Sczarni Season 4 Faction Goals


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My Best Friend!

I am overjoyed to hear you will soon be venturing to Varisia, a land of my people and home to opportunity beyond your wildest dreams. You see, people like you and me are quite common in Varisia, whether they ply the roads in colorful caravans of painted wagons, sail the waters of the Yondabakari to ferry travelers obvious and hidden across the great land, or operate a nondescript curio shop in Magnimar or Riddleport. If you know where to look for a friend in Varisia, you can find one, I assure you.

You can also find a few enemies, though, if you know what I mean, because it turns out, not everyone who comes from our side of the street sees things the same way. But you and I are in a great place to change that, you see. I am, after all, an incredibly well-connected person among our kind here in Absalom. And Absalom is, as you well know, the City at the Center of the World. It stands to reason, then, that the one with the most influence in the city with the most influence should, well, have the most influence everywhere. You follow me?

It would be a shame for the Pathfinder Society to send so many to Varisia and for me not to be able to see my friends as much any more, so I’m going to travel to Riddleport and see if I can’t set up the Pickled Imp II there. It’ll be easier for us to stay in touch that way at the very least. And as you’re running errands for the Pathfinders, you can also deliver some messages to other members of our extended family who might need a reminder of who’s really in charge of things. Between the two of us, I think we can be the ones planning all the Karela family reunions in just a year’s time, no?

Make sure you’re always looking out for those who have your back, and if you need to rearrange your priorities a bit so the Pathfinder Society’s serving us instead of the other way around, I certainly wouldn’t stop you. Don’t get into any trouble that’d make you unable to do your main mission, however. Knowing your place is important.

I look forward to seeing you soon beneath the Cyphergate,
Guaril Karela


Ahh, Varisia... It will be good to be able to travel back home, see old friends and meet new ones.

As always, I shall keep the interests of the family at the forefront of my actions. It simply wouldn't do to go spreading a bad reputation, no?

I look forward to these upcoming missions, and the chance to further our connections in our homeland.

- Z


Varisia it shall be then. Ah-HA! To turn the purse, and win the race, one turns a verse, and turns his face. It will indeed be a decadent undertaking, but just one small step in our overall climb.

Of course I hear that you son is doing quite well in Riddleport or was he in Magnimar? Wherever the kid is I'm sure he's just as entrepreneurial as you. I heard the ship he took was actually meant to carry him onto Linnorm, but he fell a few gold short - how neigh his future was to being different!

Praise Razmir,


Although there may be less profit in demonstrating mastery of the Arts Arcane to the peasantry of our venerable homeland, it's always good to touch base with the ancient shores of our birth. If nothing else, surely a re-gathering of the old families will open up new avenues for profit, as well as rekindle fond memories.

Perhaps there is real Pathfinder business to be found in our ancient home. Or perhaps the Society can be drawn here to serve our own purposes. Either way, the cleverest man wins. That's a deal I'm always willing to take.

Grand Lodge

A puzzled scowl on a lean elven face attracts you. He whispers something...

"meet me at the Pickeled Imp.... I do so like the contracts and the chance to ply my trade in mortality. But I will not enter a pickeled imp for any amount of money. Beyond that its the Pickeled Imp II, not even the original pickeled imp. One wonders what has become of fair Varisia, to be awash in pickled imps."

Oh that's the name of a bar.

More time in Varisia? Hmmpf.
Good Karela, be kind enough to guide my boots clear of Galdurian mud. Some there are not endeared to me. The temptation to reach out to them... well, you understand... I should not wish to color our efforts with greater complexity. It would be shameful to forget our mutual benefits in the caravan trade.

May Desna grant you easy passage into Riddleport.

The Exchange

I look to the homeland with pride and the eagerness, but remember brothers as we say in Kaer Maga...little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape...da? Be sure to watch your back for no one will watch it for you, even in the family.


Grand Lodge

Hey boss all these notes and stuff remind me of those odd Taldorans. When are we getting some honest mortality work?

The Exchange

"Leave it to me." the halfling says, leaning against the wall and balancing a dagger on his finger. "I've been in Riddleport a time or two." Bart flips the dagger into the air, catches it, and sheaths it in one smooth motion. He stands up straight and brushes the dust off of his fine jacket. "When do I start?"


Hey Gorilla Carer, I am hearing some rumors about someone un-pathfindering us. If this is true why did you have us save the para-counters. I could have easily made sure she never returned then that other guy. I told him I would make invisible and I wand vanished him tehehehe.

The Exchange

Varisia, you say? I have heard tell that it is a land ripe with opportunity for those willing to seize upon it. When do we leave?

BTW, who is this cad Bartholomew who shares my face?

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