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Silver Crusade Season 4 Faction Goals

Silver Crusade

Paizo Employee **

Bringer of Light,

As always, our cause is unwavering and our resolve is strong, and I know the goodness within you will ever guide you toward what is right and true. You and many others in the Pathfinder Society will soon embark on your own crusade into the untamed land of Varisia to forge a new path in the city of Magnimar and the ruins of fallen Thassilon. I take this opportunity to remind you of the tenets of our mission so that while we are far from one another you are cognizant of how you may make the greatest impact on the world.

Varisia was once a thriving empire ruled by evil wizards who drew their power from the very sins of their subjects. Not long ago, one of these runelords awoke from a slumber of 10,000 years and very nearly reclaimed the empire he once ruled with an avaricious fist. These runelords are the epitome of what power can do in the hands of the unrighteous, and should serve as examples of what we must never allow to happen again. You have a great opportunity in Varisia, for you can learn from the ruins of the runelords’ unholy empire what their weaknesses are, what fates they succumbed to in the past, and what we may use to combat them should they return again in the future.

Not all of Varisia is made of ruins of fallen empires of evil, however, and many of the people who call the land home are good folk who live their lives oblivious to the unthinkable evil potentially resting beneath their very homes. Along your travels, spread the word of righteousness, vigilance, and sacrifice. For the time may very well come when untrained farmers and common merchants must take up arms to fight the forces of evil, be they the demons of the Worldwound, the orcs of Belkzen, or a risen runelord and her army of enslaved monsters. Prepare the people for the coming war, for when the tide of battle washes over them, it will be too late.

Be the sunlight in the world’s darkest corners,
Ollysta Zadrian

Silver Crusade ****

"I'll head to the library and see if I can get ready to learn about them." looks around

" For inspiring the word you mah ah uhm.. want someone inspiring?"

Silver Crusade *****

My lady, your call to these frontier lands and our mission there draws me with both duty to my faction and my faith. Grandmother Crow also calls me to protect the innocent and I would be honored to serve you as well in that regard. This land may be far from my home in Alkenstar and the Wastes, but I am sure my staff and bow will be welcome among the common folk of Varisia. Thank you. I look forward to helping extinguish any evil that may rise in those lands.

Silver Crusade *****

I am now looking forward to hitting a runelord with a very big hammer.

(I promise to do it in front of people so they know how awesome being a good guy is.)

Silver Crusade **

As it is my duty as a healer and a protector of those who cannot protect themselves, I shall do everything within my power to aid those who need it. Be it in my homeland of Varisia, or elsewhere in the world, my power and my sword are sworn to protect those who need it.

Silver Crusade **

Ah! I must say, I approve of this direction for the Crusade. It has long been my belief that we should fight for the common man, and what better way to do that than to help them take up the cause? It will be an honor to spread the word of the Crusade in these far off, troubled lands.

Silver Crusade *

Oh goody! We can go help people and make pretty fires to burn evil.

Silver Crusade ***

I shall do my best to establish a home for lost children in Varisia. We must look after the weakest and most innocent of our brothers and sisters

Liberty's Edge *****

"I was born in Varisia. Long have I... wondered when I would return home, to try and... redeem others to the light... the way I was. We must be...vigilant, but standing together... I do not think we can fail."

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

Posting as the gnome paladin of Iomedae, Pingo Narnak (and his dog Champ!) since VCs can't use aliases
My lady

If there are innocent people in danger and my minor talents could lend them aid and my deeds could fuel the fires of their hope then this is where I will be.

I will ride forth and under the grace of Iom
edae this very day to fight with hon
or and righteousness in order to protect the good people of Varisia against the forces of evil what ever they may be.

I will make this my crusade.

May you always triumph in the cause of righteousness,

Pingo Narnak

Silver Crusade ****

I too will join you on this crusade Pingo. We must defend the prople of Varisia and defeat those who would threaten and oppress the innocent citizens of Varisia.

My mount Silver and I vow to protect, defend and bring the ideals of the Silver Crusade and the Order of the Dragon to this endangered land.

