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Empire Today Issue 2

Gamer Talk

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The Exchange

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100 Adventure Ideas Based on Real world News

I've decided to do this one different - you can all go find a news item and submit it - that way it doesn't take a year to do.

1. The Lotus Smugglers

Aldo pulled the wagon to a halt -ahead of him an army of City Guardsmen seemed to be checking the loads of Wagons entering the city.
Jabron of the Daywatch approached Aldo and his Wagon.
"Name?" He was looking down at a scroll.
"Aldo of there a problem up ahead?" Aldo held a sack of coins in his palm - the customary bribe in matters such as this.
"Checking loads..." Jabron didn't seem to notice so Aldo cleared his throat to get the man's attention. It wouldn't do that the eight barrels of Lotus resin in his Wagon would be intercepted at the gate by a Guardsman resistant to bribery - over a million gold coin worth. No it wouldn't do at all. Aldo looked ahead to see if he could get the attention of the man's superior officer.

DM Briefing: A major shipment of a narcotic is seized by the City Watch revealing substantial trafficking of the foul substance among the guilds.

Source: seized

The Exchange

2. Temple of the Night Sun

"Korodg! Cone and look at this!" Haro the plunderer continued scraping back the moss and dirt that caked the giant stone face on the stonework before him.
"What is it?" Korodg places a hand against the stone face as Haro cleared off some pictographs and more of the picture became clearer. The face was drinking blood and the temple wall seemed to be stained red.
"That's not good." Haro pulled his hand off the wall.
"Temple of the Blood Drinker? I've never heard of the Blood Drinker...What Pantheon is he?" Korodg was fascinated by the find.
"Not any Pantheon - The Jenki called him the Outcast One. The Hurath called him the Immortal Tyrant...we need to leave now."
"Why? We found what we were looking for." Haro shook his head.
"No. I was looking for a Temple of treasure - not the prison-tomb of the First Vampire God. We leave now."

DM Briefing: Explorers discover the Temple of the Night Sun - a temple dedicated to the Blood Drinker - The Predator of Predators - whose totems are both Shark and Jaguar.

Source: masks-faces-science-houston/

The Exchange

3. The Un-mapped Island

"Land Ho!" The watch took Captain Grendy by surprise. He had made the crossing a dozen times in the last two years. There wasn't land anywhere between the Empire of Chun and the Kingdom of Hurn.
"Have a word with out watch Mister Danth..." Sargent Jenkys Danth climbed the ropes to have a word with the Lookout.
"There...see." The Watch pointed at the jungle green mass on the horizon and jerked his head back in the direction of the Kingdom of Hurn - they were still in sight of land.
"Land Captain! - Hard a Starboard." The Sargent agreed with the lookout. It was huge. How in the hells could they have possibly sailed past it and missed it so many times?

DM Briefing: A ship encounters an Island made of floating stone out at sea where no such Island has been encountered before. It is extensive and covered by a Jungle. Somewhere at its center the abandoned citadel of Peledan.


The Exchange

4. Wrath of the Gods

"Brothers! We find ourselves in a sea of heresy outnumbered by the horde of ignorance and the war-masters of false prophets." The high priest paused at the odd sensation of dryness in his throat and took a sip of water.
"If we are to win this war against the false believer then let us strike at their intolerance - their weakest point - and give unto his women our support. Let us build for them homes and make them welcome in our community as friends and family..." The Lightning bolt began as a tree at the center of the room and then it seemed to divide so that tendrils of light fell from the ceiling through the prayer hall until no one stirred.

DM Briefing: A Lightning bolt strikes a temple killing those gathered during prayer, including the high priest.


Glad to see you restarted this. I was worried when I didn't see posts in the other thread.

The Exchange

But once again it will take me a year to put up a hundred adventure ideas based on real world news...

The Exchange

5. Fox breaks animals out of Menagerie

The Strange animal sniffed at Elbus through the bars.
"Look...I'm digging as fast as I can." The Werefox returned to his task of digging down beneath the edge of the high fence that kept the strange animals imprisoned in the Duke's private Zoo. He would liberate them from their prison soon.

DM Briefing: A Werefox breaks some exotic animals out of a Menagerie by digging under the fence line that keeps them contained. The Noble offers a substantial reward to retrieve the lost beasts.


The Exchange

6. Bigfoot spotted in Woods

Derol spotted the Hairy man strolling through the woods from the corner of his eye mid-ax swing, the blow glancing off the log into his leg. As he fell to the ground screaming in pain, Derol noticed that the giant man-thing had vanished from view.

