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Players who have lost their cards?

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion


Okay, I have several players that have been playing for about one year now and for what ever reason never registered online. We have their numbers due to playing and it being in their character sheet. How do they activate their membership if they don't have the cards? One or two of them have asked me to help them get this done and I dont know what to tell them.


An excellent question, and one I will no doubt have to answer soon.

In the absence of an official answer, the teacher in me would start by saying, "Well why on earth didn't you register a year ago?!"

Then my laziness would kick in and I would tell them to email the folks at Paizo.


yeppers ... I would email Mike their pfs numbers and the email addresses they are to be registered to (have they at least made a account?) -- keeping in mind that with the gear-up towards GenCon you might not get a response until afterwards

Grand Lodge ***

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion Subscriber

And afterwards, I'd throw pie at the CatBunnyGnome


Clint Blome wrote:
And afterwards, I'd throw pie at the CatBunnyGnome

uses KyleBaird as a shield fyi that's like +15 towards intimidate and evil eye combined muahahaa

Grand Lodge ***

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion Subscriber

I thought you liked pie?

Andoran ***** Venture-Lieutenant, California—Fresno aka Sarta

I'd suggest that they create Paizo accounts first, but not "join the pathfinder society" yet. They will need accounts though to get started.

Paizo Employee ***** Global Organized Play Coordinator

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Obtain a new number, email me the old number and new number, and I will merge the two.


Thank you Michael, I will send the to you when I get back to my Pathfinder folder. As for the pie never wast good pie...

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Finland—Tampere aka NiTessine

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This is the reason I never delete the PDFs of reserved Society numbers even after I've handed them all out.

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