We must and will triumph

Merisa, Cavalier of the Order of the Dragon and Cleric of Kurgess

Silver Crusade **

My Lady-

I heed your call. I shall endeavor as best I can to spread merciful healing and the simple grace of beauty and truth to whomever I come across in my far flung travels to this untamed frontier. By your guidance and the warming love of Shelyn, we shall sooth the suffering and make a better world.

I do look forward to discovering new people, new songs, and ancient masterpieces in this wild country to which we are dispatched. I stand ready to advance the light into the darkened spaces.

Your humble servant,

Laurel Westgate.

Silver Crusade

Disorder has had its way for far too long.
I too shall join in the fray.
My muscles are young and untested, yet my steel is true and strong.
Law and order shall prevail for the betterment of all!

Silver Crusade ****

My apologies for being slow to respond to the call but I have been in Sandpoint finding out what information I could about the Goblin situation there.

I will work to bring help to the innocent of Varisia, urge them to be ready to defend themselves and their families and ask Sarenrae to help them resist the evil that is coming. Bring the light with you and we shall prevail against the dark.

Freya of Karlsgard, Cleric of Sarenrae

Silver Crusade

I heal and protect the innocent and defenseless. I do what what is needed to accomplish this task. This changes none of my goals. I will protect the commoners from the monsters who scape the shining light of the initial assault on evil.

*Says the Inquisitor of Sarenrae with a somber tone of voice*

Grand Lodge


Although I have only recently answered the Dawnflower's call, I shall uphold the tenets of the Everlight, as well as of that of the Silver Crusade. We shall not fail to safeguard Varisia.

May the Dawnflower's perpetual light shine on us all for all eternity.

Faithfully yours,
Ariana Assadi, Dawnflower Dervish

Silver Crusade **

The Guardian of the Gate answers, I am currently embroiled in affairs to the south but will bring myself and my companions northward as soon as we are able. May his face remained eclipsed for another day, the door is not meant to open yet.

Liberty's Edge *****

Posting as Goolock, the Tian La Fighter who was originally Lantern Lodge because his boss told him to be and switched to Silver Crusade when his boss was absent and he couldn't understand the faction mission and the only pathfinder in his party that would help him was a paladin. Because VLs can't post with aliases
Um, I do good stuff lady. What this say Rune sin? You just tell me who smash with hammer and I do that. Hey boss? you here? Can you explain me what I do with silver mission?

I know, I got it. You want me spread mission of wholesome redemption to all and kill bad guys with hammer. I'll do that. Hey boss? These guys bad? boss?

Goolock's friend who he refers to his boss to his chagrin is still Lantern lodge and was not happy to hear about this occurrence in his absence. *facepalm*

Silver Crusade ****

Sounds like the people need some strength training, cardio, and a good stint of aerobics. I'm Bo Atlas professional bodybuilder and thrower of unattended objects for goodness.

Silver Crusade ***

Lady Ollysta,

I've only recently embarked upon my first mission for the Pathfinder Society. Stopping some petty goblin thieves was a relatively simple task, which should aid in keeping the common folk of Varisia safe.

I promise I will continue to serve with honor in our crusade against evil. My sword and bow shall be driven by the power of Iomedae to serve our righteous cause, smiting the forces of evil, whereever they hide!

Oh right, and healing people and showing mercy and stuff, too, if that comes up.

Silver Crusade *

My daughter and I strike from the shadows in the service of the light.

Silver Crusade ****

Agda Haskell wrote:

My daughter and I strike from the shadows in the service of the light.

*Gulps*, and sets up a checkerboard to have a game with the shadow. "J..just tell me what pieces you want to move"

Liberty's Edge

*brushes some dirt off the barrel of my pistol and then holsters it* All right. Lets do this.

Silver Crusade *

Sure. My sister and I will gladly vaporize evil wherever we find it, and from the sound of it, we'll be able to expand out spellbooks to boot! We'll bring some friends, too.

oc: 4 brand new players joining the Crusade :)

Silver Crusade ***

A blue skinned gnome with wild green hair wanders in, smiling pleasantly and looking around at everyone in the room.

