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Shadow Lodge Season 4 Faction Goals

Shadow Lodge

Paizo Employee **

Trusted Compatriot,

Your travels will soon take you far from the streets of Absalom where I am most at home, but do not think that being far from me limits how we can help one another. Varisia is an old land with many secrets, and even in the new cities that grow like weeds at the feet of the ancient ruins that dot the land there is a place for those who think like we do. Be ever watchful for tips that could be of use to our network, for even in Absalom there are those who would pay very well for rumors of the goings on in Magnimar, Korvosa, and Riddleport. Be my eyes and ears and help my information network expand, and the favors I’ll owe you will more than make up for your trouble.

Your task will, of course, be easier if your allies—I mean our allies—among the Pathfinder Society trust us, and I believe we’re gaining more and more trust each day. We’ve certainly got everyone seeing us as motivated by the better good, and even if that’s not necessarily always the case, I’m not going to correct them. We have many ways of making sure the Decemvirate does right by us, and the smiling face we show to the Ten is but one avenue of getting our way. Keep up appearances by making sure Pathfinders of all stripes see you fighting the obvious enemies of the Society, especially the Aspis Consortium or holdouts from when our own Shadow Lodge agents turned against the Society. An enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all, and the more Pathfinders who see us as friends and not enemies, the better.

Ever one to present two faces, I need you to use a bit of subtlety when dealing with the Aspis Consortium. I have a suspicion that the schism among our membership a few years ago was the work of someone who had much to gain by setting Pathfinders against Pathfinders in open conflict. Who better than the Aspis Consortium to benefit from our self-destruction? If you have the chance to infiltrate the Aspis Consortium and learn about their leadership, their structures, and their plans, all of this information can be of use to me. If it also benefits the Society, then so be it. But someone in the Consortium played all of us for fools, so now it’s personal.

May the Shadow hide and keep you,
Grandmaster Torch

Liberty's Edge **

Grandmaster Torch

I have experienced a lack of trust from some comrades of the Pathfinder Society regarding the Shadow Lodge. It does not daunt me in my business. I do not always understand the ways of others, but I am rarely bothered by their judgements.

I will do what I can to be a friend to all of my companions in the Pathfinder Scoiety. I love life and will never shed it without good cause, but I struggle to stand by when I see others disregard life with scant concern.

I will watch for the Aspis Consortium and their plots. I am a brother of the Shadow Lodge. What my eyes and ears see and hear is information that I am glad to share with my brothers in the Shadow Lodge.

White Tail

White Tail stands behind his mask. It is impossible to discern what he is truly thinking

Grand Lodge ****

What an exciting turn of events.

My mind races at the possible twists and turns of fate I will experience in Magnimar.

If you ever need an agent in Kaer Maga please send me! I've heard so much about the City of Strangers. Stories of bizarre magics that thrive in a city where almost anything goes.

You can count on me, Grandmaster Torch.

The Exchange *****

As if I needed more reasons to go after those Aspis *gnomish expletive*s. While I may not have much longer to serve, you can count on me for the time I do have.

Sovereign Court **

Grandmaster Torch

Buliwyf, Son of Folkvardr, is here to help you. Don't worry boss. I've got this. I'll break who you tell me to. Maybe throw a few extra in for free. And keep the bad folks away from the squishier Pathfinders.


Grand Lodge ****

Master Torch,

I will depart for the City of Monuments post haste and endeavor to look into possibility that someone such as the Aspis might have been responsible for the affairs of which you speak. I dislike having to do some of the things that needed doing in those dark days past, and Ol' Painless wishes to see about rendering a bit of justice to those were responsible for Pathfinder spilling Pathfinder blood.

Too many I called friend and mentor turned against the society or let others poison their opinions of the society, and it has been every my wish to see who was behind this schism. It is only right that those of the Shadow Lodge reveals the true villains behind this darkest hour of the society.

Kyrie Ebonblade will find the foe, and guide them to their proper reward, with some help from Ol' Painless. And if needed, I shall reluctantly deliver them to those in authority.

Shadow Lodge ***


So you say that more of those rogue scum are still operating? This news infuriates me, and I will not be able to sleep soundly at night until the organization behind the death of my family is completely and utterly dismantled. As for the Aspis Consortium, I will do as you ask, and put on a facade in an attempt to discover their true purposes. Yet if it does turn out that the Consortium was, in fact, supporting the rogue movement, or worse yet, the cause of it, I will not rest until I come face-to-face with the true masterminds behind all the tragedies which have befell me in my lifetime. Whether this confrontation will lead to either their end or mine matters little to this old gnome, so long as I am able to ascertain the truth. As always, your knowledge has proven invaluable to my personal endeavors, so I will strive to be just as useful to your purposes.

