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Information on the Sisterhood of the Golden Erinyes?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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I'm working on a concept for a pathfinder Society character that is either a current of former Sister of the Golden Erinyes that would up working in the Society under the Paracountess' orders.

However, I'm finding a shortage of information on the order. What books are there that provide more details on the Sisterhood and their customs and rites?

The book on cheliax has info on them. The only thing I can remember is they have a rivalry with a celestial themed monk order. I also think they work as part of chekiaxes PR in handling orphans in their subject nation ( I forget its name the one with mostly govormental collapse after the goblin gate wars)

They run the orphanges in Isiger. You can some info in that state's statblock, but basically its bathing in unholy water, ridiculous discipline, and hardcore training with the boys becoming clerics or trying to be a Hellknight and the best girls being accepted into the order.

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