"Greetings, Pathfinders! The name's Kelladorf Wizzlefarb."

Pointing at Ninevrisei Startree's feet, he tells her, "Your shoelaces are untied", then continues to stroll into the room, not even looking back to see if she fell for his lie. After a moment, he turns back to her. "Just messin' with ya", he says with a wink and a smile.

"So this is the Silver Crusade. I hear you guys are kinda the goody two shoes of the Pathfinder Society."

"I joined the Society mostly so I could see the world, and spread some fun to people all over the place. I just figure the world would be a better place if everyone would lighten up and laugh a little, ya know?"

"It looks like the Society's divided into a bunch of factions that are all serious, with some worshiping devils, or out for profit, or continuing their ancient national rivalries. Too serious for me. Like I said, I think they all need to lighten up."

"So then I hear that you Crusader types just want to make the world a better place. I like the sound of that. Like I said, I just want to spread some joy and laughter, ya know?"

"But that also means I'm not exactly the greatest at the whole smiting evil thing. I'm more of a lover than a fighter." He winks. "Ok, so I'm more of a laugher than a lover." He smiles at his own self-deprecating joke. "I've got a crossbow and dagger in case of emergency, but that's not exactly my forte. Little gnome, big bad guys... you see where I'm goin' with this?"

"So I guess I can join your Crusade, as long you don't mind that I'm not exactly gonna be the one spilling the most blood in the fight against evil. I'm more about talking to people, getting them to laugh, and helping everyone get along."

"But I have my own conditions if I join you, too. I know there's a bunch of paladins and holy cleric types in this Crusade. I can respect that, but I hope you don't expect me to start living up to some holy code of conduct or something. I've never really been big on that sort of thing. Rules are made to be broken, especially if I can get a laugh out of it. As long as no one gets hurt, right?"

"And I'm sure not gonna promise not to tell any lies. Most of my lyin' is just little jokes, like the shoelace thing earlier. But sometimes, inventing your own truth can be the best way out of a bad situation. That's just sorta who I am. I get into and outta trouble five times a day. As long as nobody gets violent, it's all good."

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

Posting as The Silvio a recent goblin addition to the Silver Crusade since Venture Captains can't use aliases

Looking very unsure of himself a goblin kneels in front of Ollystra and vows,
"I iz The Silvio. I be Pathfinder and shiny lady say that I has good in me."

It is obvious that The Silvio does not fully believe this yet but he really really wants it to be true.

"I try to look for it but I can't find but you say yup it there. He looks up with shining eyes at the paladin.

"So I be good and good pathfinder. I work hards and goes on da mishun and dooz the Pathfindery stuffs and other good things for the shiny lady so swears The Silvio."

Silver Crusade ****

Sometimes its the paladins that worry me the most...

*pauses and looks at the goblin*

...."or that used to be the case"


Ninévriseï, her feet snug and warm in knee-high fur boots, grins at the blue gnome and raises her glass in greeting.

Silver Crusade *

Butt-kicking for Goodness!!!!

Silver Crusade *

"Good things come in small packages, my olive skinned friend," A tanned, veiled halfling female replies in a sultry alto. "I should know, I'm as good as it gets."

Her long, thin fingers walk over the bare head of the Goblin. She winks, and twirls away, the long sheer veils she wears over her form fitting leather body suit, swirls like a tempest as she passes.

She saunters past a few paladins on her way to a seat.

"Then again, I sometimes see the virtue in the belief that bigger is better."

Silver Crusade **

By his baleful countenance I thought I would never get to meet one of the fabled 38 goblins the decemvirate brought in, let alone as paladin and amongst my associates! How has your time amongst the pathfinders been, have you heard much news of your brethren?

Silver Crusade *

oivd with his long red cloak, and with an eye patch that seem to swing back and forth, off of his face as he places the eye patch down you see that the eye is glowing the aura of good " all right lads and lasses i plan to help in this curasde with my ship and the rest of my crew we will set sail to where ever our masters in the sky tell us for its the right thing to do!

