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Aram Zey Must Resign

Shadow Lodge

Liberty's Edge *

As my final act as a Pathfinder, I hereby call for the resignation of Aram Zey. Despite being the Master of Spells for the Pathfinder Society, this man repeatedly has asked Pathfinders to take risks without taking efforts to understand those risks. This has become woefully obvious in the matter of the Tapestry. In particular, regarding the possibility of becoming trapped in the demiplane when entering by means other than the tapestry itself.

I have come to believe that Grandmaster Torch has a point. While he and others may opt to work for change within the society, I will be taking another route outside of the society. To those with whom I have shared many missions, I wish you luck, and encourage your cation in dealing with this man.

To those needing clerical spellcasting services within Absalom, I offer my services at the customary cost.

Peekasso Stats:
Human Cleric 9 of Shelyn (luck and protection), NG, Wis 17. This information is provided for fluff purposes only and provides no mechanical benefit over an un-named NPC providing the same services.

Peekasso is a minor artist and art critic who routinely dresses in all the colors of the rainbow. He is a human with blond hair, blue eyes, and a cleft chin. He values beauty and dislikes all that is ugly. He has a higher than deserved opinion of his own artistic abilities. Having fallen to the worship of a demon (charmed, but enthusiastic), he subsequently received atonement and continued in the service of the Pathfinder Society before resigning. He is an outspoken critic of Aram Zey.

Grand Lodge *****

How dare you sully the name of one of the greatest Pathfinders!

Without Aram Zey many of us would now be dead from either mishandling of archaic magic or traps through ourselves or a fellow Pathfinder.

Daily danger is part of being a pathfinder, we risk death every time we step outside the Grand Lodge. If this risk now unmans you as it seems to do, the Pathfinder Society does well without you.

As a fellow follower of Shelyn I am embarrassed for the clergy for the cowardice you now show.

Out of Character:
Don't take this personal please

Dark Archive ****

Typical Andoran... They don't have stomach for honest work, only for various acts of skuldggery and malfeasance against the proper order

Grand Lodge **

How dare you, good sir! Master Zey is the formost expert on the metaphysical in all of Golarion! Why, the Society would be lost without him!

Liberty's Edge *

OOC: The original post is from a non-shadow lodge character. It explicitly talks about NOT taking the route of shadow lodge. Yet, the thread gets moved to Shadow Lodge.

I guess if we're only going to have in-character forums that relate to factions, then in-character posts will be force fit into some variation of factions.

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