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Andoran Season 4 Faction Goals


Paizo Employee **

Vigilant Patriot,

As you likely know, the Decemvirate has of late placed much attention on the land of Varisia, and specifically the city of Magnimar, where one of the Pathfinder Society’s newest lodges is currently working to establish itself in the region. With explorers and antiquarians flocking to Varisia after the discovery of the lost Thassilonian city of Xin-Shalast, it’s no surprise the Ten would want to capitalize on the adventuring potential Varisia presents.

We who oppose tyranny in all its forms and who hope to see liberty thrive throughout the Inner Sea also have reason to focus our attention on Varisia and the City of Monuments. Magnimar is a new city, formed just over a century ago by Korvosan dissenters who wanted to free themselves from the shackles of Chelish influence. I’m sure you can see how Magnimar is not so different from Andoran.

It is for this reason that I am traveling to Magnimar and will be personally overseeing the establishment of an Andoren embassy within the city. Making political and economic inroads among Magnimar’s elite may be difficult, especially as the wealthy merchants and descendants of the great founding families move ever closer to establishing a new Varisian aristocracy, but with your help we will prevail, and the influence of our great nation will help establish Magnimar not just as a powerful city-state, but a nation in its own right.

While adventuring in Varisia, be ever watchful for ways of improving our embassy, both in appearance and reputation, and give Magnimar’s movers and shakers a reason to listen when we offer them our hand in friendship. Keep Magnimar’s interests in mind, and as you strive to further the goals of the city, make sure all around you know that it was Andoran who came to its aid. And while I cannot openly suggest you do harm to the citizens or property of Korvosa, the weakening of that Chelish thrall-city would benefit Magnimar and the Andoren cause.

When we next meet it will be in the shadow of monuments. May the next monument in Magnimar be to liberty, freedom, and Andoran!

I trust you will not let me down,
Major Colson Maldris

Liberty's Edge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.


If we can't make our ideals work without screwing over the peasants because they happen to live in a city under siege then we're no different than the Chelaxian goat kissers excusing their actions with 'the greater good' nonsense.

Lets SHOW Korvosa how freedom works, not tell em its great then don't let em' have any.

Liberty's Edge ***

Those in Magnimar will know the joys of full frontal freedom!

Liberty's Edge *

May the next monument in Magnimar be to liberty and freedom, not to Andoran! Let not the people of Magnimar see themselves as needing help from outsiders, even us. They must not set us up as some sort of superior beings - that would be no better than their having an aristocracy.

Liberty's Edge *


Liberty's Edge ****

Lance Coporal Petr Galder reporting for duty.

I shall do everything in my power to further the cause of freedom in Magnimar.

By the horns of Erastil, Magnimar shall decide its own destiny on Golarion.

Paizo Employee *****

I owe your agents life-debt for saving me from the hold of the hated White Witches. In this, as in all things, you will have my blade at your disposal. By the grace of the sun spirit and the moon spirit, may we all be successful and safe, and may no lives be lost on either side, no stories forced to end before their time.

Oh, and one last thing? Chief Maldris, if you wouldn't mind sending your message with a crier next time--Last time you sent me a letter, which as you know I cannot read. Fortunately there was a trustworthy paladin of the Silver Crusade to read it to me, but I fear some time there will not be. I would not want to miss even one of your noble missions due to guile from my potential allies.

Liberty's Edge

This new city..? Do they sell Mouse beer for Owly likes mouse beer. Though he has prob'm drinking it. He has no fin'gers.

Owly alw'ys looking for friends ,but some thing like to eat Owly so I hit 'em with my hamm'er. I don't want bad things that try to eat Owly so I travel to big city.

Liberty's Edge

Would it not be possible to upset Korvosa without harming the commonfolk? If we could show both Korvosa and Magnimar that it is possible to come together to overthrow their Chellish overlords, would that not garner us two possible allies in the fight against tyranny?

I for one shall spread the tales and songs of freedom among the Varisian common folk in hopes of staving off a new aristocracy.

Liberty's Edge *

Though it may be counted among my first assignments, I shall be dutiful and spread the ideals of freedom to our neighbors in Magnimar. One taste of freedom, and the potent Caileanbrew I plan to offer, and they shall never again know oppression.

Liberty's Edge

Indeed Varisian common folk need to look upon us as allies. They should know they are not alone.

Liberty's Edge **

Aye, I'm quite the fan of Caileanbrew and liberty meself! We'll show those Chellish dogs what for!

*passes out drinks*

Liberty's Edge

Aye, sir. My assignments for the Society have kept me mainly in our beloved Andoran so far, but I'll always keep a weather eye out for ways to spread the philosophy of liberty and further our goals as I travel further afield.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

Posting as Special agent and Watch Comander Urai Agmundr of the Whistledown lodge since VC's can't use aliases

I Urai Agmundr stand with Major Colson Maldirs and the cause of Andoran.

If the foolish girl of a Venture Captain gives you trouble just threaten her with my return to Magnimar.

She will not be as lucky the next time.

Call for me when there is blood and screaming and I will fight by your side. I think this will be soon as the Blakros women do not take well to rejection. I itch for the glory of this fight.

Urai Agmundr

Urai and Shelia's history - minor spoilers about the Race for the Runecarved Key:

Urai and Sheila Heidmarch had a run in during part 1 of the Race for the Runecarved Key at GenCon. Sheila had sent the group out to collect money in support of the pathfinders auction bid. She had sent the tier 12+ group out after 1500gp. The resulting fight to reclaim this paltry sum left 4 of the party dead. For one PC this was his second death.