DM Briefing: A really Hairy Man is spotted in the Woods.

Source: al

The Exchange

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Moved from previous empire today thread

7. Castle under Construction

"Out of the way Pek!" Kail turned to face the loud mouthed idiot accosting him only to be bumped aside by a group hauling a stone block on a sled.
"What?" The foreman of the workers wasn't going to tolerate any violence from Kail - especially considering he was in the way of their castle building efforts.
"Don't lie there you Pek. Back to work!" Kail nodded in agreement. He was here to learn the faction they represented and infiltrate the labor force not get involved in a fight.

DM Briefing: Some unknown faction begins construction of a Castle in the forested hills near a community. The PCs are asked to infiltrate the work-site and learn as much as they can.


8. Prison Siege

"All right! We want out! That's all you gotta do!" Talbot screamed the words down the hall toward the collection of gathered guards.
Prisoner Laconi whispered in his ear.
"We got hostages! Let us go and they wont be harmed."

DM Briefing: A Prison riot escalates into an 8 hour long siege involving hostages. The PCs can be sent in to rescue the Hostages or negotiate.


9. Fire in the Sewers

Albet stopped dead in his tracks as the fountain of fire erupted from the sewer Well.
"By the gods! Fire! Fire!" His screams roused the populace in a panic but just as it had come the fire was gone. Only once the infernal heat had subsided did he approach the edge of the hole to look down...
"What the gods was that?"

DM Briefing: Fire explodes from the access points of the sewers beneath the city of Dhurnt. Some witnesses suggest it was like a mini-volcano of molten magma and others think it was the discharge of fireball spells. What ever is going on is a threat to the community because much of the older sewers are timber and will collapse in if they burn.

Source: their-tracks

10. Killer at the Crossroads

The Crossbow bolt tore through Vinter Haas as he emerged from his shop into the street to discern the nature of the commotion.
"That's Right! I am Arago the Black! Fear My name!" Franko the Carter took a bolt in the chest having proven unable to reach the murderer before the madman could reload and was hurled backward by the force of it. People were fleeing for their lives while others poured into the crossroad at the heart of the Community.

DM Briefing: PCs are confronted by a Killer who has taken up residence at the crossroads that dominates the community. He has already killed and injured a half dozen people before the PCs are sent to take him down.

Source: s-in-hollywood

11. Riot in Marketplace

Soal Egers was pushing through the crowd in the Market Square toward the distant stall selling smoked fish when it happened.
"Are you trying to cheat us? What is this rubbish?"
"Down with the Merchants!" The voice was quite loud.
There was an explosion of timbers as someone was thrown through a stall to the left of Soal, a hand grabbing him, a fist impacting, a timber thrown or simply swung, and suddenly the crowd's mood changed.
The Violence exploded across the marketplace in a hundred places.

DM Briefing: Two hundred people become embroiled in a riot in a market square as others flee the violence.

Source: ng-in-panic

12. Rival Priests of Rival factions fight

The Black-robed Cleric stepped in front of the broom being brushed furiously across the floor toward him by a grey-robed priest.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm sweeping the floor." Esca slapped the Black-Robed Cleric's feet with the brush of his broom, "And you are in my way."
"This is our part of the Temple grey-robe!" Surdal pushed the young cleric with the broom backward...

DM Briefing: Priests of different factions of a church begin fighting over the cleaning duties. The Whole affair degenerates into a violent fight between priests.


The Exchange

13. Demon Lord gets Mercantile representation

"Hoist Colors!" The Sailors began pulling at ropes raising the Merchant House's new pennant into place at the top of each Mast. The Yellow cloth unfurled and tumbled in the sea breeze blowing in over the Port of Durok.
The Pennant on the three ships was obvious to the horrified crowd as they looked on. These Merchants had used the Symbol of the damned Cult of Asmodeus as their House Symbol. The Town Patriarch grabbed at his chest in shock and collapsed.

DM Briefing: A Merchant House named for the Demon lord Asmodeus Christens three new Merchant Ships to the horror of the fearful populace.

