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Fitting a drow inquisitor PC into the party (Greyhawk grognards needed!)

Shackled City Adventure Path

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

One of the players in my upcoming Shackled City campaign will play a drow inquisitor (actually, a drow noble: he rolled so appallingly on his ability scores that I took pity on him. Even so, his highest ability scores are a couple of 13s!)
Before anyone sneers, this is the first time he’s played a drow, despite our group’s long history of playing Forgotten Realms campaigns. Our group are all canon junkies, but I’m none too familiar with the Greyhawk campaign setting and I’m wondering how best to fit this character concept into a) Greyhawk and b) the Shackled City campaign.

Do Greyhawk drow only worship Lolth or do they have a pantheon? The player says his drow was born in a drow city (suggestions?), so he’s unlikely to worship any of the human gods.

More importantly, we need to find a reason for the PC to be in Shackles and motivated by the adventure path. I’m still familiarising myself with the whole adventure path and looking for ideas.

One idea I have is that Adrimachus has someone offended or slighted Lolth. The PC is compelled to embark on the adventure thanks to dream visions and prophecies from Lolth, who wants her revenge. Another idea is that that Lolth (0r one of her priestesses) wishes to retrieve a lost item from Carceri. Divinations indicate that a way to Carceri might be found in Cauldron, and the PC is sent to investigate on behalf of the drow.
Any ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Sovereign Court

There are plenty of Greyhawk Dark Elven deities in a similar manner from the Forgotten Realms as well as plenty of paths up into Cauldron from the Underdark or wherever the character happens to hail from.

It kind of depends on exactly what kind of leaning the character is looking to have. You get into a number of things. Male or Female drow would have been treated very differently, and have different reasons for being up top. Plus if they are good or evil, etc.

A good source for drow information in Greyhawk is of course the Greywiki. Assuming one wants to stay close to cannon of course.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The thing I have to ask is why wouldn't he just be burned at the stake by the people of Cauldron?

Sovereign Court

Likely because Cauldron is hardly a beacon of Hope, Goodness and Light in the world I'd imagine. Or he's smart and keeps his head down.

From a rules stand point I would see an Inquisitor as one of those types of characters whose often someplace they don't belong.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Wouldn't that make it more likely? If it was a beacon of Hope Goodness and Light as you said then people are likely to be more forgiving surely? A good society is far less likely to burn someone at the stake because, well, they are good.

Look at Viconia in Baldur's Gate 2. Alkathla is presented as a not exactly pleasant or good city and how do we first meet Viconia? Yep about to be burned at the stake...

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

She'll be taking several ranks in Disguise, and her player knows full well she'll need to keep her head down on be in trouble.

Thanks for the wiki link, the Greywiki certainly beats its Realms counterpart. Zinzerena sounds like a good patron, especially as her portfolio includes disguise and deception.

Still be interested in hearing some suggestions on how to give her a vested interest in going on adventure path, thoughts . . . ?

Sovereign Court

Not quite...:
I meant more that she probably won't be the only drow in the city. Not one-hundred percent sure if that's right but even if it isn't in the mod somehow I'd be surprised if there weren't some, somewhere.

Ahhh, the age old problem of getting the PC's involved in something. There are a number of ways. The mod does a good job dropping the PC's into things. Maybe she was an orphan and has a soft spot for them?

Dark Archive

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Oh, they don't all worship Lolth. Some of them worship the elder elemental god.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

One of the players has already grabbed the 'link with the orphanage' plot hook, so that one's out ...

My suggestion: she could be hunting down Viirdran Daraqor and his associates and realise that that's what the party is doing as well.

Scarab Sages

If it were me, I would make her Shenshen's half sister. Maybe seeking her out, and finding her holed up in the Lucky Monkey...that would also give her an in with the Striders..seems like itcould be a cool plot twist...

I actually made one of my players (a paladin) the brother of Triel Eldorast..I changed her to a Lathenmire,and revealed to him at the start of that adventure, that she accidentally killed another child while playing, before he was born, and she was exiled. She then fell in with the Ebon Triad, and was seeking revenge upon the city that banished was pretty cool...

I second a Patman's recommendation.

You can find a ton of Greyhawk info on GHwiki.

In general, I run my Greyhawk with Drow as they were when the Against the Giants (G1-2-3) adventure series introduced them to Greyhawk and D&D in general. That is, their existence isn't widely known beyond elves, they live in the Underdark only, most non-adventurers know nothing of the Underdark, and virtualy all Drow are extremely evil and female-dominated.

No PC Drow in Greyhawk, except by extreme exception.

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