Urai called Sheila on her foolishness. He said she had sent the group out to collect 1500gp and we spent over 20,000gp to get it. He then pointed to each of the pathfinders who had died on the mission and asked them how many times they had died today. Then he asked Sheila how many times she had died today. He told her to quit wasting our time and get serious.

A later mission was to retrieve blackmail material on another auction bidder. We found something that we thought could contain what Sheila was looking for and transported the entire object back to her manor house. We left it for her not knowing that it was trapped. When Sheila opened the object she was hit by a disintegrate spell failed her save and was reduced to dust.

This is why Urai is currently not allowed in the Magnimar area, at least not wihtout an escort and fair warning to Sheila Heidmarch.


Liberty's Edge **

Uh, 'scuse me, Major sir, an' everyone, but you wrote that you want us to all look for ways to improve the embassy? As in, every Andoren bloke you've got in Magnamar? I mean, yeah, that's very... democratic of you, but though we're all Andoren in spirit - I came from Tymon, m'self... That's one of the River Kingdoms - I'm not sure if all of our different ideas'll work as well together as we do. But what better way to show what people can do with usin' freedom, right?

While I'm out in Varisia, if I buy any huge mirrors, sturdy fireplaces, landscape paintings or big fat pillows for nubile ladies to sit on, I'll send 'em your way!

Liberty's Edge

Machete originally from Varisia. Hate Cheliax. Escape when Machete had chance.

Machete glad to hear this! Will not rest until all of Varisia is free!

Yes, I am indeed playing *that* Machete!

Liberty's Edge

I strike shackles off my spiritual brothers the Shoanti with my earthbreaker, just as Eagle Knight struck shackles off me in Absalom pits before I trade the blood of Kellid ancestors in veins and strength in arms to the Society in exchange for the opportunity to free more who were slaves as I.

Liberty's Edge *

I don't mind helping out. Shocking as it is, Scrolls sometimes like to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. I'm sure a greenhorn like myself can find somewhere to tend bar and further the good fight.

I spent some time with my folks in Magnimar when I was growing up. I know how to chat up the locals, good people, for the most part.

I'll send word when I've got settled, maybe a few of us could enjoy a whisper or two over some of the Lords Finest.

Drinks, of course, on me.

Grand Lodge *

Blunderbuss here!

its a good thing we are all out together, and what not, but the thing that keeps bothering me is why haven't we used our ablitys hic, to gather an army on taldor, its a pigs stye there

i dont know any who's i am with you captain, and lets do somthing besides just going on adventures for once you know?

Liberty's Edge *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll be there Major.

To answer Blunderbuss I see two problems with that.

Number one, I would suggest that we have enough "cleaning up" to do at home, that we are in no shape to go telling others what to do.

Number two, if we raise an army and go marching into other countries telling the people there how to govern themselves how are we any better than Taldor, or Cheliax for that matter?

That said if the people of one of a nation rise up against their tyrannical overlords and seek our aid, well then that is an entirely different situation.

Liberty's Edge **

As both a Varisian and an Andoran I will tavel to this new city and liberate as many tavern wenches as I can from the shackles of their insignificant others!!! This I, Cormac O'Bron, The World's Worst Rogue [TM], DO SWEAR BY THE EVER FULL MUG OF Cayden Cailean!!!

Liberty's Edge *

Brothers and Sisters should feel free to drop by the Naos district in Magnimar. Our high ups recently helped me slip in to the ownership of a Bar there. Lots of new Money around - with lots of interesting ideas. Come drop by at "Damptons Delve". Brothers and Sisters in freedom need no coin to be liberated from Sobriety. May the Accidental God bless all missteps.

Grand Lodge *

well i have listen and everyone in our great nation as great points, what we need is an insider inside taldor, and find out what what's really going on

by the way means of any bar sounds all right by me

( you might want to have a side forum so we can go to your bar?)

Liberty's Edge

Colson Maldris wrote:
May the next monument in Magnimar be to liberty, freedom, and Andoran!

Hear Hear! Like freedom for all!!!

Grand Lodge **

Let freedom ring!

Liberty's Edge *

Lance Corporal Lexica Rose reporting for duty Sir!

Yes Sir, Freedom and Democracy at all costs.

You can count on me Sir.

Freedom shal ring out of the end of my barrel.

Liberty's Edge

*A small dirty face with a blonde beard under a large nose pokes in from a side hall* Pathfinder Raulwocket Winterbarren reporting for duty.

Liberty's Edge *

I always liked that part of the country. Tis cool on the armor.
I will travel north then to support the Magnimarian's quest for freedom. Already I am aship sailing back from Xian Tia having successfully reactivated the braid of One Hundred Masters (and one dwarf) for the Society.


Liberty's Edge ***

Having seen firsthand what the shackles of slavery and oppression have done to those that I loved, I am honor bound to assist you in whatever endeavors help to establish and maintain freedom in that corner of our world.

Yours in freedom!
Private Mugwort Halfman

Silver Crusade **

Greetings all, and support to the Cause!

I may not wield an earthbreaker, nor shoot the eye of a harpy at a hundred paces, but I -can- get people to heed my words. If someone who is skilled at getting agreement can help here in my native land.

Liberty's Edge

Well met all lads and lasses, fellow agents of liberty!
Samuel the Jolly and Frostfang reporting for duty! Now, it is often customary that when having a gathering this large, there is usually some food laid out for the guests. (Despite having eaten mere hours before, the halfling's ample stomach growls)

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