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Thank You Paizo!

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Shadow Lodge

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

This is the second year in a row I took my son to Gen Con. Last year we just visited for one day and only hit the dealer hall.

This year we spent all four days and signed up for a bunch of events. Most of our events were Pathfinder related.

We had a great time. He hit all 4 Kid's sessions and we did the first couple of First Steps as well. We also hit the first session of the GM 101.

All the events were enjoyable and the Paizo staff made us feel welcome. Paizo is a company that appreciates its customers. My son even "won" (anyone who brought kids knows what I am talking about) Ultimate Combat to add to our growing PF collection.

So thanks, Paizo, for helping to make our Gen Con trip another great time!

Andoran *****

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If there was a like button I'd check it :)


Andoran *****

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Yes Thanks!!!! I had a great Time!

Thanks to Mike for pulling it off with even with all those extra players and random problems that popped up!

Thanks to all the folks at HQ for keeping it together and answering all my annoying questions... ;)

Thanks to all The GMs that volunteered!

Thanks to all The GMs that volunteered to cover all the extra players!

Thanks for to the Players at my tables who I hope still enjoyed themselves even if I was not at my best, especially to the 2 tables that were so understanding with the 2 games that did not get finished, I still feel bad about that :(.

Thanks to Mark... for... ummm... what did Mark do?... ;)

I think the highlight for me was having Mike Shel sit at my table to watch me GM his scenario "In Wrath’s Shadow".

I didn't get to do any Con stuff of any kind this year, but I want to thank Paizo, too. They get fan love and they give it back. This is one corporation that is not "faceless." PF fans and players are fun people to talk to and play with.

Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Ontario aka Feegle

Dragnmoon wrote:
I think the highlight for me was having Mike Shel sit at my table to watch me GM his scenario "In Wrath’s Shadow".

I had a similar situation. While the GM was setting up to run me through a mod, I was speaking favourably about the Rise of the Goblin Guild. After I'd paid it some compliments, the gentleman across the table from me said, "That's good to hear, because I wrote that one."

I think scenario authors should have to wear hats. :) So glad Matt Goodall wrote a good scenario so that I wasn't saying BAD things about it in front of the author.

Cheliax **

I want to thank the players, really. I've come to GenCon three years in a row now, volunteering for Paizo and spending 90% of my time in the PFS room, and never once have I regretted it. That's because of the people. And not just those of us sitting behind the HQ table or running games.

The players, at least my players, have always been absolutely great. They've made me laugh, challenged my GMing ability, and really given me a good run for my money in combats a time or two (the folks I ran through The Goblinblood Dead on Saturday night know what I'm talking about ;) ). It's not often that I get to even GM, these days ( still haven't played a scenario myself in over a year), but I always enjoy it at GenCon.

Thanks again, guys. And for the table of Goblinblood who told me that my game was the most fun they'd had all Con, thanks a ton. I felt the same way :)

Oh, and to the table on Sunday where I TPK'd you in the end of First Steps Part 1: well, sorry! I wasn't even trying to, but that damn

halfling barbarian at the end there, and his stupid mustache was crazily powerful, and I wasn't even using power-attack and bullrush. Yeesh.

Sidenote: to the player who wanted me to check on why the halfling can use a greataxe, it was a small greataxe, hence being 1d10 instead of 1d12. Hope that makes it less frustrating. Probably not >_>

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