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Problem with PFS session

Website Feedback

Silver Crusade

I have a session on my list that's logged against the correct character number and faction, but for some reason, it shows the wrong character name when I look at the session list on the web site. It's event 14089, session 4. I was the GM, and I gave credit to my 8th character (Norowareta Nagagorjo) in the Lantern Lodge, but the name when I display my sessions on the web site shows Azdadellia, which is my 6th character.

I remember making a mistake and originally saving it for your 6th character... after I went back and changed the character number to 8, then re-saved it, it did apply to the correct character number but as you say the name "Azdadellia" still shows up. I have seen this behavior before when I goof an entry and have to edit it again. I think you will be fine (as the chronicle is related to the correct character) and it is more or less cosmetic. (My guess is that somewhere a field is not getting updated when an entry is updated... but strangely, it doesn't happen every time.)

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