Source: -after-weird-and-wonderful-gods.slideshow

The Exchange

14. Children of the Sacred River

The midwife beat the drum trying to maintain the rhythm that had lasted for a day as she waited for the birth. Alya of Gorn was labored in her breathing as she squatted with her feet apart.
"Malati! I can feel it...its coming." Alya screamed in agony as the child emerged into the dirt.
"Oh Well done." Malati the Midwife hurried to the child only to fall back in horror at that which she beheld.
"You swam in the River of the God of Water... they will kill you for this." Alya was shocked by the words as weariness overwhelmed her. She glimpsed momentarily the fish headed baby struggling for air before the blackness claimed her.

DM Briefing: Fish with a penis are discovered in a river that is off limits to villagers.


The Exchange

15. Noblewoman attacked by Trolls

"Someone help me!" Lady Cassandra ran down the dirt trail toward the village. She had certainly put in a considerable lead on the band of Trolls that had attacked her travelling party.
Gregor the Watchman roused from his restful pose and ran toward the woman.
"What is wrong?" She seemed frantic with despair.
"Trolls! They attacked me! Something must be done!"

DM Briefing: A Noblewoman is attacked by trolls and suffers terribly - her demands however may be unreasonable as she demands all trolls be exterminated across the region.

Source: lying

yellowdingo wrote:

15. Noblewoman attacked by Trolls

"Someone help me!" Lady Cassandra ran down the dirt trail toward the village. She had certainly put in a considerable lead on the band of Trolls that had attacked her travelling party.
Gregor the Watchman roused from his restful pose and ran toward the woman.
"What is wrong?" She seemed frantic with despair.
"Trolls! They attacked me! Something must be done!"

DM Briefing: A Noblewoman is attacked by trolls and suffers terribly - her demands however may be unreasonable as she demands all trolls be exterminated across the region.

Source: lying


The Exchange

Freehold DM wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:

15. Noblewoman attacked by Trolls

"Someone help me!" Lady Cassandra ran down the dirt trail toward the village. She had certainly put in a considerable lead on the band of Trolls that had attacked her travelling party.
Gregor the Watchman roused from his restful pose and ran toward the woman.
"What is wrong?" She seemed frantic with despair.
"Trolls! They attacked me! Something must be done!"

DM Briefing: A Noblewoman is attacked by trolls and suffers terribly - her demands however may be unreasonable as she demands all trolls be exterminated across the region.

Source: lying


What can I say...these things practically write themselves.

The Exchange

16. Sun God flails heretics

"Yeuuugh!" Asboth the Heretic screamed as the great tentacle of fire burned away the sky and boiled the water from his charcoal corpse. Asboth woke from the nightmare and fled out into the street.
"People of Agriva! We must flee into the underworld...the Sun god is going to destroy us all." Freznil looked at the madman.
"Again? This is the third time this month! And for gods Sake put some clothing on ya twit!"

DM Briefing: Sun god swats the planet with a tentacle of fire bringing destruction to half the world. This is an opportunity for the Dungeon Master to wipe out civilization and start again in a Post Cataclysm world.

Source: uption

The Exchange

17. King Sacks Army

"What do you mean we have been sacked?" Captain Artemis stood up with a pale look of astonishment on his face. Certainly corruption and crime by the Troops had reached an all time high, but...
"He's Insane! What will he do without an army? How will he maintain order?" Artemis could only think of his private villa in the Vine-lands. Was the King about to seize all their ill-gotten assets?
"Golems and Mercenaries from Dorn apparently." Commander Thurn smiled at Artemis's fears.

DM Briefing: A King sacks his entire army because they are corrupt and involved in murders and acts of Treason.

Source: diers

The Exchange

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18. Plague

"One of the Villagers found a child playing with a dead squirrel. Then she died from the plague." Lord Sharpe scowled at the prospect. The Plague. If it was out there in the wildlife it would soon spread among the poorest of his peoples.
"Instruct the Wardens to Kill any man, woman, or child poaching in the Forest. And you are authorized to burn any Villager's hut should even one of them fall ill." Sheriff Thorn nodded in agreement. Such actions would be necessary to save the many.

DM Briefing: Plague is spreading among the Wildlife across a region - anyone even having contact with a dead animal can catch it. And it kills Quickly.


The Exchange


“Here Cow...Come on you silly bugger. I’ve got to butcher you for meat...Don’t make this hard.” Farmer Hantho reached out to the young Calf – he could almost feel the wet nose. Something pointy poked him in the back and then its owner growled. That wasn’t how cows behaved...

DM Briefing: The Dire Virus jumps to A Farmers Cows making them more aggressive and slightly more intelligent - they then proceed to stomp on the Farmer. This is an opportunity for the DM to apply the Dire Template to other animals.

