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Art of Your PFS Characters!

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Grand Lodge *****

A friend of mine is doing a portrait for me. But we're waiting until People of the North comes out so we have more than 3 reference pics for Kellid people.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 8

Here are a few of my drawings of party members....not all PFS (obviously with the drow)

first is my drow Zerzzix

Another drow warrior..a bad guy hunting our party Bad Guy

A party members rogue Rogue

a group pic of our first party Group shot

a starting pic of our wizard Wizard

Another group 2nd group

A female monk Monk

Liberty's Edge *****

This started as one of the book pics, but I put in some hours of photoshopping to get the colors switched around for my character.

Emberkin Aasimar with Elemental-Cold bloodline:


Blue hair and blue flames. Nice


Jiggy wrote:
Dang, I need to get somebody to do my characters! If anyone has an itch to do a portrait of a male, heroic oni-spawn tiefling cleric of Iomedae who originally hails from Tian Xia but now goes by the name of "Thomas", and if you have no desire for any sort of compensation for your work whatsoever, feel free to give it a go! ;)

If anyone asks, tell them I am four*.

I wish the scanner did it a little more justice, I can send the original if you want it.

*if you omit 'decades' people will assume 'years' and judge my artistic ability more favorably. :)

Dark Archive ****

My portrait.

I had this icon commissioned from some weak-wristed scamp in Absalom. Idiot child didn't follow my orders for the propaganda AT ALL. The final image will feature me astride horseback, raising my blade to the sky and extolling the virtues of House Thrune. Glory to the order of the Godclaw!

Grand Lodge ***

I had a friend draw up my dwarf brawler. He went a little Tod McFarlane on it, but still turned out pretty well. Gromil

Liberty's Edge

Here's one of my oni-blooded tiefling monk. Funny story about that one: The first reference pic I used was blurry, so the sketches he showed me had the character rocking an awesome mustache. I'm still considering making it "canon" later if he survives the next few levels.

Either way, the artist is great and his commission rates are cheap, so be sure to check out his gallery!

Grand Lodge ****

Oh man, you gotta add in the moustache. That makes the character!

The Exchange

I not only need to find pictures but if i can Chibi cartoons that come close, as chibis on the computer maps have become a habit

Scarab Sages ***** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Thames Valley aka chris manning

i'm no good at drawing, so this is a photoshop of my nagajii barbarian with apologies to the original artists

Grand Lodge

Curaigh wrote:
Rene Ayala wrote:
Auke Teeninga wrote:
I had Eva Widermann draw Aquila Audax, my Eagle Shaman.
Wow! This was good.



1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here is my Half Bearded-Devil (Tiefling) Rime-Casting Magus for PFS as drawn by Paizo's very own Liz Courts!

Shadow Lodge

Here are some pics of my half-elf druid, Thalo. Her pics are a little skimpy as they were for a card set. I just wanted my character in there. :P
She wears leather armor now and I don't think technically she's allowed to have all those tattoos (though that might just be an old RPGA rule I'm thinking of). Otherwise, though, this is the basis for her. (On another note, originally she was going to be a character build that loved to be in trees... then I ran out of skill points so she has no climb... ^^; ha ha!) far left
Here's another one of Thalo with "Cat" her first animal companion. He died game before last so I guess a new card is in order with her new kitty.

Sczarni ** Venture-Agent aka friendly sauce

These are my hand drawn characters, Sebastion "Seabass" Octureemy tiefling conjuration wizard, his trusty compy Lyle,my scout/knife master rogueAzoth Durzan, and my Cheliaxian slave ranger Getter

The Rogue and Wizard are colored with colored pencil, the compy with marker, and the ranger with crayon. right now i am working on a gunslinger for a friend. if anyone wants art of the character I can do about this quality ( or lack of if thats your opinion) in about 2 weeks and for free since I don't think Im near good enough to charge haha

Sczarni ** Venture-Agent aka friendly sauce

and heres that gunslinger, a little hastily drawn and colored so I'll probably redo it but here it isgunslinger

Silver Crusade *****

A passing initiate of Shelyn offered a quick portrait to commemorate me earning my armor, and I just couldn't say no.

Scarab Sages **

As I record information with words and not pictures, I am normally more concerned with who people are, than what they look like.

...But portraits are apparently the human fashion of today. Hopefully, by the time of the next one, people will have understood that my boots are not actually that ugly.

See for oneself.

Sczarni **

The man, the myth, the musket's misfired again.

I present to you, Gunny Bear, Musket Master

I simply made a request over at r/characterdrawing on reddit . Artists who want practice and people who want character's drawn help each other out.

Liberty's Edge ****

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Modules, PFS RPG Subscriber

Here's Umbawa, my Mwangi druid

I rendered it in Blender. Made the original human model with MakeHuman. The dinosaur model came from here.

Silver Crusade *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, my squire has informed me that the Paracountess saw my portrait and insisted on having it finished, to commemorate the daring mission in which I rescued her from REDACTED. I'm fairly fond of the end result, if I do say so.

The Exchange

Falmas Nailo, Elf Rouge
Toby Tiefling Bard(arcane duelist)
Dragon-fang, Human Two-Handed Fighter/Barbarian

I don't have pictures for the other two characters I have, but I'm working on it.

Scarab Sages

My first character, a crazy egomaniac Gnome Summoner, was based off of a character from an old computer game (Dark Legions, anyone? It was basically an augmented Archon). Here's also somebody's fanart of the same character - no connection to me.

I've decided her eidolon looks something like one of the sandworms from Beetlejuice (feel free to do an image search for those, I looked for a particular image I liked best but couldn't easily find it - most of them are rather lumpy, but this one was more sleek).