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

Posting as The Silvio a recent goblin addition to the Silver Crusade since Venture Captains can't use aliases

Kastra wrote:
"Good things come in small packages, my olive skinned friend, I should know, I'm as good as it gets."

As Kastras fingers leave his skin the goblin’s shining eyes follow the twirling Halflings progress like a flower tracking the sun.

Akram Alhazrad wrote:
By his baleful countenance I thought I would never get to meet one of the fabled 38 goblins the decemvirate brought in, let alone as paladin and amongst my associates!

At this the small Goblin’s ears droop in sadness. In a tiny voice he replies,

”I no iz Paladin. I iz still just The Silvio. Shiny lady tell me I is good but I not good like shiny lady.”

Akram Alhazrad wrote:
How has your time amongst the pathfinders been, have you heard much news of your brethren?

The Silvio perks up at this

“At first is wuz hard but then it was bestest time. They teerches us lots of thingz. Like about swarmz, undeads, and that it iz good to not be seen when other people are talking and when iz a good time burnz stuffs and how to be a Pathfinder and the Explorz, Cooperatinating and the Reportz. But many goblinz had teh dumb and died but not The Silvio I has a smart.

It is clear that he enjoyed his training but that he also feels guilty about it.

Silver Crusade *

*watches her daughter play checkers with Doyle*

"At last, out of that pocket dimension of children's stories run amok."

"Now, now, dear. Don't annoy the nice man. Please sing some other songs too."

The little Shadow giggles. Disconcertingly like a little girl. And plays hide and seek with sliding into the floor when it's her turn to hide.

Silver Crusade ****

Smirks as the shadow sinks into the ground. As she pops up, his form shrinks and solidifies into a flecked grey granite and he slips into the stone, making it ripple like water before disappearing.

Sovereign Court *

I have a friend who is an Andoran. He mentioned that his faction was heading to Magnimar as well. It would seem that our two factions are closely aligned this campaign season.

I know very little of this part of the world. I have heard that Varisia is full of vampires. And Chaliax is full of devils. It would seem that if a people wanted to be good this is a very dangerous place to be. We will need ships to support them. And the good graces of the elves to the north. Perhaps we should first start there with our endeavors.

As it is written in The Birth of Light & Truth; "Let us not falter in the sewing and stewardship of the seeds of mighty oaks."

Silver Crusade

It is with great honor that I take up my sword to help rid the land of evil. My own town was burned by thugs, and so this quest is dear to my heart as I no person should suffer what I have. Iomedae guide me.

Silver Crusade **

Well, what'er we standin' around fer? Let's get our arses to Varisia and get to spreadin' the word! A rune lord is nuthin' to flak about and we need to get those people ready should the worst come to pass!


Silver Crusade

I was very happy to make the journey to Magnimar and take my place among the other members of our Crusade to protect and defend the endangered folk of Varisia. However, I was troubled by a recent faction mission, which commanded me to destroy a work of art because of its sacreligious nature.

When faced with this choice, I went ahead and did as I had been bidden, but with grave misgivings. While I serve Iomedae, I also have great reverence for Shelyn, and it is distressing to me when any work of art is destroyed; with every such loss, the greatness of the universe is that much more diminished, and it becomes a more squalid and mundane place. I was fortunate in that the painting in question was not the product of a true artist, and was heretically offensive the followers of Sarinrae as well, but if more such assignments come my way I shall worry about the slippery slope onto which this practice could lead us.

Silver Crusade **

The armored archetype of a paladin enters and surveys the group. "So nice to be Home!" She smiles at everyone, and looks around. "A break, and then back for sending evil where it belongs.

Silver Crusade ***

I head out immediately for Magnimar. I fear it may be too late already, but I swear by Iomedae that many foes shall fall by my sword before the runelords can take hold in Varisia.


Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Sounds as if this evil incited unrest may impede the free flow of beer...and that just must not be!

Sign me up! I shall impede and slay whatsoever evil that stands in the way of the free passage of the lifeblood of our sacred taverns. :D

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