Source: alves

The Exchange

20. House Hoard

"Alende! Go fetch the Watch...I just realized the foul smell coming from old Man Gregorvich's house might be his dead body." Alende looked at at his father, nodded and headed out into the street. Alende looked in both directions having trouble remembering the location of the Watch barracks.
"Near Northgate boy...and be quick about it." Alundo shook his head in disappointment.

DM Briefing: An old man living alone in a house in town leaves behind a treasure hoard of Gold in the amount of 300lb (to the value of 15,000gp). Unfortunately to get at it the PCs sent to clean out the Rat-nest will need to kill off some Giant Rats and 75% will be claimed by the King's Taxman.

Source: gold-antique-coins-cash-in-home

The Exchange

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21. Diamonds rediscovered

"Commander Halda! You need to see this..." the young clerk had obviously interrupted the Commander as he contemplated the cutting of wages to his troops to zero.
"What is it?" Commander Halda stared at the Clerk and wondered how much he could cut if he got rid of him. Aldo handed over the dusty old scrolls.
“A promotion - With pay.”

DM Briefing: The Government of a remnant state of a Crumbling Empire realizes it has vast reserves of Diamonds located in an impact Crater in excess of 132,042,253,521,126gp. Apparently knowledge of it had been lost in the secret files of its bureaucracy. It decides to begin rebuilding its economy. However should the secret of its new found wealth leak out - enemy nations may strive to invade to control that wealth.

Calculations: Diamond is 1/142 ounces/carat
3,000,000,000,000 carates x 1/142 ounce = 21,126,760,563 ounces
1 ounce = 0.0625 lb =1,320,422,535lb
becmi Diamonds (100,000gp/lb) = 132,042,253,521,126gp

Source: -diamonds-hidden-in-an-asteroid-crater

The Exchange

22. Bard Dance off gets bloody

"Is that all you have?" Franco the Flutist smiled at the impossible effort of the Silverwood Harpers putting his flute to his lips. The other Ashwood Flutists followed quickly following his song just out of step and followed his movements across the open plaza to the amazement of the gathered crowds.
Mendoza the Harper was enraged at what he had just heard, pulling a throwing dagger from beneath his tunic.
"You stole that music from Grand Master Aldo!" The dagger flew only to be blocked by a flute.
"Is that all you have?" Franco smiled as his fellow Flutists pulled small hand crossbows from concealment and opened fired on their musical rivals.

DM Briefing: Bards of various rival Bardic colleges at a 'dance-off' turns violent.

Source: -contest

The Exchange

23. Tensions over Disputed Islands

"Ships off the Port Bow Captain!" The Watch could just make out the Red Imperial Pennants of the Holy Emperor.
"Well? What do we have?" Captain Kurkin began climbing the ropes to get a look for himself before the Watch spilled out the answer.
"Four Red Pennants!" Captain Kurkin climbed harder - his desperation to get a look at four imperial Ships heading into the Republic's territorial waters over powering.
The Ships were very close to the Island of White Birds before they - one after the next - began to turn. Kurkin breathed a sigh of relief.
"Navigator Hesil, get me the charts..."

DM Briefing: Ships of an Empire are seen in proximity to disputed islands inside the territorial waters of a rival Nation beyond its borders. Though they do not enter at this time it is now Imperial policy to send ships to keep an eye on the Islands.


The Exchange

24. Primordial Visits Coastal Community

"All right can play in the Sea Foam." Derwyn shook his head as the dog bounded away through the white cloud. The Dog seemed to be happy to bound about in the strange substance. Derwyn smiled and laughed as the dog frolicked.
The old one was quite interested in how the land dwellers would respond to it's presence. For now they seemed happy to interact but it had been this path before - there was a time when their Wizards attempted to lay waste to its form with magical fire and lightning.

DM Briefing: A living foam blows in from the Sea covering a village. It is in fact a primordial quite content to do what it likes peacefully but will respond with hostility to any magical attack.

Source: sh-village

The Exchange

25. Kingdom sends in Troops

"There you have it gentlemen...the Fortress of Tarkon the Bold!" A veritable army had surrounded the Mountain Fortress and were firing catapults at its colossal walls. Arturo was impressed by the sight. He had not seen a siege in a decade.
"And we are here because?" Arturo couldn't wait to learn the reason they had crossed into the Wild-lands where 'Here be Bandits' had for a dozen centuries been scrawled on the map.