Much Appreciated,

Dark Archive

Tweaking the nose of the Aspis Consortium from the inside? Sounds like fun. Count me in!

Grand Lodge ****

Traveling to Magnimar sounds like an interesting venture. I shall watch for those conspiring against the Society and attempting to besmerch the good name of the Shadow Lodge while making sure my comrads are well taken care of.

- Sadron

Shadow Lodge ****


You will always have my undying support in whatever task you require of me.

-Rothgar Darkblade

Grand Lodge *

Ah, it will be good to rest back in Absalom after that impossibly long voyage back from Tian Xia... What? We're being sent to Varisia? ... I'll go get my bags. As for subtlety... I have been working on casting Invisibility...

Shadow Lodge

I am as you say newly recruited. I would find great honor in assisting you and my brethren in the task of restoring balance and harmony from with in. As well as ceasing those who would sow the seeds of our destruction and chaos from without. Though I am as subtle as a thunderstorm, I am sure you can steer me where to strike most effectively and assign me to "enhance" your emissaries where needed.

Grand Lodge **

While I have just recently established my name in the Pathfinder Society, and as such, in your favor, I will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of whoever has been attempting to benefit from the harm and pain of our amazing Pathfinders. Whether it is the rogue Shadow Lodge "Members", the Aspis Consortium, or the sneaky Decimverate, I will not rest until my peers are safe, and we are adequately thanked for the effort we exert for the Society.

Thank you for accepting me,
Nisha Revanis

Dark Archive *****

Grand Master, The arrangements have now been made & the ship that your influence helped acquire is now at my command. I shall have the crew set sail for the city of monuments at the next good tide & should you have need of her "Winter Shadow" is at your disposal.

Thank you again for your clemency for the Shadow Lodge members who were once under the influence of Caggrigar. I pledge to continue to prove that your faith in us was not misplaced. I still hope to have a chance to convince any remaining fallen agents to rejoin.

For the good of the members

Third Daughter of Winterscall

Shadow Lodge

Grandmaster Torch, my best-est of friends! My journeys have taken me far beyond Absalom, as you have promised - I have encountered many curious things and a surprising number of talented dance partners (one I am pretty sure was a genuine and true genie), as well. I have made many friends as my time lengthens among my fellow Pathfinders and many of them have become your friends too - after all, nothing is as - what's the word - "contagious" as a worthwhile cause, I think.

Do not worry, I continue our work, as you have asked. Perhaps once day I will find true Salvation beside the Damnation I walk with.

頑張って, المشي مع النجوم,

~ Tregan, the Shard

Dark Archive ****

A small shadow from the dark corner of the room sidles up and materializes as a small pixie-like figure with black skin covered in raised white bumps pattered in spirals and lines. He grins slyly as he begins to speak

"Of course, Grandmaster. Mordo Canta at your service. Our ranks will stay true. And the Aspis will pay." His grin widens, showing a large mouth full of small pointed teeth. "For if anyone is built for sneaking and infiltration, it is I." With another grin and a snap of his fingers, Mordo once again vanishes into the shadows to resume his silent watch.

Sovereign Court ***

Oh how very exciting! I have always wanted to travel outside of Absalom. It will be fun to seek out our Aspis Consortium enemies and show them a thing or two. You can count on me, your Grandmasterness :)

~Modwitz Whistlebender

Liberty's Edge **

Aspis? <Spits>. Can’t we just cut off the head of the snake and move onto something more worthy of our time?

Sovereign Court ***

Damon Blackhand wrote:
Can’t we just cut off the head of the snake and move onto something more worthy of our time?

There are snakes? Where???

Liberty's Edge **

It's a figure of speech...

I can see why the organization still exists and it's not because they are competent either.

Give me a team of 20 quality Pathfinders and no rules on how I get the job done, and I'll eradicate this worthless organization from Varisia.

Shadow Lodge

Marcus Bruiser is always ready to continue the work of the Shadow Lodge. Grandmaster, Let the shadow cover all, and our respect gained once again. I , Marcus who is from Varisia, will keep to the shadows, but leave my ears open for those who may be able to help us. I may know of one man in Magnimar. I shall contact him, and begin to find others.

Let the Shadow guide you master,


Grand Lodge **

"Ya know, I ain't much for infiltratin', and most times folk know when I'm lyin' to 'em. But, when it does come time for puttin' the enemies down, my bow is sure ready."

The northern man who looks of Kellish descent, and who has a bow as thick as his arm shrugs. "I'll do what I can, of course."

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