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Need help with understanding animal companion noob question

Rules Questions

Liberty's Edge

i mean i get familer all well and good and i thought i understood animal compations back in 3.5 but now its more like i treat it like a pet and i can really tell it whats going on

i am playing a cleric with animal domain and this is my frist character to have an animal companion please help!

Shadow Lodge

Your post is a bit confusing. You can talk with your familiar, as its intelligence increases as you go up level. This is not necessarily true with your animal companion. Think of your animal companion as a true pet; you can teach it tricks (probably much better than your average dog), but you can't hold a meaningful conversation with it.

You'll be able to tell your pet to attack a certain individual or to stand down, but you won't be able to give it detailed battle plans or have it know to attack that wizard casting fireball (unless you order it to).

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