DM Briefing: The Army of a Kingdom cross their northern border into bandit country to lay siege to the nigh impregnable fortress of a Bandit Lord.


The Exchange

26. A Red Dragon will Come from the Sky

"Look, Do you see it?" Farmer Gregor pointed skyward at the winged Red thing moving in the clouds.
"It cant be...Red Dragons have been gone for centuries, hunted down during the Great Hunt?"
"What ever it is, its circling the Valley - Best tell folks up at the Castle." Hoard dropped his wooden digging tool and ran with the message.

Above the farmland the pilot of the Red Dragon spotted something that looked like a field and breathed a sigh of relief.
"Its OK! I've found us a place to land."

DM Briefing: A Red Dragon de Havilland Biplane vanishes into a cloud in its own world never to be seen again - the aircraft taking with it an assortment of passengers.

Source: ume

The Exchange

27. The Dwarven Union Strikes

The Dwarven King Thrain sat on his Iron Throne with all the discomfort of a Dwarf weary of 'the day's Business'. His Adviser lent to whisper in his ear.
"Last One for the day my Lord..." Thrain Smiled at the thought as the beggared looking Dwarf in the Leather Smock struggled forward and cleared his throat - the nervous fellow all too aware of the hundred Dwarven Warriors lining the Hall.
"King Thrain, My name is Doric Finehammer and I represent the Clans who labor in your mines and workshops..." Doric cleared his throat.
"And how may your King help you master Doric?" Doric cleared his throat again.
"Well your throne-ship, We are a little concerned as to the way the Warrior caste treats us. They look down their noses at us, threaten us, and belittle our rights treating us as second class Dwarves and we would like representation on the Council of Warriors." Thrain smiled an leaned forward...
"My dear Dwarf, you understand that The Council of Warriors is for Dwarves who are Warriors, not Dwarves who are Artisans." Doric nodded.
"Yes your Throne-ness. None the less we require a majority of the Seats on the Council of Warriors that we may represent our interests." The King burst into laughter.
"Half the Seats! Hah! The gall of the little fellow. Half!" The Warriors filled the hall with their Laughter. Doric raised a finger and cleared his throat - the years of Coal dust giving him pain.
"More than Half..." The King Soured visibly and waved his hand for someone to have the Dwarf removed.
"No." Doric was disappointed at the word and nodded...

DM Briefing: Having had their demands for improvements in their lives rejected, One million Dwarves employed in the Laborer Castes go on strike for a single day - downing tools.


The Exchange

28. Humbaba's Eye washes up on beach

Gryndan looked at the large object tangled in seaweed. It kind of looked like an eye but it's size was incomprehensible - perhaps half a foot in diameter. Despite the blood that suggested it had been recently torn from the socket - Gryndan succumbed to its siren call and gently retrieved it.

DM Briefing: A Giant Eye - freshly torn from its owner washes up on a Beach near a community. It is an Artifact known as Humbaba's Eye and will graft itself to the victim taking the place of both eyes as they become cyclopean.

Humbaba's Eye:

Artifact of Time
Specific Wish (True Sight)

Handicaps & Penalties
*A terrible curse where anyone looking upon the eye is overcome with the desire to have it for themselves - and will make preparations to take it.
*Anyone making physical contact with the eye when it is not grafted to another living being will be overwhelmed by the desire to have it for themselves - causing the Eye to graft itself to their head - destroying both their good eyes in the process. They will slowly become a giant Cyclops over the first week they are in possession of the Eye.


The Exchange

29. Cassandra the Troll Slayer Strikes

"Die you Troll!" Cassandra Hacked repeatedly at the Giant corpse but every blow seemed to quickly begin healing. The Sword in her hand was already feeling heavy. The Crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle seemed most entertained by the sight of the now naked noblewoman drowned in Trolls blood with all the appearance of a Serial killer. Cassandra staggered back from the still regenerating corpse.
"Why in the Hells wont you Die?" The Troll sat up and smiled.
"Me like you woman!" Cassandra Troll-slayer took a breath and waded back in with her Sword.
"Die you Troll!" came the outraged cry. The Crowd broke up after a while wandering back to their homes - This battle would likely take forever.

DM Briefing: Lady Cassandra - once a victim of Trolls, and unable to leave it to the Authorities to keep the trolls at bay, goes on a quest to personally slay every Troll in a Public spectacle.

