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Help making a Andoid random encounter app


Grand Lodge

I had made a small program a long time go since I hate rolling for the random encounter times in my games. While this was only a qBasic app that I then converted to a exe it saved me a lot of rolls. All it does is roll a % for each hour of the day off the table and tell you if you had a enchounter at that hour. Based on how busy the area is and how the party is traviling. So if the party was traving like nornal through the wilderness it would roll 24 time so see if it hit the 8% or less and then tell you what time of day you hit it.

Terrain Normal Cautious Hiding
Desolate 5% 2% 1%
Wilderness 8% 4% 2%
Civilized 10% 5% 2%
Heavily Traveled 12% 6% 3%

This did not tell you what you hit/ hit you bbut that something happend so it was up to the GM to say what from running into a friendly merchent to a deadly dragon.

I was thinking that it may be cool to turn this into a app for the phones to help out but I do not know anything about programing for phones. Does any one know where to look to learn or would know some one can turn turn this old qbasic code into a andoid app so I can share it for free?

If you want to us the old code, it can be found at here

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