Grand Lodge ****

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Auke Teeninga wrote:
I had Eva Widermann draw Aquila Audax, my Eagle Shaman.

If you hadn't said Eagle Shaman, I'd have sworn it was Hafling Pirate Rogue. :)

Sovereign Court ****

Character portrait!

Normally I would dress a bit more colourful but I was... working.

The Exchange *

My favorite PFS character presently is Talka, halfling Wolf Shaman. The pic is of my home game character which is basically the same but different name. The art was done by BunnyValtir (Holly Easley).


Grand Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Eastern Eurasia-Africa

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Andrew Huerta finished the commission for Doctor Castor, my Tiefling Alchemist, during GenCon.

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, North Carolina—Asheville aka Luthril

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I highly recommend Heromachine

Example: Barbarian I never played

I've used it for many many characters... not the best for every situation, but I like it

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, North Carolina—Asheville aka Luthril

My Wayang Stealth Witch: Umbrus

I love what Heromachine can do sometimes, other times I get frustrated and use something generic

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi friends! Here is a picture of me that some guy drawed for me but he said no punching when he drawed and that made me sad. Its okay though cuz there was no bad guys there to punch and he said i am pretty. Okay so here it is! He prolly might have to draw another one when I am all the way a dragon later.

Grand Lodge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Mike Mistele wrote:

The art which I have for my PCs is the table tents, which were done by a dear friend of mine (she's a fellow gamer, as well as a graphic designer and web developer).

Here's Xan Stormblade, my rogue (pirate archetype). Those of you with whom I played at GenCon will recognize her. She died in the Temple of Empyrial Enlightment on Saturday afternoon, but she's feeling much better now. ;-)

Xan's twin sister, Catraoine Becket, is a paladin of Iomedae, and the polar opposite to her sister in most ways.

(In both cases, the model is actress Stana Katic, from the TV show "Castle".)

OOoohh you have Kate Becket for a character!!! :)

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Granny Edelsteen Portrait

Down in Melbourne there's only one 230 year old Dwarven Granny that keeps all her sweeties alive! Sip your tea quietly and take another scone dearie.

Shadow Lodge **

Below are the table tents for several of my characters. I have 11 characters, each with a similar quality tent.
Wayang Alchemist 5th
Kitsune Sorcerer 7th
Tengu Druid 1st
Halfling Paladin 9th

Liberty's Edge *

Here is my character Silhren Rilbahn. Divine defender of Shelyn. (Adapted from a home game but very similar and drawn by a good friend. (Currently 3rd level in pfs, but hopefully to hit level 4 when playing him next time!) And yes, I am using the paladin archetype as a title in this post. :P

Grand Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Eastern Eurasia-Africa

My bloatmage sorceress Lady Lumikello.

Sovereign Court *****

Auke Teeninga wrote:
My bloatmage sorceress Lady Lumikello.

Very nice, not at all what I expected from a blotemage. :-)

Edit: Have you found a mini for this character yet?

Grand Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Eastern Eurasia-Africa

Todd Lower wrote:
Auke Teeninga wrote:
My bloatmage sorceress Lady Lumikello.

Very nice, not at all what I expected from a blotemage. :-)

Edit: Have you found a mini for this character yet?

Not yet... so feel free to sculpt one! ;-)

Grand Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Eastern Eurasia-Africa

Todd Lower wrote:
Edit: Have you found a mini for this character yet?

This one might do! :-)

Grand Lodge ****

Auke that art is amazing!

Silver Crusade **

Auke: Not exact, but this is literally the ONLY mini I can think of.

Scarab Sages *

Hi, just sharing some of my art.

My main character, Razimus Nonus, a half-orc monk from Taldor.

And a Tengu Headshot

**** Venture-Agent, Finland—Tampere aka Rei

Lady Snowbell, huh? Beautiful choice of name, Auke. ;)

All of my characters (well, all the living ones, which means ten) except for my nagaji have well-defined appearances, but I've only finished two portraits and one start of a reference sheet of them that I'm content with.

I present: Pasha Tyraxor ibn Randa el-Amin al-Duhayriyya, Escadreil "Skad" Songwalker Acheron, Lorgara Silverstream, and as a bonus, the Catechizer, my aasimar summoner's eidolon.

Scarab Sages

The Sarathel Arcane Research Society,new chapter coming soon to Absalom!

@ Rei- I find your eidolon fascinating- truly a masterpiece of arcane manifestation! Would you mind sharing the formulae for its construction?

i.e. the evolutions you selected and perhaps the stats, if you don't mind. Beatifully done!
I'm not looking to duplicate your creature, but this data would aid my understanding of summoners and eidolon construction greatly.

Grand Lodge

Something new of me :D

Silver Crusade ***

Well, first I commisioned my paladin, Jo Stiggson from a fellow player.


Then I won a headshot from the same person. I chose my aasimar monk, Krand. He's a garudakind.


Liberty's Edge

My Elf Druid, Oron. I haven't done his eagle, yet. Oron

How I always envisioned my Eztli to be when he is battling his foes in the game. He is a CN Mwagni Human who is a True Primitive Barbarian.

Grand Lodge *

This is Fung Xi, Brother of the Four Winds! :)

Grand Lodge ****

Eztli looks pretty badass.
Oron is awesome - so old school. He looks like he's been through every edition of the game.
Fung Xi looks like he'd be a good dude to share a drink with.

Here is Shiro Poe, White Dragon Disciple, Niece of the Illustrious Kuro Poe of the Po Clan of Tengu, Sorceress of Mount Fubuka of the World's Edge Mountains.

Almost all of my characters have a specific miniature I painted or had painted for them

All three of these are direct representations of how I invision my latest pathfinders, done by Blue Table Painting!

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