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And the crowd cheers - favorite encounters thus far?

Age of Worms Adventure Path

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Recently started AoW, and we're about halfway through the Whispering Cairn (the actual cairn).

Best scene so far:


We just hit the spot in the cairn where the floor gives way under the green lantern and the geyser of carnivorous beetles erupts.

The PCs groaned/gasped in horror at encountering a swarm at level one with no AoE. The main tank, already hurt, went down really fast (unconscious), just after he poured some oil on the floor to try and stop the horde. He wasn't fast enough trying to light it.

The PCs really started to panic when the six-legged mad slasher showed up.

Anyway, to fast forward, the whole table was cheering when they managed to take out both the beetles and the mad slasher.

I let the tank use a hero point to stabilize versus trying to roll a 20 on his stabilization roll or die.



When the swarm went out they where far from the hole, only the dwarf (see after) was attacked the others threw oils and some area things meanwhile the aberation went out and the dwarf fighter after running out of the scarabs hit the Mad Slasher with a critical on the first attack, dwarven waraxe two handed....dead the poor monster even missed his first attack on the cleric.

In fact each time they meet a powerful opponent the dwarf get the good hit after a tough fight.

After all it's a game about heroes and I love those kinds of events.

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