Source: es-on-the-trolls

The Exchange

30. It Takes a village to get away with murder

Jana Lakesday pulled at the rope, raising the bucket from the Village Well, In the distance a voice called the name of one of the children. The bucket jammed on something indiscernible and Jana looked up to examine the pulley-wheel. It seemed to still be moving freely. The Voice became closer and more obvious. It was Helena Mead-water.
"Ginny!" Jana called the name of her child with some urgency now - it was dinner time and she would be disciplined if she didn't return home soon. Jana returned to focus on the Rope and its bucket which continued to refuse to raise out of the Well.
"Jana, Have you seen Ginny?" Jana shook her head as Helena came to her aid and provided the extra strength. What could possibly be weighing down the Bucket? They pulled the rope.
Gods it was heavy.
"Ginny!" Helena and Jana both looked about as the weighty bucket lifted its prize above the Well rim. It Was Ginny. Helena grabbed at the Child as the two mothers let go of the rope in panic.

DM Briefing: A child, Ginny Meadwater, is found dead in the small Village of Clevistow. The community is so small and everyone knows everyone. The PCs are confronted by the prospect of interrogating an entire village of eighty people to discern which among them murdered a child.

Source: ling-bin

The Exchange

31. Want some Stew?

"Do you want some stew?" Gregor of the City Watch stirred the pot cooking slowly in the hearth, his guest for the evening looked up from her pot of ale.
"You have meat?" Lydia the Trollop looked astonished at the man's display of wealth. Only the wealthy had meat. Lydia nodded. Gregor was obviously on more than just his pay as a Watchman. Corruption was everywhere.
"One of the Perks of being in the Watch...I catch it myself." Lydia seemed confused.
"What do you mean you catch it yourself?" Gregor handed her a wooden bowl with steaming beef. Gregor put a fork loaded with meat in his mouth and held up a hand. He would tell her later. Lydia ate.

DM Briefing: A City Watchman kills and eats women that he invites back to his home.

Source: -plotting-to-cook-and-eat-women

The Exchange

32. Lake of the Dead

Almoghan had been climbing to old Pilgrims trail for the better part of a Day now - as a Soldier of the Kingdom he had been sent to scout the Pass for Enemy movement. The Discovery of the lake took him by surprise. Still he needed the fresh drinking water. Almoghan pushed through the veritable forest of stumps and logs that made the ground around the edge of the lake uneven and began the descent. The Climb down into the almost crater-like depression wasn't too difficult but it would be hard to get out again. That's when he saw them. Bodies - hundreds of them in the bottom of the Pool. A couple had chosen that moment to break loose and float to the surface in pieces.
What massacre had happened here?

DM Briefing: A thousand bodies are discovered in and around a lake near a mountain pass. Apparently they are pilgrims who were being led over the pass by local Bearers and Guides. All the Evidence would suggest the Locals had massacred them - though they were caught in a Hailstorm with no cover for protection.

Source; nd-lake-mystery.html

The Exchange

33. Fountain of water erupts in City

"That's not something you see every day." Kalkor the Guardsman could only watch as the shanty washed down the street under a torrent of water.
"Which are you talking about? The House washing away or the one hundred and twenty feet tall fountain of water?" Jero was a laugh a minute but Kalkor was focused elsewhere.
"I was thinking the Wizard about to be b@~$*-slapped for washing the Brothel away."

DM Briefing: A Wizard opens a Gate from the Plane of water in the middle of the city resulting in a 120 feet high water fountain. Homes are damaged and cellars flooded.

Source: air-over-melbourne

The Exchange

34. Century old Tree reveals victim

Karl dragged the body into the hole and filled in the hole as much as possible with dirt and several rocks. The Oak Seedling sat precariously on the raised mound with care.
"Nobody will find you for a hundred years..." A Noise of someone walking on the Cobblestones across the village square drew Karl back to reality and he hurried off.

DM Briefing: A Storm topples a century old Oak tree pulling up a human skeleton.

Source: ooted-in-superstorm

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
yellowdingo wrote:

34. Century old Tree reveals victim

Karl dragged the body into the hole and filled in the hole as much as possible with dirt and several rocks. The Oak Seedling sat precariously on the raised mound with care.
"Nobody will find you for a hundred years..." A Noise of someone walking on the Cobblestones across the village square drew Karl back to reality and he hurried off.

DM Briefing: A Storm topples a century old Oak tree pulling up a human skeleton.

