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Golarion's Finest Inns & Taverns

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Shadow Lodge **

I'm sure we all have a few characters with a tavern vanity. I'd love to hear where your tavern is and what it is called...who knows, it may be namedropped if the PCs pass nearby...

If you're ever in Absalom by the Grand Bazaar in the Coins, stop by The Long Spear--Longspear Lux the Oracle would love to swap stories of his days in the militia and complain about his aching leg.

Qadira *** Venture-Lieutenant, Australia—Sydney

Though not a tavern, there is an island off the coast of Andoran known as New Belkzland, where I live in Wellington Estate.

Shadow Lodge ****

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

This brings up a great thought - what about a Pathfinder Society list of ships, taverns, caravans, and all the other vanities out there, for roleplay purposes?

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

If you're ever in need of a ship to take you somewhere, look up The Tomb Guardian Captained by Issabella Anta

Shadow Lodge ****

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
If you're ever in need of a ship to take you somewhere, look up The Tomb Guardian Captained by Issabella Anta

See, this is why I think it would be cool for all the PC-owned vanities to be listed out there somewhere. One of my characters is closing in on enough PP for his own ship too, and plans to buy himself a great big hat when that happens...

Ok, can you tell I love the roleplay part of PFS a bit? :P

Grand Lodge **

I've purchased a spot in the Coins as well. The Silvered Longsword is a wellkept establishment as well as a temple to Cayden Cailean. Prove you are with the Society for a discount. :)

Qadira ***** Venture-Lieutenant, North Carolina—Raleigh aka Omega Man

My recently retired sorceress has acquired a small theatre over in the Ivy district. Chelzy's School of Dance.

Perfect for teaching young ladies their graceful steps & host to numerous exclusive dance performances in intimate surroundings.

Paizo Employee *

I hear the Rusty Dragon in Sandpoint serves a delightful curried salmon. I managed to figure out the recipe and transcribed it.

Grand Lodge **

I own a bakery just outside the Grand Lodge in Absalom, called Cledwyn's Confection Castle.

Silver Crusade *

Do you like coffee? If so, there is a good chance that you have tried some of the black roast brought in from Nagajor by my caravan, The Dawn Zephyr.

After a recent voyage to Tian Xia to recover the Lotus Annuals, I was able to negotiate a trade agreement with a Naga ruler that has been very beneficial both for the region's coffee farmers and for those in Absalom who enjoy a morning cup. We've been bringing in large shipments of beans ever since.

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