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Mesa, AZ - Looking for a Group - Thanks

Gamer Connection

Hello! My name is Mike, and I live here in Apache Junction/Mesa,AZ

I would like to find a 3.5 or Pathfinder game no more than 30 minutes away from me. I drive fast so I can get pretty far out there.

A little about myself.

I got started about 15 years ago, before I started playing I would hear all these things about DnD, like how it was the game of devil worshipers, or cults, how only geeks played, or losers.. You know all that stupid nonsense. Fortunately I had a buddy, big popular jock named Chad. Completely out of the stereotype, he invited me out to play with him.

I was kinda a closet geek at the time and figured what the hell. We spent an entire day making characters and playing a little dungeon romp to start me off on the rules.. and I was hooked. I had played with that same group of 7 for over 10 years. Unfortunately life happens haha.. Everyone gets busy, whether it be from work, family, marriages, kids.. so we all kinda fell out of it.

I am a laid back kinds guy, I like to have fun, laugh, and meet new people. I love fast cars, poker, gaming, computers, music, and hanging out with good company.

If you think I would work out for your group go ahead and give me an E-mail:

thanks for your time guys/girls
and take care.


Sorry we are in SE Tucson but I do recall someone posting for Phoenix recently. Not sure about the drive times as it is all one big sprawl to me when I go up there.
Good luck.

thanks gunslingeraz,..

Well buddy if you happen to find someone shoot me an email.

I am playing with some guys now but it is pretty miserable. Most of the people are not very bright. They make retarded decisions that make me cringe, no teamwork, no one pays attention, he has npc that he makes specifically to be annoying, you cant have a conversation without making a diplomacy check no matter the simplicity of the question or conversation. Just terrible experience all around. Sure they are good people but the situation just doesn't suit my play style.

Thanks again gunslingeraz, Take care


No worries. No one likes to be LFG. I would keep an eye out for Pathfinder Society events in your area. Check your local game store. It is a fix for the jones but you can also meet a lot of good people. I have gotten a couple of invites through those channels. Also look on I believe your local RPG group is east valley dungeons and dragons. There may be an equivalent Pathfinder group or they may play Pathfinder. As I said it is out of my zip code but I know people who know people.

Good advice, and that is exactly what I have been doing. The crap part of all this is a lot of the games on meetup are way the hell out in phoenix on the I17 or I51 or Tucson..

Im not going that far for a meetup when there is a good possibility of a spot not being open.

Also Most of the Meetup's I have joined Like "easy valley roleplaying,ect" Message boards are old with No new posts for months. Ill keep trying regardless but I wish there was a better place to go that was more reliable to help people find a game.

Besides even If I find a game I still have the chance of getting some crazy DM..


I guess tomorrow I can go down to Gamers INN and see if they have a Tac Board with people that need players. I don't know of any other places I can really go.

Got any suggestions?


I hate lazy DMs. The only thing that I am sure I always do right is prep. I don't know the area but according to my VL down here Samurai Comics . I am not sure how far that is from you though.


Oh and Imperial Outpost no clue how far that one is either.

Ey that's not to bad.. Its only like 15-20 minute drive. I Will go down there today and see whats up.

I have never had a bad DM's before now.. I have been lucky in my DnD life to be blessed with smart, fantastic storytellers. DM's that do the work and make you feel bad-ass, yet challenge you at every corner.

Those are the games I like.

Thanks for the help gunslingeraz.. I Aprecaite it. If you ever get out this way first round of beers is on me buddy.


Don't worry about it. I am on company time. I just hope that it helps.


Game Depot is right off southern and McClintok
Pretty central, Imperial Outpost is off 51 ave and Thunderbird

Both are great stores

Thanks Heim, ill go ahead and check those places out as well.

51stAve is way way to far but I can check out Game Depot.

Ill maybe drop over there tomorrow.

Maybe Ill make a flyer and drop em off at these places

whatever works right ..

Thanks guys

Cheliax RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

As a former resident of Mesa, I highly recommend Game Depot. The owners are good people, and the game space is excellent.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Companion Subscriber
Fatespinner wrote:
As a former resident of Mesa, I highly recommend Game Depot. The owners are good people, and the game space is excellent.

As a former resident of Tempe, I totally agree with all of Fatespinner's comments. Really good people.


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