Source: ooted-in-superstorm

Could be worse ... say, a "super skeleton" ... lich, skeletal champion, or someone with the Mummy-styled curse and attendant powers ...

The Exchange

35. Zombies!

"" Gregor desperately tries to pin the creature down with his holy Symbol as he drew his Mace of Disruption, the Undead thing struggled to open its mouth to take a bite.
"Master Gregor, It's..." The words sounded more like a Zombie growl that words - purely because the mouth that spoke them was choking on a Holy Symbol jammed between his teeth. Halan Surgood became the Late Halan Surgood as the Cleric's Mace crushed his skull - his brains splattering over the Partying crowd.
Gregor the Undead Slayer looked around at the Mob before him. Six zombies drinking blood from skulls and a Vampire talking to a Mummy. Those evil monsters had got the whole village while he slept...

DM Briefing: Madman massacres a Halloween Party.

Source: shooting

The Exchange

36. Carrier Pigeon Seventy years late

Halvan the Turnip Farmer poked at the rubble blocking the chimney to the Kitchen releasing it onto the bottom of the chimney. The Red painted Bone cylinder skittered across the floor. He hadn't seen one of those since he was a member of the Resistance in the great war.
"Kaly, my luv, Bring me that old code breaker's book - you know the one I took from that soldier who was sneaking about." Halvan picked up the oddity and walked over to the stool in the corner to take a seat.

DM Briefing: A Courier pigeon's remains are found in a chimney after seventy years. Its leg is fitted with a red bone sleeve used to store top secret messages sent by Assassins working for the Kingdom of Thel. What is on it is up to the Dungeon Master but it will be very important. It may even still be relevant today.


The Exchange

37. Cockatoo makes a Tool

"Skwaak!" Delmar looked the bird in the eye...
"I know it was you." The old Guild-master looked about his private quarters, at the opened locks on the chest, at the seed scattered across the floor, at the bird prints across the treasure map on his desk leading back to the locked cage, at the freshly cut out section of map papyrus lining the bottom of the cage, and at the lock pick made from the intricately chewed remains of what had been the perch in the cage.
Don't be crazy...The bird seemed to mouth the phrase before winking an eye and turning away.

DM Briefing: A Cockatoo makes a tool to get some stuff - terrifies and impresses dumb humans.

Source: s-scientists

The Exchange

38. Tomb is Discovered beyond city walls

Gilar the Turnip Farmer leaned on his now damaged digging tool and looked down at the perfectly squared stones protruding from the ground. They were obviously man-made, each seemed almost laid out in rows and squares like they were once columns to some old mansion cellar. Stone columns.
A Mansion? Here?. They were at least a half mile beyond the city walls.

DM Briefing: The 4500 year old Tomb of a Princess is discovered outside a city. Most of it will be buried - filled in with dirt.

Source: ar-cairo

The Exchange

39. Granny Kills Wolf

"Die!" The Axe cleaved into the wolf's spine with a spray of blood and the Beast struggled to howl in agony. The look of madness on the old woman's face as she fought to slaughter her opponent would have stabbed fear into the belly of any man had one been present. Isabella was going to have that wolf hide for her collection if it killed her...

DM Briefing: Crazed old lady butchers a wolf in frenzied axe attack. Earns herself a few experience points.

Source: -wolf

The Exchange

40. Gold Heist

Janek stepped from the deck onto the docks as quietly as he could and tied off his small boat. The Men waiting for him wore the Tabbard of the Duke's Guard and the shiny plate Armor with swords at their belts. They were here to escort the Gold up to the Castle. All was to be expected.
"The gold?" The voice came from one of the armored men.
"Under the Canvas." For a moment Janek Paused. There was something wrong here.
"Didn't your Duke Declare himself King?" That was it - The Crests were wrong. The blow of a leather bound lead strap rendered Janek unconscious.

DM Briefing: A 400lb shipment of gold coins is stolen by men masquerading as the Kings Guard from a Sailing vessel bringing it in to port.

Source: l-caribbean-gold

The Exchange

41. The Village of konkhokenias

Hean paddled the Canoe out into the lake of mists, his companions not all that trusting of the old Fisherman.
"Where did you say this floating villages was?" Darnis the Mage was interested in the prospect of a Community he had ever visited right under his nose.
"Its usually out here in the middle of the lake - the villagers have been keeping it secret." There was nothing.
"Could be this time of year it drift." Hean looked around wondering which way to go. Darnis looked at the only landmark - the distant peak of Hurat Mountain peaking above the mist.
"That way. Try that way." Darnis had a feeling...

