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Different point buys for MAD vs SAD, by Guru-Meditation

상계안마 밤전 강남안마 bamwar 11ㆍcom마포안마, by crunchycrunchy453

BAMWAR ||ㆍCOM 제주안마 밤의전쟁 연산안마상봉안마, by crunchycrunchy453

오산안마 BAMWAR//ㆍCOM 「 밤워 」일산안마♥주안안마, by crunchycrunchy452

강남안마カ서면안마 bamwar①1ㆍcOm 밤전 오의정부안마, by crunchycrunchy452

The Snows of Summer (GM Reference), by Richard Pitt

「강서안마」 BAMWAR11 COM수원안마つ천안안마〔 밤의전쟁 〕, by crunchycrunchy451

천안안마일산안마 밤워 bamwar 11ㆍcom 강서안마, by crunchycrunchy451

melee combat disalber because sometimes murder is....., by Guru-Meditation

선릉안마 Bamwar 1 |ㆍ C o m 〖 밤전 〗역삼안마㉦수유안마, by crunchycrunchy450

강남안마ⓩ부천안마 bamwar 11ㆍcom[ 밤의전쟁 ]서대문안마, by crunchycrunchy450

Multiple Metamagic feats with a non-prepared caster, quicken spell, by Guru-Meditation

Innocent Blood: Is there any way this is not evil?, by Derek Dalton

〘 밤워 〙 BAMWAR || ㆍCOM 의정부안마ヘ일산안마∽인천안마, by crunchycrunchy449

마포안마〈 bamwar①1ㆍcOm 〉 밤전 〈수원안마〉부천안마, by crunchycrunchy449

Return of King Xeros!!!

Scenario Submission Talk


3 people marked this as a favorite.

After playing the scenario King Xeros of Old Azlant please please please someone write a sequel! That was such a fun scenario with so much potential for setting PFS games in odd places like other worlds or dimensions!

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