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What are your go-to magical boots?


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Quick question. Only pre-made boots, no custom ones.

Assuming my character is not in the far North or South, I favor boots of elvenkind. Relatively cheap for the benefit. Most of my characters are half-elves so taping into their elven side. If I am dealing with the frozen tundra then boots of the North.

Levitate. Every time. never need a rank in climb, never fall far, Better than feather fall.

Easily boots of resistance. I'm a cleric. I need every point in my reflex save I can get.

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Boots of Striding and Springing - the +10 movement is just too good


A sturdy pair of leather boots.

I'm usually spending my funds elsewhere.

Cheapy wrote:
Quick question. Only pre-made boots, no custom ones.

Elven boots if a heavily stealth oriented Character. Boots of Speed for Martial ones. If my ref allows it I usually combine both of the previous with Boots of the Northlands and Boots of Striding and Springing for any character that can afford it.

Boots are pretty darn cheap for the most part so, if allowed, combining them is not that bad for what you get.

Striding and Springing if playing a martial class...or a Ranger.

Probably Levitate if magical.

My current ranger has Boots of Striding and Springing, combined with Boots of Friendly Terrain

Striding and springing all day 'erry day.

Striding and springing, though I have always wanted a pair of boots of teleportation.

I don't know anymore, 3.5 it was Steadfast Boots.

Boots of speed. Don't require an action to activate, move fast, to hit and reflex saves. Doesn't require an action from the party caster to help you out.

Assuming they are still allowed despite being slippers, Spider-climb. I'm sure it's silly and sub-optimal but I just love the idea of scampering up walls and ceilings.

And even though I would pretty much never ever use it up in a day, the duration of the winged boots sticks in my craw.


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For a home game once, I made Gnomish Boots of Silence and included it as loot for the players. The knowledge: Arcana check to figure out how they worked simply told the party that once activated they had a 5 second pause before they turned on, and then worked for 10 rounds.

The first time they used them was a situation where it was crucial to incapacitate the guard at the city gate. The rogue wearing the boots moved up near the guard, pressed the activation button, and ...

in a massive pipsqueeky voice, the boots proclaimed, "THE GNOMISH BOOTS OF SILENCE WILL ACTIVATE IN FIVE SECONDS!"

Cheapy wrote:
Quick question. Only pre-made boots, no custom ones.

Boots of speed for martial. The party arcane shouldn't even spend their swift action hasting you.

Boots of levitate for caster. My living greyhawk wizard touched the ground 3 times once he hit 5th level and made his.


Slippers of spiderclimb are hands down the most useful in a lot of the campaigns I have been in.

Lastoth wrote:
Slippers of spiderclimb are hands down the most useful in a lot of the campaigns I have been in.

Agreed. While I usually use Springing and Striding or Boots of Speed, I have witnessed Slippers of Spiderclimp come in VERY handy in alot of situations. The Pit line of spells aren't nearly as devistating if you have a pair of these on.

Striding and Springing for low-mid levels. (unless monk). I just love mobility too much.

Once I have the extra funds available: Speed, baby!

I guess it's obvious that i generally play martial types.

Boots of Side Stepping are a firm favourite of mine.

Unless there is a specific need for more speed in the character, I tend to go for the boots of the winterlands. While being up north isn't terribly common- they are cheap and automatically protect your character from the regular extremes of nature's heat or cold and.. well i mean, they are cheap as heck. :)

I think my witch has been wearing 'em since I created him, come to think of it.


Cheapy wrote:
Quick question. Only pre-made boots, no custom ones.

For my rogue...toss-up between Striding & Springing, LEvitation, or Winged Sandals (Boots, whatever..)

For Ranger, Winterlands, Striding & Springing, and that terrain one...I think...not in front of books right now...

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Boots of the Winterland actually just protect you from cold, not heat =/

But thanks all.


Boots of Speed for my fighter types. Nothing in particular for my other characters.

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