DM Briefing: The PCs stumble across a floating village that is drifting about a mist shrouded lake. The locals have been living unnoticed for centuries.


The Exchange

42. The Mirror Twin

Gadro stared at the roped bound form of Surnal the Bastard.
"Its uncanny." Gadro looked at Huran the Paladin and shook his head.
"No wonder the villagers didn't trust us." Gadro raised a finger of realization and pointed at Surnal.
"That time that Thief in Janto approached us and slipped you a map to the City's sewers with the back way into the Treasure vaults...he thought you were him in disguise." The Bastard on the ground looked at his twin and spat.
"That attack on your Home village." At Gadro's words Huran's features took on a look that Gadro had never seen - Rage.

DM Briefing: One of the Adventurers finds that a major Villain who has been terrorizing this part of the campaign world is a long lost identical Twin that neither knew about.

Source: r-long-lost-identical-twin

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Keep 'em coming yellowdingo. :)

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43. Death of a Servant

"Who found her?" Investigator Dememvar watched as they lowered the corpse from the beam from which she had been hanging. Jenek the House-servant looked away.
"I was alerted to her suicide at first light this morning." The answer was as devoid of information as possible.
Suicide...Is that what they were calling this? How did she hang herself from a twenty foot high ceiling beam without a ladder?

DM Briefing: A servant to the currently pregnant Princess is found dead after she is used by villains to gain access to Secrets of the Royal household. The Suggestion is Suicide but embarrassments are often disposed of.

Source: ish-prank-call

Turin the Mad wrote:
Keep 'em coming yellowdingo. :)

One big +1.

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44. A Cry for Help?

Help us. The Voice echoed in the old fisherman's brain. Was that coming from the half Dead Squid that has just washed up on his section of beach with a hundred others? Hubert shook his head.
"I must be going crazy..." Hubert scoffed at the insanity if it.
Please Help. Another squid joined its friend in the hessian sack as Hubert moved along the Beach.

DM Briefing: Swarms of Intelligent deep sea Squid commit Suicide along Coast. They are obviously fleeing something in the Deep Sea Trench off the coast.

Source: ost=55183455

The Exchange

45. Grave Robbers find something Unhuman

Tarkin pried back the cover-stone on the grave. It was the same as the other twelve. The unhuman thing had a Skull twice the length from teeth to crown as any man he had ever known.
"What in the Hells are they?"

DM Briefing: Grave Robbers looting a thousand year old Graveyard stumble across thirteen Elongated and unhuman skulls.

Source: cemetery

The Exchange

46. Man dies eating twenty eight eggs on a bet

"All right people. Daoud here will eat twenty eight raw eggs...lay your bets!" Jamid smiled as the gamblers had gathered to lay their wagers.
"A thousand florins that he chokes before he reaches twenty!" The outrageous nature of the bet was immediately countered with a bet as equally outrageous:
"I bet a thousand he makes it." came the voice in the crowd.

DM Briefing: A Gambling Den is in full swing when a young man is bet on to eat twenty eight raw eggs. Unfortunately as exorbitant wagers are made and the young man begins eating he chokes on an egg and dies throwing the gambling den into chaos as accusations that the eggs had been poisoned to prevent Daoud from winning the bet.

Source: 28-raw-eggs-for-bet

The Exchange

47. Smuggler caught with Dinosaur remains

Guardsman Dertan pried open the Crate on the docks for inspection and fell back from the timber box is shock. He had decided not to take the customary bribe to look the other way this time.
"Smuggling the remains of monsters is illegal." The smuggler could only smile at Dertan as the other Guardsmen dragged the villain off.
"That's one monster that wont be animated by some Necromancer..."

DM Briefing: the Skeletal Remains of Dinosaurs are being smuggled in so Necromancers can animate them from the dead and turn them loose in the Kingdom.

Source: y-to-smuggling

The Exchange

48. Mountain Bandits capture soldiers

"Well done my brothers...this is a great victory of the Red Scimitars over the Soldiers of...King Shamid." Janim the Red looked down on the twenty-odd Soldiers who had been captured by his small band of Brigands and smiled through blackened teeth.
"Perhaps not." Durati, his second in command pointed at a second band of soldiers moving along the horizon like a black snake.

DM Briefing: A band of mountain Bandits capture twenty-two soldiers of a local Tyrant.

Source: troopers/articleshow/17788748.cms

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