say, and the information I have says that Calistria is Chaotic Neutral. Not your typical paladin-style deity, but I'm all about playing the weird and unusual (hey, I play an insane dwarf, who's deathly afraid of carp).

And I'm not worried about playing a less-than-optimized tanking character (in fact, he'll probably never wear anything more than studded leather, so I doubt he'll be tanking). I play PFS for fun, not for minmaxing.

Anyone got any ideas, by the by? Feel free to shout them out, and if they're from another book than Core, please tell me which book -- I probably don't own it.

Dark Archive

The deity must be within one step of Lawful Good (So Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good). Calistria, being Chaotic Neutral, is not a valid deity for a Paladin.

...not to mention, I'm still struggling to figure out if this post is of a monstrous humanoid nature.

Nope, I'm not trolling. Oh well.

Really what I wanted to do was play a 4th Ed Blackguard Paladin in Pathfinder. But I guess I can't do that. (4th Ed D&D Blackguards are not necessarily evil. In fact they can be valued members of the party. They work as strikers, not defenders.)

Grand Lodge

bdk86 wrote:
The deity must be within one step of Lawful Good (So Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good). Calistria, being Chaotic Neutral, is not a valid deity for a Paladin.

Can I get a citation on that? I browsed the Paladin section on the PRD and couldn't see anything.

Silver Crusade

Oh, but you *can*. Arshea, Empyreal Lord of Freedom, physical beauty, sexuality is NG. Which makes him/her eligible for Paladins. Go make it happen, sir!

Dark Archive

KestlerGunner wrote:
bdk86 wrote:
The deity must be within one step of Lawful Good (So Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good). Calistria, being Chaotic Neutral, is not a valid deity for a Paladin.
Can I get a citation on that? I browsed the Paladin section on the PRD and couldn't see anything.

That would be because the PRD is purely RAW. They do not include permutations for Pathfinder Society Play.

Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, p. 10 wrote:

"Characters may elect to worship an evil god, butmust always be within one alignment step of their chosen deity."

Emphasis mine.

Further, the debate on just what deity a Paladin worships mattering/not mattering has been debated to death on these forums. That said, the Paladin doesn't have to have a deity at all (unless of the Sacred Servant archetype). But they still can't worship Calistria and remain Lawful Good, which is a requirement.

The concept of a Paladin who makes a point of looking after and caring for the downtrodden of Absalom's red light district sounds fine to me (and interesting!); one who actively contributes or participates in something resembling exploitation or human trafficking (and that's what a pimp does) isn't going to keep their Paladin powers very long. That said, you've described something closer to a madame than a it may come down to word choice.

John-Andre, your concept may actually be better served by an Inquisitor of Calistria (Advanced Player's Guide). They don't get smite, but their flexible bonuses (Judgments) and the ability to put Bane for any creature type on their weapon sets them up well as a melee-striker oriented PC. Plus, if you're thinking a non-tank character as it is, I think the rest of the class will suit your needs well.

Or worship Arshea, as was suggested while I wrote this post =D.

Scarab Sages

actually, the term pimp is defined as:
"One who finds customers for a prostitute; a procurer."
I have also seen it used to include the Bouncers in a House... the prostitutes guards.

This would be an interesting, though not unique, character type. While I have not seen one in PFS, I did adventure several times with one in LG in Colorado - a very interesting concept. Lots of RP there.

OH! and one of my PCs is a Bard (Street Performer) with Profession Courtesan, with both ranks in Profession and Craft Courtesan (Yeah, she can make/train courtesans). So maybe we should hook up... (did you catch that?). Having almost no combat skills (she has never done a point of damage to anything other than herself), having a strong arm to protect her would be valuable... what's your paladins standard percentage?

(She has been very careful to obtain a Prostitutes License in every major city she has adventured in. just to keep thing legal...)

I adore this concept. You made my morning.

PS: What about Shelyn? You could go all Lady Sally on it.

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