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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

P. 352
Under "Senses and Communication", first paragraph, first sentence: change "emphatically" to "empathically"...unless intelligent items communicate with their wielders IN ALL CAPS?

Wamulus wrote:
Snapleaf (p.319) Should be edited to ensure it is a single use item (as I believe it was in RPG Superstar), instead of a 750gp infinite invisibility machine that the omission makes it.

With that price, should the base spell be changed to Vanish instead of Invisibility, giving the item a 5 round Invisibility instead of 5 minutes? It does seem overly powerful for such a cheap price.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Snapleaf is effectively a CL 5 Invisibility potion (500 GP) and a CL 5 feather fall potion (250 GP) rolled into one and activated by an immediate action (necessary for Featherfall to make sense), though you have to drink both at once. I think 750 GP is a reasonable price but it should definitely be a single-use item.

Please review the footnotes on Tables 3-10 and 3-11. The use of Footnote 3 ("Projectile weapons with this ability bestow this power upon their ammunition") and Footnote 7 ("Only thrown ranged weapons can have this special ability") is inconsistent and confusing.

In particular, how do we read ranged weapon properties that have neither Footnote 3 nor Footnote 7 in Table 3-10? If projectile weapons don't confer a property to their ammunition, then by implication, doesn't that mean that "only thrown ranged weapons" can make use of that property?

Some examples:
Designating, Lesser has footnote 3, but Designating, Greater does not. This is clearly an error, but I don't know which version is correct.

In the description, Seeking says "This special ability can only be placed on ranged weapons" (not "ranged weapons and ammunition"), and it specifically calls out arrows in its example. That combination seems to make it clear that Seeking[I] can be applied to bows or crossbows, and there are multiple examples of [I]Seeking bows wielded by NPCs.

However, Seeking[I/] lacks Footnote 3 in Table 3-10, and it appears as an ammunition property in Table 3-11, which implies that [I]Seeking doesn't work if it's placed on projectile weapons. Worse still, it also lacks Footnote 7 in Table 3-10, which means I can legally buy a weapon property that won't actually do anything. That can't be correct.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 291 - Deck of illusions

This was mentioned in the Core Rulebook errata thread, but I wanted to mention it here, too. Apparently this error has existed since 3.X days, but the deck of illusions has two entries for the five of cups tarot card, producing a kobold and a goblin.

Also, and this probably isn't an error but I thought I'd point it out, the two of pentacles is the only tarot card that is used by both the deck of illusions as well as the deck of many things. The fact that it's the only one maybe suggests it should have been a different card, unless of course even though each deck didn't have any duplicate cards except for this one it's a complete coincidence. If a GM wanted to replace one of them (like if the party had a deck of each and the GM wanted ALL of the cards to be unique from one another), I'd recommend changing the deck of illusion. Since that card creates an illusion in the form of the deck's owner, perhaps the VI. Lover card.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I know it has been mentioned before but the Ring of the Sea Strider still has the word contagious in the description of the item int the PRD. D20pfsd site has made the change to contiguous. It has been a couple of years now so it ought to have been changed by now.

Grand Lodge

Hendelbolaf wrote:
I know it has been mentioned before but the Ring of the Sea Strider still has the word contagious in the description of the item int the PRD. D20pfsd site has made the change to contiguous. It has been a couple of years now so it ought to have been changed by now.

The PRD never changes until an official errata is made for the product. Since Ultimate Equipment hasn't had an errata yet, the PRD is "locked" until then.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Strife2002 wrote:

Pg. 50 - Elysian bronze

It probably goes without saying that it is, but this material should mention if it's always considered masterwork or not.

In addition, it would be nice to know if only metal weapons can be made from it, or if it really does have no usage restriction. (IE can you make a Elysian Bronze Quarterstaff?)

Grand Lodge

Pg. 84 - Rabbit

Not a big deal, but wanted to let everyone know we have two options for rabbit stats now. The rabbit's description says to use the statistics for a rat, however a new creature in Bestiary 4, the pooka, can transform into a rabbit but it says to use the stats for a raccoon, which are found on page 113 of Bestiary 3.

Here's a question that's been bothering me for quite some time....

The Scimitar has been, back to the days of Pathfinder's 1970s ancestors, one of the more popular weapons.

The Scimitar is the Favored Weapon for the religion of Sarenrae, which is one of the most common religions (at least in terms of play, if not canon) in the Pathfinder settings.

It is similarly one of the most popular weapons for Druids.

So, WHY isn't it on the random weapon determination table of the UEG? Even the table errata below (from earlier in this thread) skips it...

66 sai
67 sap
68-69 scythe
70-73 shortbow
74-75 shortspear
76-80 shortsword
81 shuriken
82 sickle
83–84 sling

Seriously? Sai, saps, and shuriken are more common than a Scimitar? It should be at least as common as the sling, if not one of the 3 "short" weapons. ESPECIALLY on a table meant for generating magical treasure - or do druids and the Church of Sarenrae eschew the use of magical weapons?

I know you can stick it in with the result of "other" items, but most GMs I know tend to "feed the warrior types" with that kind of result, leaving the divine spellcasters out to dry.

(Rant mode off)

Grand Lodge

Pg. 16 - Weapons

Second paragraph, last sentence; change "If this second attack roll exceeds the target’s AC" to "If this second attack roll equals or exceeds the target’s AC".

Emphasis mine.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


all three rings minor,major and greater all seem to have CL of 11

in Core Rulebook the CL varies 3,7 and 11 respectively.

Was this change intentional or a mistake?

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